2001 chevrolet impala fuel gauge is inaccurate_ 13 complaints

• Impala Gas Guage – I just called a chevy dealership and they told me it would be around 300 to 400 dollars to be fixed. How to calculate gas cost canada That is ridiculous. Fuel cost calculator for trip india This problem should have been recalled.

The fuel gauge will flip flop from full to empty on a regular basis. Price per therm natural gas california It never knows when it it full or empty. Average gas price in california today I have to use the “trip” odometer to calculate how many miles I have driven so I know how much gas I have left. Costco gas prices wharton nj I have gotten pretty good at the figuring out how much goes how far but this is still such a hassle and I should not have to deal with this from a car I bought brand new from the LOT !!

The fuel gage doesn’t work. Estimated gas cost for trip mapquest It will sometimes go back and forth but it’s never accurate. Fuel prices melbourne app You really have to remember when you filled up last or you will be screwed big time. Average price of gas per year However, the low fuel warning does work, but it’s still pretty dangerous.

Gas gauge on 2001 Chevy Impala is completely unreliable, needle bounces between full and empty even on a full tank of gas. Fuel trip cost calculator Low fuel light is on more often than not. Costco gas price fairfield ca If the car is idling, the needle will go to Empty and the mileage computer will show Error. Estimate gas cost mapquest We try to use the mileage computer as a gauge but it is not really reliable either, and today we ran out of gas on a snowy off ramp and had to wait in 15 degree temperatures for an hour for a tow truck to bring us gas. Cost of gas in italy 2015 We took it to the Chevy dealer who estimated $500 to repair the “whole fuel system”. Average cost per gallon of gas in washington state What a lemon of a car this has been!

I notice that my gas gauge wont work when driving.The only why I can tell how much gas I have in my car is when the car is in park and then it starts to move.For a while I thought all impalas gas hand was like that.

Also, instead of filing multiple complaints, I will list all the other problems…. How much is your monthly gas bill the passenger floor fills with water from the vents at fire wall; Power windows broke had the motor replaced; the heater fan stopped working and now makes an ungodly noise when turned on high; sometimes the engine won’t turn on due to the crank relay; when I drive down the road the the stirring wheel makes a creaky sound.

I bought this car new and really had to be a bitch to the dealers to get the power windows fixed while it was under warranty I final gave up, when this car quits I WILL NEVER BUY CHEVROLET AGAIN

This is a very very bad inconvenience for me I don’t know how much gas is in the car.The fuel light will come on if the car sits while started for like 2 minutes then if you cut the car off the fuel gauge will go back to saying its full.The Chevy dealer told me this could be 300 dollars to repair!

It is ashame to be on the highway and don’t no how much gas you have and have to keep stopping putting gas in so you want be stuck because no one going to stop for you. How to calculate gas cost per mile I’ve run out before, thinking the tank was full.

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