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Patents for C04B 22 – Use of inorganic materials as active ingredients for mortars, concrete or artificial stone, e.g. Precast concrete walls price accelerators (5,757)

EP1373160A4 Low density calcium silicate hydrate strength accelerant additive for cementitious products

CN1249360C Actuator with approach pre-stroke and working stroke for operating a tool

US20060065399 Zeolite compositions for lowering maximum cementing temperature

WO2005049293A3 Cementitious slab products having antimicrobial properties

DE102004043219A1 Flachiger aus Faserstoffen bestehender Werkstoff und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung Scale from fibrous materials existing material and process for its preparation

DE202005020518U1 Powdered mixture for reducing the chromate content in cement contains a filter salt produced by concentrating diluted sulfuric acid, and a carrier material selected from hydrated lime, ground limestone and precipitated silicic acid

EP1501769B1 Ettringite binder for dense mortar, comprising calcium sulphates and a mineral compound of calcium aluminates

US20060048685 Aqueous dispersion of aluminum sulfate, alkanolamine, alkylene di- or triamine, hydrofluoric acid; hydroxide of sodium, potassium, lithium, or magnesium; (di)carboxylic acid or salt, aluminum hydroxide, and phosphorous or phosphoric acid; stability; low alkali or alkali-free

EP1453772B1 Gypsum-containing composition having enhanced resistance to permanent deformation

CN1745046A Liquid setting accelerator for a composition comprising portland cement

CN1736940A Instant coagulant and mending agent for cement concrete

CN1736939A Instant coagulant and mending agent for cement stabilized base

CN1736937A Soft soil hardener preparing from high calcium ash, desulfuration gypsum and cement

CN1736936A Urea-formaldehyde foam plastic heat-insulating board and its preparation method

CN1736934A Production method of sand and gas product using centrifugal concrete waste cement mortar

CN1736928A Preparation method of calcium orthophosphate bone cement degradable to pore in human body

DE19645835B4 Verfahren zur Bereitstellung von Ammoniakgas und/oder Ammoniakwasser zur Abgasreinigung A method for providing gas of ammonia and / or ammonia water for exhaust gas purification

CN1241978C Additive used for drain type asphalt paving material mixture

CN1241864C Method for preparing moisture-resisting gypsum block

CN1730424A Baking-free calcium-enforced slag brick and its production method

DE10211331B4 Verfahren zum Herstellen einer aerogelhaltigen Dammschicht auf einer Au?enwand eines Gebaudes A process for producing a airgel insulation layer on an outer wall of a building

DE10141864B4 Verwendung einer Schnellzement-Bindemittelmischung fur einen schnellerhartenden strukturviskosen Beton, insbesondere fur Verkehrsflachen Using a quick-setting cement binder mixture for a faster curing concrete shear thinning, especially for traffic areas

CN1727299A Low temperature coagulant agent for chlorine-oxygen-magnesium cement and manufacturing technique

DE102004026695A1 Rieselfahiges, agglomeriertes Eisensulfat mit Tragermaterial, Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung und dessen Verwendung Free-flowing, agglomerated iron sulphate containing support material, process for its preparation and its use

CN1724437A High-strength cement mortar and construction process for pouring said mortar thereof

CN1238295C High performance cement base self leveling material

CN1238293C Production process for flyash color-brick for walking path

CN1238292C Cementing materials for filling, slurry and preparing and filling processes

CA2572658A1 Methods of reducing the impact of a formate-based drilling fluid comprising an alkaline buffering agent on a cement slurry

CN1721360A Modifier for water reducing agent of calcium lignosulfonate, sodium lignosulfonate and magnesium lignosulfonate, etc.

CN1721358A Novel composite resin partition plate and its making process

CN1721357A Cement based composite materials with electromagnetic screen function

CN1721356A Method for preparing mineral bonding materials and composite materials thereof from phosphoric acid and aluminium-silicon materials

CN1721355A Method for making sandstone decorative articles and artworks made of composite materials

CN1718557A Expanding agent used for cement or concrete and its manufacturing method

CN1235826C Method for resource modification treatment of fluoro-gypsum

CN1235618C Chinese-medicinal aqueogel for treating burn and its preparing process

CN1235558C Chemically bound ceramic product, method for its production, tool to be used in execution of the method and interchangeable part on the tool

DE10238789B4 Verfahren zur Herstellung von Suspensionen und deren Verwendung A process for the preparation of suspensions and their use

CN1715235A Coagulant for wet spray material and its using method

CN1235186C Sound absorptive material and method for producing it

CN1234636C Efficient water reducing agent of amino-sulfonic acid and manufacturing process thereof

WO2005123620A1 Set accelerating agent for spraying, spraying material, and spraying method using the same

EP1286929B1 Composition and method to prepare a concrete composition

CN1233587C Adhesion reinforcing agent for mineral wool sound-absorbing plate and preparation method thereof

DE20321107U1 Producing a reducing agent containing iron(II) sulfate, used for reducing the soluble chromate content of cement, comprises concentrating spent sulfuric acid and separating the sulfuric acid from the precipitate

US6974561 Methods of preparing and using electrostatically treated fluids

WO2005116398A1 Methods of increasing the thickening times of phosphate-based cementitious compositions in high-temperature wellbores

WO2005115920A1 Flowable, agglomerate iron sulfate comprising a carrier material, method for producing the same and use thereof

CN1230450C Methods for preparing compositions involving polar monomers and multivalent cations

US20050263285 Methods of increasing the thickening times of phosphate-based cementitious compositions in high-temperature wellbores

US20050258401 Corrosion protection for metals in cementitious material and method of applying and making the same

CN1699253A Steel slag-metakaolin compound gel material and preparation method thereof

CN1699252A Alkali-activated-carbonate/slag compound gel material and preparation method thereof

CN1699251A Retardation method for alkali-activated-carbonate/slag gel material

CN1699250A Retardation method for pretreated bundle of alkali-activated-carbonate/slag gel grouting material

CN1699249A High-activity shrinkage-compensating mineral admixture and preparation method thereof

CN1228270C Waterproof admixture composition with fine corrosion-resisting property for concrete

WO2005108324A1 Article in slab form having an anti-bacterial and/or fungicidal action and method for the manufacture thereof

EP1114005B1 Gypsum-containing product having increased resistance to permanent deformation and method and composition for producing it

US20050250888 calcium sulfate hemihydrate, polyester dispersant with oxyalkylene alkylether and unsaturated dicarboxylic acid monomers, and an enhancer; slurrying with water to form a subfloor having a compressive strength over 2500 psi

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