2015 bravia android tv issues – sony

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I thought I’d create a generic thread to cover off the issues being encountered on the 2015 Bravia Android TVs. Free internet satellite tv software I’ve listed my issues below with fixes / workarounds and responses from support. Satellite tv software 2007 All comments and solutions welcome!

1) Hot Swap HDMI doesn’t work – manifested by no input on HDMI channels 2, 3 and 4 on the KD-49X8305C. Pc satellite tv Workaround – reset the TV, either by holding down the remote power button for 5 seconds or by switching the TV off at the wall and then back on again. Software to watch satellite tv on pc Further details on this thread: https://community.sony.co.uk/t5/televisions/kd-49x 8305c-hdmi-2-3-4-inputs-not-working/td-p/1944435

2) HDD Recording doesn’t work – error message states a system update is required but none is available when checking. Is directv internet satellite Hopefully this will be fixed soon by a firmware update.

3) Netflix App doesn’t work – this seems like the app has been deliberately disabled. Dm04 digital satellite tv box So far a support case has only recommended that a factory reset be performed (took two days to get to that cracking piece of advice…..), with no improvement as a result. Free satellite tv guide A temporary (albeit for advanced users only) workaround is provided by MikeLothian on this thread – https://community.sony.co.uk/t5/televisions/netfli x-support-for-kd55x8509c-android-tv/td-p/1945360

4) Sound lag and performance issues after the TV ( KD-49X8305C) has been on standby for a while – manifested for me as stuttering and sound / picture sync issues in all apps (youtube, amazon instant video etc) and HDMI sources (PS4, seperate YouView box etc). Dish tv antenna installation instructions Hopefully this will be fixed in a firmware update, at the moment workarounds involve either changing channels to get the sync to work or in my case having to turn the TV off and then on again at the socket.

As stated previously, all comments welcome. Satellite tv tuner software Personally I’m willing to give Sony a couple of weeks to fix this, but if it’s not done soon I’ll be sending my new TV back for a refund as it’s not really fit for purpose.

In the UK we’re currently on v2177 of the firmware – in America they’ve just gotten v2197 http://esupport.sony.com/US/p/model-home.pl?mdl=XB R65X850C&LOC=3#/downloadTab (please make sure you DON’T install American software on your European model they’ve got different tuners so will most likely not work)

Sony has designed the BRAVIA® Televisions software update process to be customer friendly. Direct tv antenna installation This software update (version PKG2.197.0010NAB) provides the following benefits:

• Improves performance and stability of the USB video playback features

Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version PKG2.197.0010NAB:

• Resolves a condition where a black screen and no sound may occur when an input changes from YouTube® to another input

• Resolves a condition where a black screen may occur during USB video playback

• Supports Force Reboot by holding down the Power key on the BT or IR remote controller

The big ticket items for me is DTS passthrough, Netflix with Dolby Digital, a 3D option that works in things like YouTube and other video players and stability fixes – the whole TV seems rather unpolished and buggy

Just to say Sony are investigating the Netflix issue but in the meantime obviously advise against people using different versions.

I have had 2 of the same problems..! Sony should have waited to release the new Android models until all the software was fixed and everything works..

I cannot set up HDD record like you, and i am not able to use my Sony Skype camera, it does not get reconised by the TV, nor does the HDD !

I am very miffed with Sony at this time, and as the customer of this item, once they have our money, they then inform us that we have to wait for updates to be released for many things to function on the TV.

So, at this moment, all i have is a fancy looking TV, with a standard Freesat satellite picture, and i am sick of trying to sort anything related to this Android stuff…..

and where is the guidance of how to use the new TV….It is not in the handbook..!

Having waited 6 weeks for delivery I was hoping the Sony Android TV KD-49x8309c would meet all of my expectations, however I am extremely disappointed from first impressions and am considering returning it as not fit for purpose. Watch satellite tv online free It’s such a great looking TV and picture so I’m reluctant to do that. Cable or dish tv My main concerns are the lack of Record facility and no Netflix as these were key factors in making my purchase and these were confirmed as available on this model by the retailer. Sony dvb s2 satellite tv tuner The information in this thread has already covered these points, so it looks as if it’s a case of waiting. Free satellite tv channels receiver I’m also disappointed with the lack of apps. Satellite tv for your pc gratis I expected to be able to make use of the full range of apps on the Play store , but it appears only Sony approved apps can be used and the current selection is poor, so this does not bode well for an Android device given the marketing hype.

Having got my hands on the TV I am concerned about a few other things now, mainly around the satellite channel editor, which is very frustrating and almost unusable. Satellite tv guide europe Scrolling the list is a nightmare and my set is crashing and rebooting if I overdo the scrolling, which seems to require single button presses to navigate the list. When did satellite tv start It also reinserts some of the services that I’ve deleted as not required! The deleted channels appear as no service in the list, but they still appear in the program guide, which is really unwanted. Dish tv setup guide To explain, I’m trying to edit the unrequired channels out of the satellite list and guide, but I’m having difficulty and the documentation does not seem to cover this.

There is a Preferred Satellite option which I was hoping would load the preset channels for Freesat, but pressing this just takes me to the satellite set up menu again , but there’s no option to select Preferred or General satellite tuning, again not mentioned in the documentation, however I did see a procedure for this in a support message. Coaxial cable satellite tv It just doesn’t work with my TV. Satellite tv london ontario If anyone has experienced similar problems or has a solutions for these problems, then help would be appreciated.

Strober25. Satellite tv providers in nigeria I also have mine hooked up to the satellite feeds but past the initial tuning I’ve not really had time to investigate. Tv satellite cable I did however notice several hundred channels which I would also like to delete so will try this over the weekend.

For the benefit of others I’ve also have these new observations.

1. Digital satellite tv south africa You cannot page up or down through the TV guide – holding down the up/down arrows does allow quick scrolling however this occasionally lags to the detriment of zooming past the desired location when it catches up.

2. Satellite tv installation uk I’ve had official complaint from the wife about the SD picture being ‘horrible and grainy’ and it is. Free to air satellite tv channels usa HD/4K is stunning but not SD. Satellite tv antenna for caravans No matter what I select in picture setup I cannot solve. French tv satellite receiver Anyone else noticed this, BBC 1 Eastenders was the sample I looked at? Obviously you have to be close (1m) from the set to really see it but my 2011 46″ LCD never looked this bad. Tv satellite cable connectors Faces appear grainy and occasionally have many small horizontal lines around the silhouette of a person/object. Satellite tv channels in india free May be I need to reboot (again)?

3. Telus satellite tv channels list Game mode produces a horrible blocky washed out picture – this is so bad it looks broken. Free satellite tv on your computer I’m no expert but do I need to be playing a game in this mode?

Hi All, I received this from the support team today regarding the Netflix issue:

In regards to your query, the higher technical team advised that a new software update will be released in 10 days that will rectify the Netflix issue.

That would be the 15th of June hopefully for Netflix availability

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