A guide to tipping in toronto

Tipping comes as second nature to most folks in Toronto. How to become a cleaning lady That famous Canadian politeness means courtesy often seems to come naturally when the tab closes or the bill comes around – though folks working in the service industry probably each have a few horror stories that point to the opposite.

On the whole, “Torontonians – and Canadians overall, I’d say – are good tippers,” says Karen Cleveland, who blogs about etiquette at Manners Are Sexy. Cleaning lady checklist Even if they’re not familiar with customs, “most people give it some thought – they try to be a conscious customer,” adds Eliss Halina, who worked in spas around Toronto before years before opening her own outfit, Saul’s Beauty Shop.

Those unfamiliar with tipping customs will almost always ask if what they’re giving is appropriate. Synonyms for cleaning lady “But, of course, if they ask, you say ‘Nobody expects a tip’ – you don’t want to be the greedy esthetician!”

Where we occasionally fall short, Cleveland says, is compensating less-obvious candidates for tipping. Cleaning lady from family guy name “It’s good to think of the unsung heroes behind the scenes,” she says.

“There’s a certain showmanship for bartenders or servers who bring you something that you really enjoy, but don’t forget about the people behind the scenes. Flylady crisis cleaning list Room attendants, for example, are often often out of sight, out of mind.”

Here’s a guide on who to tip and when in Toronto – from the everyday to the not-so-obvious.

Restaurant servers Most diners know that the universal standard is 15%, though many are making the case for 20% to be the new standard. How much do cleaning ladies make per hour Here’s where Cleveland stands: “15% for good service, more for excellent service, and 10% for service that you didn’t love, but still want to be politely Canadian to acknowledge. How much does a maid cost per year Come on – we apologize when people bump into us.”

Bartenders “15% for good service, more for excellent service – or what’s easier is to just round up. How to be a good cleaning lady A round of drinks $34? Round up to $40. Flylady cleaning schedule Glass of wine $7? Leave a $10.” So that loonie-per-drink thing you do at your favourite dive bar is stingy? “Totally – 15% is always a good rule, so depending on the price of your drink, a loonie per drink might be under-tipping, big time.”

Takeout counters There’s no obligation to put cash in a tip jar, Cleveland confirms. How much does a maid cost uk “Table service, yup, you’re tipping. How much to give cleaning lady for christmas Take out? Only if you’re feeling it.” (For the karma benefits and future friendly service, though, you may want to slide your barista or counter guy some change.)

Food delivery drivers “15% – if they’re on time,” says Cleveland. Sadie the cleaning lady karaoke For pizza delivery, Emily Post’s guidelines suggest $2-5, depending on order size and delivery difficulty.

Movers Cleveland advocates a higher-than-average bracket of 20%: “They work their asses off to keep your stuff intact.” (If they drop your aunt Muriel’s vase, however, that may be a different story.)

Cabs Cleveland suggests sticking with the standard 15% – “an extra buck or two if they help you load your stuff in.” Valets Cleveland suggests between $2 and $5 – “but if two people handle your car, tip ’em both.” (Hey, you’re going somewhere with valet parking – you can probably afford it!)

Hotel staff You might be reluctant to drop more cash on top of an already-expensive hotel stay, but Cleveland says the accepted tip for cleaning staff is a quite-low $2 to $5 per night. How much do you tip your cleaning lady “Be sure to tip each morning, in case you room is cleaned by various people.” Bellhops should get $1 or $2 for each bag they help you lift, and give concierges 15% on the value of what they hook you up with.

Bathroom attendants When visiting the bathroom in a fancy nightclub, it’s customary to tip the person handing you towels and guarding the stash of personal hygiene items $2. Cleaning maid clipart But if you’re like me and have trouble making eye contact or acknowledging their presence in general, don’t feel obligated to tip them. How much do cleaning ladies charge “Tipping is never obligated – by definition, gratuity is gratuitous,” Cleveland says.

Coat check attendants and shoe shiners Between $2 and $5 is standard for both.

Estheticians Somewhere between 10-20% is typical for spa treatments like facials. How much does a house cleaning service cost People often tend to tip better for waxing – Halina jokingly calls it the “embarassment tax”. Funny cleaning lady pictures (“There are aestheticians who would always try to get all the Brazilians.”) If the owner is the one doing your services, however, you don’t have to tip them – “that’s the practice across the board.”

Hair stylists The 15% rule applies here, too – though Halina feels that folks are often more likely to tip their hairstylists a bit better, since a.) they can see the results of the service right away, and b.) they’re not cranky post-waxing or blackhead extraction. The cleaning lady from family guy Cleveland stresses that if different people are doing your shampoo, cut and colour, they should each be tipped separately.

Masseuses The “15% is standard, 20% is generous” rule applies with masseuses as well, Halina says. Another name for cleaning lady She notes that registered massage therapists (RMTs) who work out of clinics don’t accept tips, but those who work in spas are “not opposed”.

Manicurists Halina finds manicurists tend to be tipped less than other estheticians – but since manicures are often cheap, don’t be afraid to go as high as 20%.

There are some folks who generally aren’t tipped day-to-day, including mail carriers and couriers, newspaper deliverers, tailors and dry cleaners, plumbers, painters or carpenters. Do you tip maids at home “A nice gift card or something during the holidays is lovely, but day-to-day, not expected – though of course appreciated, i’m sure!”

What are your experiences with tipping in Toronto? Leave them in the comments.

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