Bbc three – esports, league of legends world championship, 2015 – meet the team

Dev’s passion is music and recently went back to university to study the subject, balancing his education with his day job, presenting on radio and TV. Chairman mao card game Recently he could be seen on the BBC Radio 1 iPlayer channel josting Behind the Live Lounge, and he’s also fronted the radio documentaries, Do You Even Lift? and a Radio 1 in Ibiza special, with another, How to Make a Million Pound App, in progress.

His love for all things gaming stem from childhood and it has been a dream come true to be able to present gaming features for BBC Switch, BBC Radio 1 and now the BBC coverage of the League of Legends Championship.

You might have seen her grace your screens with her vast gaming knowledge in her regular Friday slot on Sky News Sunrise, or through the videos she’s presented for SBTV, or you have have heard her voice on Radio 1, where she’s brought listeners the latest gaming headlines and fronted the popular hour-long documentary, Rockstar Gamers.

Thinking you’ve seen her elsewhere too? That’s highly likely, given that she’s also presented for 4Music, BAFTA, Bravo TV, Challenge TV, LBC, Channel 5, Microsoft, Mirror Online, Virgin Media, Warner Bros, EA, Nintendo, GiffGaff, Kerrang! Turtle Beach, Maker Studios and Current TV.

Leigh’s first real love for eSports came in 2001 playing Battlefield 1942, the game that led him to become World Champion with Team Dignitas.

Charlie chaplin movies list Therefore, it was only natural that he began his commentating career around the game back in 2003. I cherish the treasure But it was commentating League of Legends in Season 1 where Leigh cemented his popularity. Chair yoga for seniors printable He has since worked on a huge amount of major events including the League of Legends Championship Series, Intel Extreme Masters and the biggest events for Counter-Strike: GO and FIFA.

Leigh’s favourite thing about League of Legends is the build-up of play that the game offers and its real potential for team comebacks. Chair aerobics for everyone His first ever computer game was Pong, an old classic he played against his brother.

James ‘Stress’ O’Leary is a League of Legends commentator for the Riot Games European Challenger Series. Pole dancing classes near me Originally from Cardiff, Stress has been working in Berlin, Germany on EUCS while regularly featuring on the League of Legends Championship Series analyst desk. Charlie charlie challenge game Stress has been working in eSports for four years, previously working managing teams and players before transitioning full time to commentary.

Having grown up playing video games, his favourite game is the original Pokemon Blue, but more recently he’s been playing Metal Gear Solid V, (while not working on preparing for the LoL World Championships). Charlie chaplin movies cell phone Being a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, the growth of eSports has been amazing for Stress to see; going from small scale events with a few hundred people to selling out the same arenas like Wembley and the Staples Centre that the UFC go to has been incredible.

The League of Legends World Championship Quarter Finals will be the first appearance for Stress on a World Championship broadcast.

Hailing from Liverpool and sharing his birthday with the Pokemon franchise, Richard ‘Pulse’ Kam has grown up with video games throughout his childhood and, while his love of gaming started with Pokemon, his affinity for eSports begun in the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre with the Command and Conquer, and the Supreme Commander series.

Pulse started games casting when he was just 15 years old and joined Riot Games as a professional commentator just two years later, aged 17. Chairlift crying in public lyrics He’s since reported all over the globe, from collegiate tournaments in Los Angeles to gaming festivals, including Dreamhack (Sweden) and Insomnia (UK), to spectating worldwide events in Korea. Charlie crist poll He thinks that the development and growth of eSports has been incredible to witness and, even though a large percentage of the audience is from the younger generation, eSports has become a media that viewers of all ages can watch and enjoy.

When not playing League of Legends, Pulse enjoys many immersive single player games such as the Final Fantasy series, Transistor and Deus Ex.

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