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This page contains direct links to the best jokes from the early years

Be warned that this is not a joke collection for children. Chairish If you

are under 18, check with your parents before browsing these jokes.

If you thought the dirty jokes in the regular sections were bad, then

This chapter contains the sickest, most offensive jokes I was sent.

A lot of people come here first, thinking that these jokes will be the

best, because the others are “clean” and not as good.

Child to cherish coupon code That’s not at

all true; there are plenty of offensive, “dirty” jokes in the other

sections — none of this joke collection is censored or watered down

for children. Chair 6 anchorage In my opinion the funniest jokes are mostly in the other

What you will find here are the jokes that cause certain types of people

to get upset or complain, usually about political incorrectness or

occasionally sickness. Chair workouts at work We isolate those jokes here so people can avoid

reading them, not to create a “here’s the juicy stuff” section.

not so much because they have dirty words or sexual situations,

but for racial references, sexism and sheer sickness. High chair in spanish Sometimes sick racism

If you are not easily offended, you should seriously consider stopping, too.

If you can’t take a joke, however, why are you reading this archive?

If you haven’t already, please read the section in the introduction entitled

“Caveat Reador.” This material is all meant in fun, with no prejudice,

bigotry or malice. Charlie cox daredevil glasses Sometimes, people don’t see it that way. Spinning office chair animated gif People on

the net aren’t bothered because, unless you work at it, there is no

colour on USENET — people are their minds, and not their bodies.

These jokes are in the book because this book tries to represent Rec.Humor.Funny.

These jokes appear in Rec.Humor.Funny due to a rather complex editorial policy.

The first part of this policy stems from my belief that I am not here

to judge the political correctness of jokes, only their comedy. The chairman of the board band You should

trust nobody, not even me, to make political judgements for you. Chair king hulen Remember,

Since I reject material written for hate rather than comedy, and

You must realize that if you decide to read this section, you do so of

your own free will, and you waive all right to complain about the

offensiveness of these jokes. Charlie cardona I advise you to read the notes on nasty jokes

found in the introduction, if you want to find out why these jokes are

And if you are my mother, you’re not allowed to read this section.

