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Let’s not beat around the bush: The armpit bits of that top you wore yesterday reeks, even if you rock your trusty deodorant. How to clean white shirts with bleach We’ve all done the sniff test, with each whiff hoping that that one t-shirt you really wanted to wear that day but forgot to throw in the wash isn’t as smelly as you think it is. How to wash clothes in washing machine 7 steps Sometimes, it’s not. How to clean microfiber couch with baking soda Usually…it is, and you have to make a choice: Either say screw it, rock the top, and hope nobody notices how smelly it is, or launch it into the laundry bag where it belongs.

Sure, you can just do a load of laundry, but sometimes time is of the essence and you just don’t have time to do laundry. Color run washing clothes Or, maybe you’re living in a dorm and none of the washing machines are available.

How to get white clothes whiter with bleach Or maybe the weather is garbage and you don’t want to walk to the laundromat. How to wash delicate clothes at home Or maybe you’re just lazy af and want a way to make your clothes smell a little less funky without dousing them in body spray (or, for the ultra desperate, Febreeze). Should i wash newborn clothes before use Don’t worry, I’ve got you. How to wash white shirts with bleach Check out these X ways to get rid of body odor from your clothes without washing them. How to wash clothes with mold Whether you’re dealing with your favorite skinny jeans or your trusty crop top, there’s a solution that’ll work for you.

That stench in your clothes? It’s all bacteria. How long do you wash baby clothes in dreft Do you know what can kill bacteria? Some good ol’ fashioned vodka. Washing hair with baking soda and vinegar reviews If there’s any vodka (preferably cheap) around the house, mix with some water in a spray bottle until the contents are at least 70 percent vodka and 30 percent water. Dark clothes wash Spray on the stinky area in question and let it dry. How to wash clothes without a washer You’ll be surprised by how much of the stench just disappears. How to clean laundry washing machine Oh, and don’t worry about smelling like a drunk; vodka dries with virtually no odor, so you’re in the clear. Do you wash dark clothes in warm water Of course, you shouldn’t depend on this as your go-to way of getting rid of pit stank, but in a pinch? It’s a lifesaver. How to wash new clothes without shrinking I’ve tried it, it really works!

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend was startled when he found a pair of my skinny jeans chillin’ in the freezer, rubbing shoulders with the frozen pizzas and ice cream. How to wash clothes by hand video I laughed for a bit and then immediately explained the method to my madness: The freezer is a great way to remove odors from clothes. What temperature do you wash white clothes in For denim purists, this is the preferred method of getting rid of odors from jeans; you’re, ideally, not supposed to wash your jeans that much, so this is a way of getting rid of the stink that might develop over multiple wears without risking your jeans shrinking or getting misshapen. How often should you dry clean dress pants This is also a good idea for dry-clean only pieces that you, well, don’t feel like dry cleaning right now.

Kitty litter brands rely on convincing you that their litter and their litter alone will eliminate the stench of a cat’s poop in a jiffy. How to wash poopy baby clothes Well, if they can get rid of the stench of cat piss, your smelly shoes are easy to tackle. How to wash with baking soda and vinegar You can pour a little in your shoes and check back on them in 24 hours, or you can submerge some of your stinkier clothes in the cat litter, too, if you’d prefer. Wash white clothes on hot or cold Of course, if you have a cat, it’s probably best to make sure that your litter-fied clothes aren’t in its reach. Natural way to wash clothes without detergent You don’t want your shoes to become its new litter box. Washing clothes with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide Yikes.

Have you ever been to Lush and noticed that there are a bunch of coffee ground containers all over the store? They’re there for you to sniff in case your nose is overloading on all the different products. How to wash wool pants at home See, coffee grounds are excellent at neutralizing smells, good or bad. How to wash second hand baby clothes Of course, it’s the bad that we’re dealing with right now. How to wash a homemade tie dye shirt If you can spare some of your coffee grounds, consider throwing some into a bag with the offensive smelling item of clothing and let it chill for several hours. Best way to wash clothes Sure, it’ll smell like coffee, but that’s better than smelling stinky.

Feeling embarrassed by some seriously nasty smelling shoes? Grab a few dryer sheets, give your shoes a rub down, and keep the dryer sheets inside each shoe overnight. How do i wash baby clothes This won’t get rid of the smell entirely, but it’ll do for the time being!

We really underestimate the power of fresh air, especially fresh air with a big ol’ dash of sunlight. How should you wash white clothes Yes, sunlight can get rid of odors; I’ve tried this once before on some gnarly smelling plastic food storage containers and the odor that all of the soap in the world couldn’t remove was gone after letting the containers sit in the sun for a day or two. How to wash wool pants dry clean only If you can swing it, try this with a smelly top or stinky pants. How to remove dried red wine stains from fabric Of course, you can’t rely on this to clean your clothes–wash them ASAP–but it’ll work if you don’t have immediate access to a washer machine.

Do you already do any of these things? Do you have any other methods of masking stinky clothes? Tell us in the comments!

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