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ORLANDO, Fla. Tipping cleaning lady — Sam Saunders stepped onto the first tee at Bay Hill and flashed a quick thumbs-up to the crowd, the trademark gesture of his grandfather. How to prepare for cleaning lady For the next four hours, memories of Arnold Palmer were all around him Thursday.

DR. How much does a cleaning lady make per hour WALLACE: I’m 16 and really like a girl who happens to be my 15-year-old sister’s best friend. Should you tip your cleaning lady I’d like to ask her out. Tip for cleaning lady at christmas I’m positive she would say yes because of the way she looks at me. How much should a cleaning lady charge per hour I’ve also heard it through the grapevine that she wants to go out with me.

My problem is my sister who doesn’t want me dating this girl.

Other words for cleaning lady She told me that she would disown me as a brother and that she would never speak to me again. Do i tip the cleaning lady If you knew my sister, you would understand that she means what she says. How much is a cleaning lady per hour Help! — Zachary, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

ZACHARY: I’ve changed my mind several times, but I finally decided that you should not date this girl as long as your sister feels this way. Mexican cleaning lady names San Luis Obispo is a beautiful city filled with an abundance of eligible young ladies who would enjoy your company. Sadie the cleaning lady lyrics Concentrate your efforts on finding one or two of them.

And, who knows? This girl might even convince your sister that you would make a wonderful boyfriend for her. How much does a cleaning lady cost Give it some time…

DR. Sadie the cleaning lady chords WALLACE: I’m 16 and the youngest child. Holiday tip for cleaning lady I’ve got two older sisters attending college. Cleaning lady gift certificate Both of them border on brilliancy. Free printable house cleaning checklist for maid They were straight-A students who were really well-liked by their teachers. How much do you tip cleaning lady at christmas I’m no idiot, but I also don’t border on brilliancy. Office cleaning lady job description My teachers, many of whom have taught my sisters, don’t understand that I’m a normal B student. How much does it cost to hire a cleaning service These teachers have accused me, at times, of being lazy, having an “I don’t care” attitude, and even being defiant.

These accusations just are not true. How much do you pay cleaning lady I care about my studies, do my homework and get the best grades possible. Lady cleaning house I know there’s not much you can do, but since you’re a former educator, maybe you can tell me why teachers always compare brothers and sisters and think they should be equal. The mexican maid from family guy — Nameless, Dallas, Texas

NAMELESS: It’s just human nature to expect a lot from the children or siblings of those who have a particular talent. Cleaning lady ad Mickey Mantle was a Hall of Fame baseball player. How much should i tip my cleaning lady at christmas When his twin sons signed their first professional baseball contract, many expected them to be as skilled as their famous father. How much to pay a cleaning lady per hour It didn’t work out that way.

There is nothing wrong with teachers expecting younger siblings to match what older brother and sisters have achieved. Cleaning lady kimberly However, if this doesn’t occur, the teachers should discuss the reason why and then deal with reality. Cleaning lady costume A teacher’s prime goal should be to accept all students the way they are and to take them as far as their abilities allow. Cleaning lady or housekeeper Some of your teachers apparently don’t see you as an individual — with a brilliance that happens to be different from that of your sisters.

It might be a good idea for you and your parents to have a conference with your counselor to discuss your concern.

DR. How much do cleaning ladies make an hour WALLACE: I’m a Scorpio and the guy who has asked me out is an Aquarius. Lady walker cleaning Do we have a chance of being compatible? — Nicole, Ames, Iowa.

NICOLE: If you are both kind, considerate, friendly, honest, have a good sense of humor and enjoy many of the same things, then you both will have a good chance of being compatible. Cleaning lady videos It has very little to do with one’s astrological sign.

DR. How do you say cleaning lady in spanish WALLACE: My friend and I have been good friends ever since we were in first grade. Seinfeld cleaning lady We are now in our second year of high school. Molly maid house cleaning tips Even though we are still good friends, it seems we are always getting upset with each other. Do i tip my cleaning lady Sometimes we don’t talk to each other for weeks.

I really like this girl and want to keep her as a good friend. How much do cleaning ladies make What can I do to see that our disagreements are few and far between? — Nameless, Brunswick, Ga.

NAMELESS: Teen Magazine printed an article called “Bugged by Your Buddies?” and listed 10 tips toward a truce. Flylady cleaning zones Clip this out and post it on your bulletin board. How much does a cleaning lady charge per hour It’s excellent reading, especially if disagreements between your friend and you start to surface again.

1. British maids cleaning services adelaide Put yourself in your friend’s shoes. Old cleaning lady picture Ask yourself, “What could she have been thinking when she did this?”

2. Famous cleaning lady Unclear how to handle a problem? Put some time and distance between you and your friend while you think about it. The cleaning lady simpsonville sc Clear your head. Cleaning lady stories Then, when you’re ready….

3. Hotel cleaning lady Talk things out. How much do you pay a cleaning lady per hour Communicating your problems often strengthens and deepens your friendship. Cleaning lady holiday tip If you really have trouble with words, write yourself a script and practice what you want to say.

4. Cleaning lady synonym Don’t talk to other pals about your problem with her. Animated cleaning lady That’s unfair. What does a cleaning lady do After all, the issue is between the two of you, no one else. Tip cleaning lady home So go straight to the source.

5. Average cleaning lady cost When you talk, do so in private, not in public where either of you may feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

6. How much do you tip a cleaning lady If you’re the type of person who can simply never bring yourself to say how you feel, then write your friend a letter. Cleaning lady images The point is to make sure you get things out in the open. How much does a maid cost It’s when you clam up and ignore the problem that resentment grows and ruins a friendship.

8. Sadie the cleaning lady original Be patient and give your friend time and encouragement to change.

9. Girl cleaning clipart Remember, even good people can act “not so good” sometimes!

10. Average cleaning lady rates Make up! It’s not worth throwing away years of friendship over one upsetting incident.

Dr. British maid cleaning adelaide Robert Wallace welcomes questions from readers. Cleaning lady jokes Although he is unable to reply to all of them individually, he will answer as many as possible in this column. Thank you note for cleaning lady E-mail him at The cleaning lady hates me To find out more about Dr. Cartoon girl cleaning Robert Wallace and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at

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