Can someone tell me how to get french tv channels ( tf1,france2…) on my satellite_ _ yahoo answers

1) The age and type of your LNB (the bit on the end of the arm on your dish)

The French channels broadcast at much higher frequencies than the Astra 1 or Hotbird channels that most of us watch. Tv satellite free Modern LNB’s switch high / low band by means of a 22khz tone sent up the LNB cable from the receiver.

If you have a Sky system that is pre 1997, then chances are the LNB is not suitable for reception of the French channels. Tv satellite hotbird You need to have a look at the LNB, and see if it has a label on it.

Old type LNB’s are single band.

Greek tv satellite frequency You can tell if you have one of these old ones if it has something along the lines of “LO 10 GHz” (or LO 10,000MHz) written on the label.

(Dont worry too much about what the technicalities of this mean, you just want to identify the LNB.)

A modern LNB will have “Universal”, or LO 9.75 / 10.6 GHz, (possibly LO 9750 / 10600MHz)

If you really want to know about LNB’s, there is a page dealing with the finer points of LNB’s on Martin Pickering’s site, which you can find here:

If your LNB is of the old type, remove it, throw it away, and go buy a new Universal one, since you will never get the French channels on an old LNB. Pc satellite tv box New ones are about 20 UKP from on line dealers. Satellite tv free Check out the Satcure site. Tamil free tv channel frequency If you have a round dish then you probably need one of the 40mm throat clamping types. Satellite tv south africa price If you are using an oval Sky dish, then look at this page instead, as the fittings are different. Setting up directv satellite dish For 5W in the UK you can use any cheap lnb as the satellite puts out such a real powerhouse signal. Best cable satellite tv offers Use my Satcure referral code and you can get a small discount on your order too 🙂

Unless your receiver is a very old one, it should be suitable for reception of the French channels. Watch satellite tv free However, you may now need to tinker with the settings on your receiver to get it working.

Have a look through the menu settings on your receiver. Satellite android tv box Firstly you want to look for a setting that turns the 22khz signal on. Free satellite tv channels Look for a setting labelled, “22khz” or “tone”. Triax tv sat combiner Switch ON if necessary.

You may need to alter the LNB settings as well. Directv hd satellite dish setup Some receivers will have a 9750 / 10600 setting already programmed. Satellite tv guide canada This is the one you want. Cable or satellite tv with no contract You may have to manually alter the numbers on some boxes to these figures.

Tune your receiver to 12732 V (France 3). Satellite direct tv descargar gratis This is the highest frequency used by the French stations. Satellite tv uk providers If the box wont accept this, something isnt set up right internally within the box. Satellite tv phoenix az Check your settings again.

It is possible to buy external tone inserters if your receiver doesnt support this feature. Satellite tv software for pc However, as replacement analogue receivers are now so cheap its hardly worth the expense unless you have specific reasons to keep the receiver. Frequence chaine tv satellite astra If you want to replace your receiver, see if you can pick up a Pace MSS series. Us satellite tv in canada I know these work fine with the French stations.

Your dish needs to be pointing at the Atlantic Bird 3 satellite, which has an orbital position of 5W. Tv satellite providers If you are living in the UK or France, then your dish needs to be pointing at 5 degrees west of due south. Free satellite tv channels in ghana (this is near enough to at least find the satellite across this part of western Europe. Watch satellite tv on laptop Further east you will need to make allowances).

If your dish is currently pointing at Astra 1 at 19E, then this is an excellent starting point to find 5W. How to get satellite tv on pc With a bit of re-tuning of the satellite box, and some patience, you can work your way fairly quickly round the orbital arc one satellite at a time. Syria channel frequency nilesat Doing it this way will ensure you never get too far off the satellite arc.

Current frequencies and channels to look out for on each satellite can be found on the appropriate pages on this website.

With a bit of luck, then it shouldnt take you more than about half an hour maximum to find the French programmes on 5W. Ways to watch tv without cable or dish The signals are very strong, and if everything in your equipment is set up properly, you cant miss them.

Tweak the alignment of your dish to give you sparkly free reception, and enjoy the programming. Satellite tv for android tablets (It may be difficult to get rid of all the sparklies, The French transmissions seem prone to black sparklies even when evrything is set up correctly).

French TV mainly uses the SECAM transmission standard. Alternatives to cable and satellite tv 2015 Whilst you can watch SECAM transmissions on British PAL tv’s, the pictures will only be in black and white. Satellite tv and internet providers in my area Elsewhere in Europe, multi-standard tv’s are much more common than here in the UK, so you may well be lucky and get colour pictures. Satellite tv companies You can get SECAM-PAL transcoders, but they arent cheap, and are now difficult to find.. Telecharger tv satellite gratuit sur pc The last one I saw advertised was priced at around 140UKP.(No I dont have any available, so please dont ask! – use google or buy a satellite magazine and look through the adverts)

Some receivers have the necessary secam transcoder circuits already built in. Free satellite tv channels in sri lanka My beloved Echostar AD3000IPVA shows all the French stations in colour – even using the rf aerial cable 🙂 See if you can find a secondhand Echostar on Ebay – alhough they are few & far between, & as they are such good receivers they command a high price…

Canal+ is transmitted on Atlantic Bird 2 at 8W, (although its the only analogue signal there). Zee tv hotbird 13 Its scrambled for at least part of the day.

TV5 Europe is broadcasting via the Sky Digital service. Satellite pay tv Please check Channel 805 (although you will need to be a Sky subscriber).

TV5 broadcasts in free digital on assorted frequencies on Astra 19E and Hotbird 13E. K box satellite tv Check out the various charts on my digitalsat web site for details of current frequencies.

LCP / Arte / Liberty TV all broadcast in free digital from 19E. Usb dvb s digital satellite hdtv tv receiver tuner box Arte is also available on 13E.

Euronews – on various platforms – has a French soundtrack. American satellite tv in europe Change your receiver language preference to French to get it. Big tv satelit indonesia (this works on a Sky Digibox too as the 28E transmissions carries the various languages, not just English)

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