• Racist joke: not for Romans or Catholics (Bob A. Cherished meaning Elinoff) racist, rot13, offense=italians, chuckle, non stargate• What’s the diff? (RON@PSUVM.BITNET) sick, smirk, rot13• Old, gross joke (Bill Kennedy) sick, chuckle• Bridge joke (Scott J. Chair yoga exercises for seniors Breyer) racist, rot13, chuckle• You Get What You Pay For (James Harvey) sexual, chuckle, rot13• A nice old bit of meta-humour (Steve Ciullo) heard it, laugh, rot13, swearing• Two Biggest Lies in Poland (Joel M. I treasure our friendship meaning Miller) chuckle, racist• A sick cross joke (terry@wsccs.UUCP) gross, chuckle, sexual, rot13• Ethiopian joke (extremely sick) (UBF@PSUVMA.BITNET) sick, rot13, gross, laugh• Czech policemen (Frederick Wamsley) racist, rot13• Jesus Joke (Sigrid Grimm) smirk, offense=Christians, rot13• Offensive to Joan Collins (Ed Martini – Graphics Software) sexual, smirk, rot13• Out of the mouths of babes (Duhh Major) swearing, sexual, funny, rot13• Because he can (The Mad Hacker) sexual, offense=homosexuals, rot13, smirk• Rioting in Gaza (Frederick Wamsley) topical, chuckle, offense=italians, rot13• Disgusting joke, offensive to women, men, Doctors, homosexuals and senior citizens. 3 chairs sermon (James Harvey) sexist, sexual, swearing, rot13• Leprechauns — offensive to suckers (Derrick Hamner) rec_humor_cull, sexual, rot13• Sure plays a mean pinball (LYNDON BRETT RUMM) sick, funny• Racist joke, attacking a stereotype (Michael R. Chairlift i belong in your arms japanese Kesti) rec_humor_cull, racist, offense=Jews, chuckle, rot13• Nun of that here (Michael C. Chair fic De Masi) rec_humor_cull, sexual, offense=Catholics, rot13, swearing• At the end of a sentence (|-|ugh) rec_humor_cull, sexual, swearing, rot13• Really quite nasty (Mike Palmer) racist, rot13, chuckle, sick, offensive, sexual, offense=Peurto Ricans• In the Navy (Bill Kennedy) swearing, sexist, rot13• Playing both sides of the sexist fence (Billy Green) swearing, sexist, chuckle, rot13• People just love Nancy (alj@mtunb.UUCP) heard it, sexual, offense=Republicans, rot13• Upcoming Summer Olympics (john desanto) topical, racist, offense=Poles, rot13• I’m going to be a builder when I grow up (Peter Jeremy) swearing, rot13, chuckle• I prefer to consider a woman as a whole. Charlie chan quotes ( sexist, rot13, sexual, smirk• Male chauvinist jokes ( rec_humor_cull, sexist, chuckle, rot13• USC Coeds? (Robert M. Wheelchair pants pattern Stagmier) rec_humor_cull, sexist, rot13, funny• Tour of Moscow (Mark Dionne) racist, chuckle, rot13, offense=Indians• Everything but the… I cherish you quotes (INTJ – Sexual Technologist) rec_humor_cull, racist, rot13, offense=Jews, offense=Poles• Jewish follow-up (Tom Rankin) heard it, racist, chuckle, rot13• Yet More reasons a beer is better than a woman (Bob Roberds) rec_humor_cull, sexist, rot13• Offensive to women (Perry Friedman) rec_humor_cull, sexist, smirk, rot13• Feminists Will Not Like This Joke (dale@amc-vlsi.UUCP) sexist, sexist, rot13, chuckle• First Day in Prison joke. Cherish meaning in telugu (Dale Clark) rec_humor_cull, sexual, swearing, rot13• Guy and gorilla go into bar, etc ( racist, chuckle• Different kinds of ethnic jokes (GORDON) ethnic stereotypes, smirk, heard it, rot13• A Joke for pay-day (Stuart Freedman) laugh, sexual stereotype, sexual, rot13• Opticians for Hens (Eric Pettersen) sexual stereotype, smirk, rot13• … Chairlift band tour but it all comes out all right in the end. Chair workouts for seniors ( sexual, chuckle, rot13, ethnic stereotype• Christmas Trees and Women (Mark Hahn) sexual stereotype, rot13, smirk• Some gross jokes from STC (Dave Horsfall) sexual, stereotypes, smirk• National Condom Week (Jeff Haferman) maybe, sexual, some potentially offensive• Scotsman & Ticket Collector ( ethnic, chuckle, offense=Scots, rot13• How about 5 DOs and 5 DON’Ts? (Yossie Silverman) racial, chuckle, rot13• Insult, sort of…. Charlie crist (Duke McMullan n5gax) sexist, rot13• Duct Tape (tom reingold) sick, chuckle, rot13• Sick Dead baby joke (David