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This Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator is the successor to the Google Maps Distance Calculator. Average gas bill per month uk This version will allow users to save and reload their routes when they revisit Daft Logic.

• Type in your username, password and email.

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry pdf Note : Use a loose password as this site is not secure.

• Click [Submit] an wait for an email to arrive with further instructions.

Use the map and place your markers to create a route (as per Google Maps Distance Calculator) Save New Route

• Decide to make the route public (other people can search for it and see it) or private.

Note: You can now edit this route as per normal Re-Save Existing Route

• Click the notes icon ( ) for the route you wish to add a note to.

• Click the rename icon ( ) for the route you wish to rename.

• Click the delete route icon ( ) for the route you wish to delete.

Click Logout or simply navigate away from this page Keyboard Shortcuts

• l – Delete Last Marker – Windows : (Alt+l) – Mac (Ctrl+Alt+l)

• All distances are estimations so Daft Logic does not accept any responsibility that may arise when the value reported is incorrect.

• You can move the markers after they have been positioned so you can modify you route on the fly and see how the distance will be effected.

Google Maps API Future Functionality and Suggested Improvements

Functions that will be added in the future. Calculate gas cost for commute Please feel free to make suggestions by adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

• Save the map state along with each route (position, zoom and map type)

Hi, There was an issue that has now been fixed. Cost of gasoline KML export should now work for FireFox By Daft Logic on 7th March 2017 Hello, I am having trouble using the “export KML” featurte. Costco gas hours san jose ca Nothing hapens when I click on the red “KML” under “export “KML”. Average cost of gas per mile 2015 I tired right clicking and opening in a new tab or window, but no luck. Gas mileage cost estimator I am using Firefox internet browser On 6th March 2017 easy to understand ,, works great ,, thank you ,, found the distance between my farm and two other cell towers ,, one tower is 9.281 miles , the other 9.571 miles ,, both towers have line of sight and only one gives issues ,, i just wanted to check the distance before i called the issues in ,, thank you ,, carmichael moritz On 24th December 2016 hello, does this calculator uses the exact formula Google use on GMaps ? If it is, may i know what formula are you using ? thank you so much By Aryo on 16th December 2016 Phil, perhaps you are looking for this page : Google Maps Find Altitude. Import price of natural gas in india By Daft Logic on 16th October 2016 Before I created an account, I was able to get a listing of the GPS coordinates and altitude that I could import into Excel. Current fuel price per gallon uk How do I get this information now that I have an account? By Phil (Houckster) on 15th October 2016 The [Clear Map] button should be working. Gas per mile cost 2014 Can you try refreshing the web browser and try again? By Daft Logic on 3rd October 2016 Why clear map tab is not working On 2nd October 2016 Hi, please try the Google Maps Area Calculator Tool to measure areas in square meters. How much does gas cost per gallon By Daft Logic on 29th August 2016 Hi Team, I presume the distance between points is in Linear meters, is there a Square Meter facility that could be added to the drop down menu, for an enclosed toggle area thanks :). How much would gas cost to drive On 26th August 2016 Thanks, when it happens, refreshing the page a few time it works. Average cost of gas in florida Thanks By Giuseppe on 24th August 2016 Giuseppe, please try (1) refreshing the page a few times. Cost of gas trip calculator If this doesn’t help (2) Try deleting your temporary internet files. Costco gas prices phoenix Let us know if it works or not please. Google maps calculate gas cost By Daft Logic on 5th August 2016 hi, today I cannot insert points on the map! What’s happening? Thanks

By Giuseppe on 5th August 2016 Bruce, this should now work. Costco gas price It will remember your selected units and load it immediately when you revisit the page. Gas cost calculator mapquest By Daft Logic on 1st August 2016 Thanks for the feedback Bruce. Average cost of gas per gallon in 2013 We will work on this and let you know if any change is made. Calculate gas cost google maps By Daft Logic on 1st August 2016 I am a yacht delivery captain and have been using the distance calculator for some time, but with the advanced distance calculator it always defaults to statute miles. Rac route planner fuel cost I always work in nautical miles. Cost of gas furnace vs electric furnace Is there a way for me to set the default measurement to nautical miles? If not, is it possible to add this so that we can set the default mileage?

Thanks By Daryl on 20th June 2016 Did you include the minus sign before the 84? Without this, it will go to China On 20th June 2016 That plots out to east central China? By Daryl on 20th June 2016 Hi Daryl, using, 35.350°N 84.873°W comes out as 35.35,84.873, so try 35.35,-84.873. Average price of gas 2010 by state By Daft Logic on 20th June 2016 Having difficulty with USGS coordinates again. Average cost of gas 2015 According to USGS, the following coordinates are located in TN. Calculate cost of gas per month But when I plot them here, it takes me to Ankara, Turkey.

I removed the degree symbols and the N and W and put a dash between, but still doesn’t work. Calculate my gas cost What am I doing wrong? By Daryl on 20th June 2016 John, this is not possible. Figure gas cost for road trip The dots have been added to make it easier to add points mid-route or delete points (right click). Fuel travel cost calculator uk By Daft Logic on 1st June 2016 I’ve used the DaftLogic route-maker tool before and was able to generate a map with a red line but no dots. Cost of natural gas in texas With this package (and the non-advanced version I tried earlier) I ended up with the dots obscuring the line. Gas cost for trip ‘Toggling’ added or removed large marker points, but the dots remained. Gas per kwh uk How do I create a line on the map without dots? By John Cossham on 31st May 2016 Hi Sue, what happens when you try to send the route via email? Where does it go wrong? By Daft Logic on 9th May 2016 I am trying to use the send via email function for the first time. How much gas to drive to orlando florida It doesn’t work. Cost for gas trip I have Windows 10 and use Firefox. How to calculate gas cost per km I love this program and will be excited to see the distances at each toggle with a future update. Calculate cost of gas for road trip canada By Sue on 7th May 2016 No problem, I’m glad its working. Cost of gas in hawaii 2016 By Daft Logic on 5th May 2016 Yes that works now, Thanks. Cost of driving calculator I hope I can remember that the next time I use it. Cost of gas in denmark By Daryl on 5th May 2016 35.745,-82.577 should work. Cost of gasoline in california Does this help? By Daft Logic on 5th May 2016 GPS coordinates from USGS Earthquake activity site, here is an example: 35.745N 82.577W

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