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It’s not unusual to become attached to your favorite games, whether it’s something you liked as a kid or enjoy now with your friends. Cool wrist tattoos for guys So the next step, naturally, is to get a tattoo of your favorite game characters! If you like looking at tattoo designs or playing video games, these tattoos are sure to awe you. Awesome bible verse tattoos First, let’s check out some amazing video game tattoos. Awesome tattoos for men Next, we look at the nine best video game tattoos.

Mens half sleeve tattoos forearm After that, check out our gallery of even more runners up!

Before we get into the main ranking, check out these awesome tattoos. Awesome tattoos for females Bold and brilliant, these cute tattoos show off the bright colors of Mario games. Lower back tattoo designs 2012 While some games come close, no other game fully captures the rainbow quite like Mario and friends, so colored Mario tattoos look amazing! Seems like Mario remains a gaming icon after almost four decades.

Mashing up Mario with other cool franchises creates an instantly recognizable and unique nod to pop culture. Awesome meaningful tattoos While people may miss the meaning behind your tattoo at times, it gives you a good chance to fangirl out and explain it to them.

Getting tattoos as a couple can be a difficult process, and we’ve already covered it before. Female full body tattoos gallery However, these pixel-perfect Link and Zelda tattoos are sure to last the ages, and they look adorable together!

This beautiful tattoo of a heart piece over her chest just melts me. Best tattoo ideas for guys You collect heart pieces in Zelda to increase your health, making them the most coveted collectable in Zelda games. Awesome back tattoo ideas 8) Metroid Cover

This extensive Metroid back cover shows how much detail can go into both a video game and a tattoo. Awesome back tattoos The shadow inside Samus’s mask adds a nice touch. Unique guy tattoos This tattoo captures the feeling of fighting these aliens in reality, therefore putting it in our top nine tattoos. Lower back tattoo designs for females Metroid Tattoo Runner-up:

This wonderful sleeve shows off classic Metroid, complete with a SNES controller. Lower back tattoo designs with names The vivid colors and attention to detail make this a spectacular work of art! 7) Limbo/Portal Tattoo

Portal was a game filled with dark humor. Awesome forearm tattoos for guys Limbo, on the other hand, was just dark. Mens half sleeve tattoos This tattoo takes the most frightening aspects of both games and combines them—and the result is an awesome tattoo. Good tattoo designs for guys In addition to looking creepy, the mesh works perfectly. Wrist tattoo ideas male A turret doesn’t move, but shoots you on sight, while the spider attempts to ambush you until you put up a fight–as a result, the moving turret dials the scare factor up to eleven. Awesome rib cage tattoos for guys Portal Tattoo Runner-ups:

The clever sign used in the games makes for a great tattoo, but I find it a bit overused. Wrist tattoos for guys meanings Below that, you see Atlas–a small bot from the multiplayer section of Portal 2. Awesome male tattoo ideas Normally you see him with P-Body, a taller orange robot. Best female lower back tattoos It makes me wonder if a matching tattoo exists out there… 6) Zelda Tattoo Sleeve

It would be easy for someone who’s never played Zelda to mistake this for a Sailor Jerry tattoo. Best lower back tattoo designs This tattoo doesn’t exactly match any ship from the series, but it definitely resembles Tetra’s pirate ship and the ship from the start of Link’s Awakening. Best mens tattoos ever A sense of adventure fills the world of Zelda, making the Hylian crest fit perfectly on an otherwise realistic galleon. Cool small male tattoos Zelda Runner-ups:

Both of these beautiful tattoos turn Zelda concepts into an art form. Awesome tattoo backgrounds The first combines the Triforce with flowers and closely resembles the Hylian seal. Best guy tattoos tumblr In the second tattoo, the artist drew from stained glass and Windwaker’s iconic style to create an awesome mural. Back of neck tribal tattoo designs 5) Majora’s Mask Cover

This huge back tattoo showcases 16 obtainable masks from Majora’s Mask (and that’s not counting Majora’s Mask itself). Back of neck tattoos tumblr The four characters at the top are the four spirits entombed within the transformation masks, and behind them is the iconic clock of Clocktown and the ominous moon. Most beautiful tattoo designs This definitely tells the story of the game, without giving away too many spoilers!

In Majora’s Mask, the masks defined the gameplay experience. Cute female chest tattoos In order to truly save the world, Link needs to gather every mask and then trade them for a fearsome mask that rivals Majora’s mask. Nice tattoo ideas for guys While that might sound easy, each mask involved an array of side quests or conditions in order to appear. Awesome lower back tattoos Rather than acquiring the Blast Mask outright, you need to save an old lady from getting robbed on the first night of the game’s three day cycle. Mens sleeve tattoo designs If you miss your opportunity, you need to wait until the next cycle. Tattoo ideas for guys shoulder Many consider that quest an easier one. Awesome upper back tattoos Therefore, all of the masks in the game bear huge significance and lore behind them. Awesome mens sleeve tattoos More Zelda Tattoo Runner-ups:

These last Zelda runner-ups show off some amazing skill. Back of neck tattoos female The first tattoo artist intricately inked the pixels of the classic Zelda heart. Best mens tattoos 2015 The second artist practically painted the Hylian seal on his arm–and it looks amazing!

