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One can avail from us Cellular Lightweight Concrete Bricks, Fly Ash Bricks and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. Homes built with concrete walls These products provide effective sound and thermal insulation to commercial and non-commercial structures. Precast retaining wall blocks cost Moreover, their earthquake resistance properties make them an ideal choice for constructional purposes.

Being reputed manufacturer and supplier, we offer autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), an innovative building material. Insulated precast concrete wall panels r value These concrete bricks are made from calcareous materials (lime, cement and gypsum), aluminum powder and siliceous materials (fly-ash, sand, slag). How to make concrete walls look better Considered reliable products for civil and industrial construction, autoclaved aerated concrete is available in block and plate forms.

• Workability allows accurate cutting, which minimizes the generation of solid waste during use

• Resource efficient manufacturing with low environmental impact in all phases of its life-cycle

• Autoclaved aerated concrete is used in the construction of dwellings and businesses

• AAC product has been widely used in industrial and civil construction

• Entire residential areas are built using autoclaved aerated concrete

• Autoclaved aerated concrete is used in multi-storey construction up to a level of around 5 stories

• Autoclaved aerated concrete is used preferentially in external walls because of its outstanding insulation properties.

Brickwell frim is occupied with the business of imaginative building materials and pre-assembled development innovations and is one of the biggest producer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks.autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Blocks. Repair concrete basement walls crumbling AAC Block is a substitution of customary red bricks. Basement concrete walls AAC Block weight just a third of the red bricks or concrete block that generously helps work proficiency while sparing structural steel utilization and operational expenses. Architectural precast concrete walls It may build the rug zone as wel by 3% to 5% relying upon the outline. Concrete retaining wall block weight Also, AAC squares are severeal times bigger than conventional blocks, coming full circle into lesser mortar use. Concrete retaining wall formwork AS the squares are production line completed with exact edges and shapes, they require considerably less mortar, POP, or putty complete.

Technical Specifications of Areated autoclave concrete blocks

• Sizes available : 600x200x230 mm, 600x200x200 mm, 600x200x150 mm, 600x200x100mm or any sizes as per party’s requirement

• Raw Material Used : fly ash, Lime, cement, Gypsum & Aluminium Powder.

• AAC Bricks have superb compressive quality in abundance of standard earth blocks/ robust squares, ensures min.

• AAC Bricks Density is 650 kg/m3 which diminishes dead load on structures.

• Enormous sparing in establishment and structure reserve funds on pillar costs.

• Speedier development. Precast concrete panel homes australia AAC Blocks are effortlessly sliced to custom size necessities on size utilizing essential force instruments.

• Enormous sparing of work. Concrete retaining wall specifications Speedier development specifically identifies with diminishment in the process of childbirth prerequisite.

• AAC Bricks offer most elevated warm protection making cool summers and warm winters.

We offer environment friendly cellular lightweight concrete bricks. Grinding concrete walls Manufactured using natural raw materials, our bricks provide apt fire protection, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Precast concrete walls residential In addition, these bricks don’t need extra layers of plastering for developing even surface structures. Painting poured concrete basement walls to look like brick Owing to their high compressive strength, cellular lightweight concrete bricks can withstand heavy loads. Concrete retaining wall design Our production process is executed in an energy efficient process, creates less pollution and emits no byproducts or toxins.

• CLC Bricks density is 800kg/m2 which reduce dead load on structures

• Huge saving in foundation and structure savings up to 30% on beam costs

• CLC Bricks offer highest thermal insulation making cool summers and warm winters

• CLC Bricks have excellent compressive strength in excess of regular clay bricks / solid blocks, guarantees min. Concrete retaining wall forms for sale Compressive strength of 3N/mm2

• Reduced Air conditioning expenses. Poured concrete walls foam forms Air-conditioning energy requirements can be 5 times lower than conventional structures

• Easy handling. Precast concrete basement walls cost Lightweight CLC is easy to transport and stock

• Faster construction. Polystyrene concrete wall panels CLC blocks are easily cut to custom size requirements on size using basic power-tools

• Opt for any finish on walls – external plastering, tiling, cladding, internal tiling, dry Huge saving of labor. Diy concrete retaining wall forms Faster construction directly relates to reduction in labor requirement

• Excellent acoustic barrier. House with concrete walls More peace of living, no disturbance from your neighbor’s home theatre.

Cellular Lightweight Concrete, also known as foamed concrete or cellular concrete is not an autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) product, it is conventional concrete with a wide range of densities, choice of aggregates and mix designs. Build concrete walls It is widely used in the manufacture of single skin lightweight concrete wall panels, employing tilt-up construction. Insulating poured concrete basement walls This is an ideal situation for the manufacture of light commercial structures and factories as well as residential housing.

We are recognized as one of the distinguished manufacturers and suppliers of fly ash bricks. Insulating concrete walls exterior Owing to excellent compressive strength and even sizes, our fly ash bricks reduce the cost in developing robust walls in commercial and residential buildings. Poured basement wall crack repair Furthermore, our bricks are fire resistant and thus, remain undamaged in cases of fire explosions. Polished concrete walls interior We manufacture products in strict compliance with industrial standards and ensure that less pollution is emitted. Concrete retaining wall design guide As per requirements of clients, we supply our products in safe and quick manner at varied locations nationwide.

• Colors & packaging available : light grey, minimum 1 load truck can be delivered

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