14 gift ideas for work colleagues, men and women

What do you give a work colleague for a birthday? You may not know some coworkers well enough to find really personalized gifts, yet you want to give them something special, some small token of appreciation.

Some of the common gifts, such as wine, can be over-gifted and thus devalued. Office desk birthday decoration ideas Here are 14 suggestions to inspire you, seven for male colleagues and seven for female colleagues.

1. Small office arrangement ideas A planner/journal is always handy.

Office table ideas Even in the day of smartphone apps and reminders, a nicely leatherbound book for keeping appointments and notes is a classy and helpful touch for the office. Office interior design small spaces Older colleagues especially are likely to use a paper planner. Decorating office ideas at work This classic, sleek design is from Paperblanks.

2. Best office costume ideas If you get to know your coworker’s hobbies, you can tailor the gift accordingly for a personal touch. Interior design ideas for family rooms This coffee cup in the form of a camera lens is great for hobby photographers. Home office interior decorating ideas This and similar lens cups are available via Amazon.

3. Home office decorating ideas ikea For the wine lover, a useful set of tools for opening and storing wine may be appreciated.

4. Office photo shoot ideas A nice card holder makes a good first impression when meeting a client. Modern dental office design ideas Card holders can get a lot of wear and tear, so it’s often handy to have a new one. Home office wall color ideas You can also get a leather card holder with engraved initials.

5. Home office organisation ideas Compared to ladies, men don’t have so many options for—or, better put, worries about—accessorizing. Desk ideas for office A decorative handkerchief adds color and style. Front desk ideas for office You can refer your colleague to this guide for some ideas on how to fold it: 5 Ways to Fold Pocket Squares.

6. Ideas to decorate your office Everyone has use for a nice pen; it’s a safe gift for almost any colleague.

7. Small office space design ideas A globe adds a sophisticated touch to an office. Business office color scheme ideas If you really want to go the extra step—and pay a little more—you can get a globe that even shows daylight and darkness in real time and shows seasonal features, or one that shows the constellations.

Many women like to surround themselves with pretty things, so an office or desk decoration seems like a good idea for a gift, but it can be risky. Office desk layout ideas Each woman has her particular style and aesthetic taste, so it’s easy to miss the mark.

1. Law office interior design ideas A book holder can help keep desktop clutter orderly or a shelf well-organized.

2. Office landscape design ideas Loose tea is a sure bet for tea lovers. 3d office interior design software free download A nice container is a bonus; it can later be used for keeping paper clips and other office supplies.

3. Work office design ideas This Paperblanks planner is a more feminine model with all the benefits listed above for male colleagues.

4. Mens office wear ideas A fragrance diffuser could freshen the office, or if your office has a restriction against scent, it can be used at home. Diy home office design ideas Essential oils provide soft, natural scent. Home office study design ideas A diffuser produces less waste than candles or incense and adds an elegant decorative touch.

5. Office interior design trends 2015 Travel mugs are easy to misplace, and it’s often handy to have extras in case one gets left at the office or somewhere else. Office interior design ideas modern It’s also easy to personalize such a gift based on your colleague’s style—take note of the colors or patterns she wears and find similar colors and patterns on the mug. Work office makeover ideas This KeepCup comes in a variety of styles. Office workspace design ideas It’s easy to do, and she’ll feel you put some thought into it just for her.

6. Office interior design app Another great gift for tea drinkers: a strainer with original style, such as this one in the shape of a swan.

7. Commercial office color scheme ideas A picture frame is another simple, decorative gift that is also useful. Office gift ideas for boss Again, try to take note of colors she likes to find a frame that suits her style.

Putting a little extra effort into the wrapping, and wrapping it yourself, can also make your colleague feel special.

My boyfriend is a real gym junkie. Small office building design ideas He often takes this vitamin staff for athletes, so I was wondering if such kind of present would be good for him. Cool office ideas for guys Once I noticed what he was taking – the product called BCAA. Desk ideas for home office After some googling, I found pretty hefty Christmas special for this type of product:


Think this is not a bad idea for a colleague as well, if you know he likes sports.

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