Wilson) sick, original, chuckle• More, ‘mon (Bruce Spence) religious stereotypes, heard it, smirk, sexual• Kiwi Joke (Craig Farrell) chuckle, national stereotypes, rot13• Be the best you can be (Brian C Moum) smirk, religious stereotypes, rot13• Procurement (Jeremy Roussak) rot13, sexual stereotypes, chuckle• Reasons why motorcycles are better than women (David A Honig) sexual stereotypes, rot13, chuckle, original• Why Beer is Better Than Retarded People (David A Honig) sick, discriminatory, rot13, smirk• The joke that made RHF infamous (Brian Glendenning) rec_humor_cull, racist (mildly), chuckle• Re: Variation on the theme (Francois Felix INGRAND) topical, usenet, laugh• Variation on the theme (Brian P. Lang lebe charlie countryman trailer deutsch Dickson) sidesplit, racial, rot13• A joke about a Scotsman and a Jew. Cherished moments portraits (Jef Poskanzer) ethnic stereotypes, rot13, chuckle, scatological• Everywhere you want to be… Chair emeritus (Steve Chapin) sexual, vulgar word, chuckle, original, rot13• The big leap (Stephen King) offense=newfoundlanders, swearing, rot13, chuckle• In a Blind (Todd Mount) racial stereotype, rot13, smirk• Polish popes (Mogens Jallberg) offense=catholics, poles, chuckle, rot13• Feminist Birthday Card (Tom Crawford) sexual stereotypes, rot13, smirk• Iranian Earthquake (Anthony r. Images chair rail 8947277 baxter) sick, sick, topical, rot13, chuckle• Lesbian vampires (John M. Charlie chaplin kid movie Chapin) sexual, smirk• Offend a feminist today. Charlie chaplin movies modern times free download (Craig Morton) sexual stereotypes, offense=women, rot13• SOB (Living In The Danger Zone!!!!!) sexual, chuckle, swearing• Pussy definitions (Walker J. Chair clipart images Seestedt) sexual stereotypes, sexual, original, smirk, rot13• Bulgar joke (Louis J. Chiari 1 malformation icd 9 Vroomen) national stereotypes, chuckle, rot13• Nailing HIM up (David C. Wood chair design concept Martin) funny, offense=religious, rot13 just to be safe• Polish Death (Wigan Ludgate) rot13, national stereotypes, smirk• Hunting Lesson (Tom Neff) national stereotypes, rot13, smirk• Ride ’em, cowboy (T.J. I cherish you Higgins) sexual, sexual stereotypes, rot13• Neighbourhood rules (Marciano Pitargue) racial stereotypes, rot13, smirk• A long sentence. Charlie cox interview jimmy fallon (Marty Beene) national stereotypes, chuckle, rot13• Dick Size ( sexual, sexual stereotypes, rot13, chuckle• Pregnant unwed woman (Richard Shelby) sick, funny, sexual, offense=women, rot13• In the biz ( religious stereotypes, chuckle, rot13• Graffiti (Perry) sick, chuckle, gross, rot13• Found on a toilet wall… Four club chairs in living room (Friendless) sick, chuckle, rot13, sexual• Keebler, sex (ESMITH@suvm.UUCP) original, sexual stereotypes, rot13• Driving (Charles Pell) sexual stereotypes, funny, rot13• Gender burn (Leszczynski J) sexual stereotypes, rot13• Offensive to the scions of noble European ancestry (Deleted) original, nasty terms, rot13, anti-racist, chuckle• Kennedy compound (Darren Leigh) topical, topic-that-really-bothers-some-people, rot13• Bleedin’ miracle ( funny, sick, sexual stereotypes, rot13• Cookie Dough better than men list. Chair aerobics for everyone chair boxing (J. Charlie chanaratsopon Hough II) sexual, sexual stereotypes, rot13• It’s everywhere you want to be (Kevin THEOBALD) topical, chuckle, offensive, original• A military tale (G.SURRATT1 on GEnie Network) chuckle• The happy & gay military… Chair 7 films ( topical, chuckle, offensive• You are what you… Wheelchair emoji (Wayne Johnson) chuckle, gross, sexual• RIP? (Scott Norris) chuckle, offensive• Hollywood commercialism (Bruce McDiffett) topical, chuckle, offensive, original• What’s for lunch? (mark kraitchman) topical, chuckle, disgusting• Math Exam (Anonymous Submission) chuckle, racist, offensive• Martina Navratilova (Maddi Hausmann Sojourner) chuckle, offensive• This bag is not a toy. Charlie chaplin speech with music (Annette S. Chairman wow Riffe) funny, health care, gross

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