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Designers are creative, visual people who make the everyday world a more interesting, inspiring place to be, so it’s odd that so many have to work in boring office environments. Ideas for decorating office at work for christmas Luckily, multitudes of office supplies that seem to be made specifically for designers are popping up everywhere. Dental clinic design images If you are a designer, below are 25 office supplies that you will have a hard time living without.

No matter what kind of designer you are or what kind of office you want, you need some space to doodle and let your creative mind free.

Box room office ideas Crucial to that blank notebook, ready to spark the imagination, like the Walls Notebook, which features photos of blank walls.

A clean desk is a happy desk, and a clutter-free space will leave you free to concentrate on your work. Commercial office interior design ideas An organizer like the Pen Zen desk organizer will allow you to story all your pens and pencils, whatever their size, in an attractive, orderly way.

The Uten.Silo wall organizer is a classic example of great product design. Simple office christmas decorating ideas You can use it both as inspiration and as a place to store your various bits and bobs.

Even in this increasingly digital world, you will have to open a letter at some point. Creative office desk ideas Use the Stila paper knife to stylishly save your hands from paper cuts.

The Munny vinyl doll might seem like just a toy, but like the notebook above, it can open up creative channels. Office interior design ideas pictures Like the wall organizer, it is a design classic. Small home office design ideas pictures And this seven-inch version gives you even more space to doodle.

Everyone needs an old-school in tray. Office group picture ideas That’s just a fact. Small office desk design ideas But it can help designers keep their papers in order without looking too corporate.

The Sharpie Liquid Pencil is not exactly cheap, but it is amazing. Small office color ideas The liquid graphite filling goes on paper like ink, is erasable like pencil and after three days, is permanent like permanent marker.

When you have a lot of gadgets, keeping track of cords can feel like it takes up the better part of an afternoon. Very small home office design ideas Use something like the Cordies cable organizer to keep all your cords tidy and in place.

It might not be the most polite of boxes, but when you have a lot of junk you need to keep track of, the Crap storage box is exactly where it should go.

How many times have you stared at your staple remover, imagining the fantastical creatures it could be? Well, Jac Zagoory took that idea and ran, creating a series of stapler removers in the shapes of animal heads including this majestic lion head.

A file cabinet is a necessary addition to any office, and this one is ideal for the designer drawn to minimalist shapes and modern pops of color.

The Capisco chair may seem like an ordinary, ergonomic desk chair, and in most ways, it is. Home office guest bedroom ideas But it has a feature unlike any chair out there: you can sit in almost any position comfortably. Small office room design ideas Do you want to sit with your side against the back of the chair? Do you want to swing it around and sit in it backwards? Do you want to climb all over it? This chair is designed to handle it all.

If you need to be able to draw with flexibility and accuracy, you need a free form ruler like this one. At home office ideas As you draw, it keeps track of how long you’ve drawn, so you know the exact length of whatever you’ve drawn.

An angled lamp always comes in handy, and few mix style with function quite like this Carpenter chrome lamp.

The Aakkoset bookshelf is not exactly cheap, but it is a heart-stopping way to keep your books and reference materials organised. Work from home office ideas It can even act as a room divider, if you want a gorgeous way to mark out your home office space in your flat.

Sometimes dealing with vague briefs, incoherent client demands and conflicting feedback can be too much even for the most patient designers. Google office london interior design The infectious Disease stress ball is a tactile way for you to get the bad feelings out without getting in trouble. Cheap interior design ideas for small homes in india Plus, the color combinations are pretty cool.

As a designer, you really can’t have too many ways of storing inspirational bits and bobs, various pens and pencils and other important whatnots. Office decorating ideas for birthday Small wooden drawers like these can keep the miscellaneous stored away nicely.

If you like to have a cold beverage while you work, this USB mini fridge is great. Small work office space ideas Plus, it looks like an old timey ice box, which is charming.

Why have boring yellow sticky notes when you can use Talk to the Hand sticky notes? They are a great way to take down messages or quick notes, and the fact that they will remind you of school days when someone would write their number on your hand is just a bonus.

Seriously, a designer can’t have too many interesting storage options. Small office space design ideas for home Small Lego storage boxes are a great way to keep those pedestrian office supplies you still have to use out of your direct eye line.

Good luck with going back to your old desk without getting at least one of these things, designers!

The ideas shown here made me take a good look around the office that I sit in, I was appalled by the mundane setting staring me in the face. Business office remodel ideas Some awesome ideas and inspiration for a more vibrant workplace here.

The cable holder could possibly save me load of time, really cool. Commercial office interior design singapore The pen zen is not too shabby either.

Overall a great collection of items a good half of which I’d wanna have 🙂

The ideas shown here made me take a good look around the office that I sit in, I was appalled by the mundane setting staring me in the face. Ideas for office space Some awesome ideas and inspiration for a more vibrant workplace here.

These types of items are good to use in work stations. Decorating ideas for office cubicles It can make your environment good. Office den ideas Some awesome ideas and inspiration for a more vibrant workplace here. Law firm design ideas Your stationary items are very good looking. Office meeting room design ideas If you want to buy new stationary items then you can contact me.

There is some nice pieces shown, but for real class, why not Italian Furniture and Lighting. School office design ideas Interiors and lighting co-ordinated for a really cool and elegant work place. Small bedroom office design ideas Nice!

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