5 tips to help you keep up with laundry

I loathe laundry. What temperature should you wash clothes It’s seriously one of those things I wish I could have someone else do for me. What do you wash red clothes with Perhaps one day when I’m rich (ha!) all my laundry dreams will come true, but for now I’m stuck with it. What temperature to wash coloured clothes So to ease the pain of doing this daunting task, here are 5 tips that have helped me keep up with laundry and will hopefully help you do the same.

Laundry is a household chore, plain and simple. How to wash cotton clothes without shrinking So you’ll probably never feel up for doing it. How to wash hand wash clothes So to ensure that it gets done, schedule a day and time that you will dedicate to doing laundry.

How to wash clothes at home Some families have laundry day where they tackle all of the laundry for the week. What happens if you wash dark clothes in hot water I personally like to wash one to two loads per day to avoid a laundry marathon. Wash dark clothes in warm or cold water I do this first thing in the morning so that it starts washing while I work on breakfast. How to clean clothes with gasoline on them 2. How to wash white clothes in a washing machine Recruit help.

Just like my kids are responsible for their own dishes (not that it always works), they are also responsible for placing their own dirty clothes in the baskets in our laundry room. How to wash woolen clothes with ezee in washing machine My teenage daughter also washes and folds clothes during the weeks that I’m super busy with work. What temperature do i wash dark clothes in Don’t place the entire burden of doing laundry on yourself. What temperature water should you wash dark clothes in If your spouse or one of your kids knows how to do it, ask them to help. Should i wash baby clothes before using them It will make things much easier for you. Wash white clothes in hot or cold water 3. How to clean old baby clothes Don’t wash it.

There are several things that don’t need washed after the first use. How to dry clean shirts at home Have your kids wear their pajamas for a few nights before they place it in the dirty clothes pile. How do you wash clothes in the sink Let your towels dry so that they can be used more than once. Black friday clothes washer Did you wear a pair of dress slacks or a skirt for church? Hang it up and wear it again. How to wash lululemon yoga pants Not only will you have less laundry to wash, but your clothes won’t wear out as quick. Wash white clothes in what water 4. How to wash your white clothes Put it away the same day.

So you wash a load of laundry, toss it in the dryer, and then it sits there for several days. How to wash coloured clothes without fading Who’s done it? *Raises hand* Many of us are guilty of this, and unfortunately it prevents you from making progress. How to keep clothes clean without washing them When your washer or dryer serves as a place to store clothes, you won’t be able to use it for what it’s meant to do. How to wash black clothes without fading them Don’t start a new load if you don’t have plans on folding what has already dried. How to wash cotton clothes by hand You’ll wind up with several piles of clean clothes that will need re-washed because eventually you won’t be able to tell difference between the dirty and the clean clothes. How to wash baby clothes without shrinking 5. How to wash dress shirts in washer Sort as you fold.

I never understood the concept of sorting clothes and then folding them. How to remove sweat smell from gym clothes You’re simple adding an extra step by handling the clothes twice. How do you wash polo shirts Instead, fold or hang up clothes while sorting them in the process. Best way to clean baby clothes I also find that folding clothes while I watch a favorite show makes the task easier to deal with. How to hand wash clothes with detergent Once all clothing is sorted out, have each family member put away their own clothes. How do you wash lululemon pants No it may not be perfect, but perfection is the root of all time wasters anyways.

So there you have it, 5 simple tips to help you keep your laundry sanity. Can you hand wash clothes with shampoo What are some things you do to keep the laundry at bay?

I am probably one of the few people who actually likes doing laundry! It’s one of my favorite household chores. How to wash new clothes with salt While I don’t mind doing it, sometimes making time to do it can be difficult. How to wash clothes without shrinking or fading It helps to have a set day that I designate for laundry.

Ugh laundry always piles up! We cloth diaper so it’s double bad. Can i wash all my tie dye shirts together I don’t mind the laundry but it takes me forever to put it away. How to wash shirts without shrinking them I wish I had one of those big pinterest-worthy laundry rooms so I could sort everything somewhere besides the bed! ??

I am one of those odd women who loves to do laundry! I’ve learned a lot over the last 40 years about being efficient. How to clean used baby clothes First, in every bedroom, keep two laundry baskets in the closet (one white and one dark). How to wash white clothes at home As family members undress, they either hang the clothing up to wear again or put it directly into the basket that most closely matches the piece of clothing. Should you wash new baby clothes before use Also had one basket in the bathroom for towels (no wet ones allowed!) When my kids were at home, every day I’d do a load of whites or darks that I’d gathered from the baskets. How to wash wool pants If we didn’t have enough for a full load, then I’d do towels. How to wash your clothes without shrinking them Fold and sort by owner as you take them out of the dryer. Do dry cleaners hand wash clothes Everybody picks up their own pile and puts it away. Color clothes wash temperature If you keep up with it this way, you will never be overwhelmed. I wash my clothes We stripped beds on the weekend.

The other key to not being stressed with your laundry is having enough storage. How to wash dry clean only silk clothes at home It’s still a problem for me! I think that means I need to simplify and minimize, but I’m a work in progress on that!

Most importantly, enjoy your kids while you have them at home. Best way to wash clothes without washing machine And give them chores to do . How to wash clothes exposed to asbestos They need to feel like they are an important part of how your household runs. How to wash my clothes When mom can play, everybody can play. Barbie washing clothes games online When mom works, everybody helps. How to wash velvet clothes (Including daddy! ??

I was a single working mother with 3 boys and laundry was a huge issue. How to wash and dry clothes When my 2 oldest were 12 and 10 I lined up in front of the washer and dryer and taught them how to do their own laundry. What detergent to wash newborn clothes in Initially they complained to their Grandmother and she told me that they were too young to be doing laundry. How to wash cotton clothes first time My answer was: If you can get to level 10 in Nintendo Mario Brothers…then you can operate a washer and dryer!

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