Traditionally, the art style Ukiyo-e focuses on a mastery of ink work. Awesome angel wing tattoos To be honest, Japan’s tattoo style and Ukiyo-e’s style probably developed in tandem, thus the similarities. Wrist tattoos for guys tumblr It translates very well into tattoos, and the Pokemon chosen for this tattoo matches the style perfectly. Awesome arm tattoos for guys In particular, Gyarados references a Japanese myth about carps and dragons. Most amazing tattoos ever A carp that swims up a waterfall becomes a dragon, just like a Magikarp that can bounce over a mountain becomes a Gyarados. Awesome tattoos for girls Pokemon Tattoo Runner-ups:

The lovely colors of the starters, combined with other Generation One Pokemon, look adorable. Cool small mens tattoos Add in small depictions of elements, and you have a classic tattoo. Awesome half sleeve tattoos for guys Almost all Pokemon tattoos use an anime or illustrative style to show these cute critters, but don’t be afraid to explore the world of art! They still look cute and recognizable, even twenty years after the franchise began. Female full body tattoos tumblr In the future, they will continue looking awesome. Awesome tattoo designs for guys 3) Eeveelution Tattoo

This tattoo design is both a tribute to Pokemon and Pink Floyd. Cool mens tattoos This was made before Sylveon was announced, but I could see it getting added above Flareon without ruining the spectrum! They make up the cutest evolution line in the series, and as a result, the Pokemon Company loves pushing Eeveelution products. Awesome body tattoos Therefore, luck blesses anime stores around the worlds with no end to cute Eeveelution merchandise. Back of neck tattoos words 2) Halo Tattoo

With its beautiful colors, this tattoo highlights the artistic side of the Halo series. Awesome back tattoos for guys There’s no doubt that whoever got this appreciates the franchise for more than its multiplayer features. Awesome men tattoos Although many players diss Halo for being popular or overhyped, no amount of denying changes the fact it won a ton of awards. Awesome mens tattoos Along with that, Microsoft continues to bring improvements to the series. Cool tattoo ideas for guys This tattoo takes a step back from the world of gaming politics to appreciate the art inside of a classic game, almost beating the game out in terms of aesthetics. Awesome foot tattoos 1) Best of the Amazing Video Game Tattoos: Video Game Sleeve

Because overlooked video games fill the history of video games, we chose a tattoo that represented a multitude of series and franchises. Awesome girl tattoo ideas Truly, this dude loves his video games. Awesome tattoos ideas for guys Almost every video game imaginable inhabits his sleeve. Amazing 3d leg tattoo Zelda, Mario, Samus, Megaman, Duck Hunt, Fallout, and even Final Fantasy VII appear here. Best female foot tattoos This tattoo definitely takes advantage of all that space to pack in as much diversity as possible. Back of neck tattoos for females Can you name everything?

Most of all, this tattoo represents a huge library of amazing video game knowledge. Awesome music tattoos for guys When you need a gaming recommendation, you go see him. Most creative tattoos ever With a wide variety of genres to pick from, he can even give you a small sample of the quality of its graphics! Not that graphics matter much, in the long run. Most amazing tattoo ideas Other Classic Game Tattoo Runner-ups:

Crash Bandicoot and Duck Hunt live on in our hearts, even if the games disappeared from gaming stores everywhere. Awesome chest tattoo ideas Who knows? Maybe they return in the future. Awesome 3d tattoos pictures Tattoos last forever, keeping these precious childhood memories close to you.

Mortal Kombat rocked the gaming world with its brutal and violent displays. Most awesome tattoos It remains one of the bloodiest games on the market, but perhaps the shock value of blood and guts on the screen wore off compared to recent games. Awesome chest tattoos God of War similarly used lots of blood and gore to get your adrenaline pumping for the action game.

Kingdom Hearts? Zelda? Fallout? Studio Ghibli? Tattoos remain a place to show off your favorite things in life, and each one of these subjects define art in the modern age. Awesome angel tattoos for guys If you enjoyed these, please browse through the album—you can see the other 25 amazing tattoo designs! Check out our site for more tattoo articles and information. Mens half sleeve tattoos designs Maybe you also will find some further inspiration in other tattoo designs like the Roman Numeral Tattoos or White Ink Tattoos! Thanks for reading!

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