20 gift ideas for people who are notoriously hard to buy for

Let’s face it, some people can be hard to shop for — but finding an awesome gift that would never occur to most people to buy for themselves isn’t as hard as you think.

Crown yourself the best gift giver ever when you score your hard to shop for loved ones these unique finds. Office decorating ideas at work Some of these options are fun, some are functional, and some are just downright hilarious.

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This globe decanter will make for a stunning conversation piece in someone’s study.

Office interior design software free download full version (Bourbon & Boots, $59) 2. Creative ideas office furniture Poo-Pourri

Yes, the commercials are disgusting, but they’re also pretty knee-slapping. Office desk decor ideas Poo-Pourri would make for the perfect gift at a white elephant gift exchange. Simple home office ideas (Amazon, $9) 3. Great office lunch ideas Smartphone projector

No more crowding around a tiny screen with this smartphone projector. Office table design ideas The cell phone enthusiast in your life will love you for this one. Small executive office design ideas (Dillard’s, $40) 3. Home office workspace ideas Phone soap

Bet you didn’t know a public toilet is 18 times cleaner than most cell phones! Friends and family who like to keep things germ-free will be head-over-heels for Phone Soap — it cleans and sterilizes mobile phones with UV light while thy charge. Interior design ideas for office reception (phonesoap.com, $60) 4. Interior design ideas for small offices Mermaid tail blanket

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? A mermaid tail blanket is adorable and functional. Green office design ideas (Iwantitsobad, $45)

More: No one wants a Christmas card about my single and childless life 5. Creative small home office ideas Personalized docking station

This docking station is super functional and can be engraved with a personalized message on top. Small commercial office space design ideas (Palmetto Wood Shop, $40) 6. Office table arrangement ideas Sea creature hanging planter

An octopus hanging from the ceiling whose tentacles are plants? Yes, please. Law office reception area design ideas (Anthropologie, $20) 7. Work office ideas pinterest Mosquito net pants

Sure, they look completely ridiculous, but trust that your outdoorsy friends will love you for sparing their legs from a million mosquito bites by buying them these pants. Business office organization ideas (Hammacher Schlemmer, $30) 8. Notice board decoration ideas for office Desktop slingshot Image: Gifts.com

Anyone who spends hours upon hours of their day in a lonely office will totally appreciate shooting paper wads across the room with this slingshot. Bedroom office ideas pictures (gifts.com, $49) 9. Interior design ideas for living rooms with fireplace DJ cat scratching pad

DJ Whiskers on the ones and twos! This scratching pad is adorable and hilarious. Dental office interior design ideas Plus Whiskers will have way more fun spinning than clawing the crap out of the couch. Creative ideas for office desk Win all the way around. Interior design ideas for small homes in kerala (Uncommon Goods, $35) 10. Professional office design ideas Himalayan salt with a grater Image: Uncommon Goods

This chunk of Himilayan rock salt looks gorgeous on the kitchen counter. Office lobby design ideas (Uncommon Goods, $9 to $35) 11. Business office ideas decorating Couch arm table Image: Etsy

This couch arm table makes it easy to balance a beer and some snacks while watching the game or a favorite show. Interior dental office design pictures Perfect for a man cave. Dental economics office design ideas (Singulierlampandcab/Etsy, $83) 12. Home office decorating ideas Sriracha to go keychain Image: Sriracha 2 Go

Your favorite hot sauce lover will be in heaven with a Sriracha keychain set (Sriracha 2 Go, $12) 13. Decorating office ideas Monogrammed steak brand and carving board

The king of the barbecue will adore personally branding his steaks with a monogrammed branding iron (Williams Sonoma, $70). Home office renovation ideas 14. Home office spare bedroom ideas Crumb catcher Image: The Container Store

No one will ever know your friend is vacuuming up crumbs with this cute little bug. Furniture ideas for home office (The Container Store, $11.99) 15. Office interior design companies in dubai Game of Thrones beer mug Image: Etsy

Game of Thrones and beer. Business office wall decorating ideas Enough said. Living room home office ideas (idesigngiftstudio/Etsy, $12) 16. Office gift ideas for him Beard grooming kit Image: Etsy

If Millennial men do one thing right, it’s growing a luscious beard. Creative office gift ideas Help him keep it beautiful with a sturdy grooming kit.(BeardedBearProducts/Etsy, $48) 17. Free interior design ideas for home decor Kombucha brewing kit Image: Amazon

It’s healthy and tasty, but it’s also super-expensive. Office at home design ideas Kombucha lovers will embrace the challenge of brewing their own, and it’ll save them some serious dough. Office interior design companies (Amazon, $54) 18. Small office lobby decorating ideas Bluetooth shower speaker Image: Amazon

A waterproof bluetooth speaker is so much fun, and a whole lot safer than bringing an iPod in the shower! (Amazon, $20) 19. Office setup ideas A hilarious doormat Image: Etsy

A funny doormat will have them giggling every time they leave the house. Office room decoration ideas (foxandcloverboutique/Etsy, $38)

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An ode to Drake on a holiday sweatshirt just feels so right. Office furniture ideas for small spaces (Yetee Mart, $25)

Before you go, check out our slideshow below. Office decorating ideas work Image: rusticcharms/Instagram

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