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I don’t mind slightly scratchy towels, and accept it as part of life when you have hard water. How to clean dingy white t shirts But my family (and the odd visiting friend who has borrowed one) always complain comment, so I decided it was time to do something about it. How to wash wool trousers The only problem is that the usual method of softening, adding fabric softener, is actually bad for towels because it impairs the absorbency. Does washing your clothes in hot water kill bed bugs But I have found a natural and easy way of making towels soft and fluffy again!

Step one. How do i wash my clothes Put your towels in the washing machine. How to hand wash white clothes with bleach If your towels are rough and scratchy and you are trying to restore them to their previous softness, do not add any detergent.

How to wash white clothes and make them whiter The point of this exercise is to get rid of anything chemically, not add more!

Step two. How to wash colored clothes Run the machine on the highest temperature your towels can cope with. Should you wash baby clothes separately For hygiene reasons, towels should always be washed at a minimum temperature of 60C. What can you use to wash clothes instead of detergent But a high temperature also helps to remove icky build up.

Step three. How to clean clothes without water When your machine reaches its rinse cycle, pour half a cup of white vinegar into your washing machine’s detergent drawer. How to clean white cotton shirts If your machine has the facility for an extra rinse cycle, take advantage of this too and pour more distilled vinegar in.

After following these simple steps you should notice some difference in how soft the towels are. How to wash red and white shirt If the towels still feel quite rough, you may need to repeat the process until you reach the desired level of softness.

It is possible to wash your towels this way every time they need cleaning, without adding commercial detergents, and they will be fluffy, soft and hygienic. How to wash clothes with bleach front load machine But I am stuck in the habit of using detergent so I am now doing the vinegar method as a monthly maintenance wash, to stop the towels getting too scratchy again.

• Don’t mix your loads and don’t overload the drum. How to wash cotton shirts without shrinking them You shouldn’t wash your towels with other items, and you should make sure there is still plenty of room on your washing machine’s drum for the towels to move around. Should you wash new baby clothes before wearing This helps keeps towels fluffy because the water is able to fully penetrate the towels and remove any soap scum, oils and other build up. How to wash clothes I limit a load to two or three bath sheets and a couple of smaller hand towels.

• Don’t use fabric softener. When to wash clothes I already gave this a brief mention, but fabric softener should be avoided when you wash your towels because eventually you will end up with a build up of chemicals in the fibres which will impair the towel’s ability to absorb water and make it feel rough. How often to wash shirts Keep it for clothes washing only.

• Don’t dry towels on a high heat. Do you wash colored clothes in hot or cold water I don’t use a dryer, but if you do then you shouldn’t have the temperature set too high when drying towels.

Great tips! The hardest thing for me is remember to get there during the rinse cycle. Wash clothes with vinegar to set color Have to set the timer to remind myself. How to wash hair with baking soda and vinegar Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial.

Wow, this is new to me…I’ve never heard that you can clean your towels with only vinegar. How to shrink 100 rayon shirt I think, like you, I will do that as a maintenance step and keep using detergent in between. How to wash clothes infested with bed bugs I use a dryer out of necessity (I have 3 kids and no clothesline, lol). Should i wash new baby clothes before wearing Do you have a healthy replacement for dryer sheets?

I’ve been doing this lately with my towels and have noticed a difference. Do you wash colored clothes in cold water Thanks for linking it up at Think Tank Thursday. Wash clothes in dishwasher I have featured you today at saving4six(dot)com. How to dry clean clothes at home Reply Delete

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