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Welcome to Drive Africa, car rental South Africa specialists! We have the best short and long-term car rental. Calculating gas cost road trip We offer models from small, intermediate, economy, luxury and automatic cars to 4?4’s, motor-homes and campers. How much gas does it cost We are specialized in young driver car rentals under 23 car rental with no surcharge and cross border car hire from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho and Mozambique at low border crossing fees.

We also know how difficult it is to rent a car without a credit card and offer our clients cash car rental and debit card facilities.

Estimate gas cost for travel Drive Africa offers unlimited mileage for South African Residents as well as for foreigner drivers.

Have you been searching for affordable car rental in South Africa? Drive Africa offers both long term cheap car rental and Cape Town Car Hire at prices that are hard to beat. Gas trip cost calculator We organise 4?4 hire South Africa and Namibia, plus camper hire holidays. How to work out fuel cost per mile Explore South Africa in style, with a thrilling car rental Cape Town option. Fuel price calculator india Let nothing stand in your way, take unlimited kilometers car rental unlimited kilometers car rental to traverse the scenic Garden Route or the wine farms of Stellenbosch in a powerful 4?4 of your choice.

Rent a car in South Africa with our car hire company, located in Cape Town, Africa’s foremost tourism destination. Calculate petrol cost per km ireland You might want to drive a rented car to Zimbabwe and throughout Zimbabwe ? Just click on the link for car hire to Zimbabwe and it will take you to a secured online site where you can book and receive an instant confirmation.

We also do car rental in South Africa’s neighbouring countries visit our car rental Southern Africa section and find the car in the town you need it. Road trip america fuel cost calculator Car Rental South Africa

Car Rental South Africa Rule the road with short and long term car rental.

• Take the journey with unlimited mileage for car rental South Africa.

• Enjoy the pleasure of no excess and save costs with car hire south africa.

To rent a car in South Africa or Southern Africa you will have to own a credit card! The renter of the vehicle must also be the owner of his own credit card. Gas cost trip calculator canada The renter may not use someone else’s credit card even with that person’s permission as that would be deemed fraud. How much will gas cost for trip Debit cards whether linked to credit cards or not and cash cannot be used to secure a car rental except in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban!

We can only help you in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban with older model cars if you don’t own a credit card and want to pay with debit card, cash or bank tranfer.

The rates include unlimited kilometers and you can choose between standard or super insurance. Costco gas prices ocean nj The super-cover insurance is full comprehensive cover in South Africa but when crossing the borders into the neighboring countries the standard insurance excess applies. The rental company take the standard excess amount as a deposit when you pick up the car. How to calculate gas cost on mapquest Should you take super insurance they only hold a R 1000. Trip fuel cost calculator by vehicle – deposit as a security and fuel deposit and besides a small admin fee you pay no excess driving within South Africa. Calculate gas cost If you take standard insurance you will be liable for the applicable excess and in South Africa this means even if the accident is not your fault you will be liable and will pay a deposit for the excess amount plus a fuel deposit. Costco gas quality canada See insurance options further down.

Rates include unlimited kilometers/unlimited mileage for both Standard & Super cover insurance.

Rental days are calculated in 24 hour cycles. Live price of natural gas in mcx Should you return the car later than the time that it was collected; an extra day will be added to rental and deducted from your credit card. Natural gas furnace cost calculator Extension or upgrades/downgrades of rental must be done through Drive Africa or the rental companies higher cost/rack rates will apply.

With the standard insurance the underage surcharge of R 200 per will apply. Average cost of gas in us 2013 No extra surcharge is applicable when renting with super insurance.

Young driver (at least 18 years old, driver’s license must be valid 1 year or older)

3 and 4 th driver payment once-off of R200.- per driver (not per day)

EXCLUDED (to be billed directly to renter – depending on the insurance option):

Contract fee R 100.-(only applicable for standard insurance cover)

Standard insurance cover : Choosing Standard cover insurance comes “ With an Excess” to pay and is your maximum liability in case of damage, accident or theft. British gas boiler prices 2012 If the damage is lower than the excess you are only liable for the amount of the damage plus a small admin claim handling fee. Cost of natural gas pipeline per mile Insurance excess ranges from R5000.- to R10 000.– This insurance option includes travel across the borders of South Africa with the excess doubling whilst driving outside of South Africa. Trip fuel cost calculator uk Any third party claim damage to other car is covered with this option. Estimate fuel cost for trip The social third party liability insurance for injury to drivers and passengers whilst driving in South Africa is covered by law through the RAF the government Road Accident Fund and is paid through a levy added to the petrol price. Cost of gas per mile So when taking Standard Insurance (with excess) you have an excess according to the excess amount shown in the table referring to the car group you have chosen and will have to leave a deposit according to the value of the car for that amount when collecting your car plus a fuel security deposit of R 1000.–. How much does gas cost in california 2014 Should you be in an accident and even if it was not your fault you will still be liable for the full excess amount plus an admin fee as 75% of all drivers on the roads in Southern Africa are not insured. Your tyres, wheel rims and hubcaps as well as windscreen are not covered while driving throughout South Africa and you pay a contract fee of R 100.-(This is all included and covered when taking super cover insurance.) If you are under the age of 21 you will also pay an underage surcharge of R 200. Fuel cost trip calculator canada which is free with Super insurance.

Super insurance cover : Choosing Super cover insurance you have “ No Excess” which means that you will be fully comprehensively insured against accident damage and theft including damage to another car. You have no excess liability whatsoever(except when travelling outside South Africa’s borders) excluding a small admin handling fee only if something happens to the car regardless if the accident was your fault or not. Figure out gas cost This insurance option includes travel across the borders of South Africa with the excess being the equivalent to the standard insurance cover excess amount once you have left the borders of South Africa. Cost per mile electric car vs gasoline Any third party claim damage to other car in South Africa and in bordering country is covered with the standard cover excess.. Fuel trip cost calculator canada The social third party liability insurance for injury to drivers and passengers while driving in South Africa is covered by law through the RAF government Road Accident Fund and is paid through a levy added to the petrol price. Estimated fuel cost for trip uk This super insurance also covers the contract fee, includes a second driver at no charge, free baby seat and covers extra insurance for damage to tyre wheel and rim as well as hubcap and windscreen whilst driving in South Africa. Gas prices merrillville indiana We regret this extra insurance is not afforded to travel outside the borders of South Africa. Gas cost for a road trip It does include the underage surcharge if you are under 21 years of age. Cost of fuel calculator trip You will only be required to leave a fuel and security deposit of R 1000. Natural gas prices in europe 2012 – authorised on your credit card as security when renting a vehicle with super insurance and the equivalent of the standard cover excess if driving outside of South Africa..

NB: With Excess & No Excess all becomes null & void if negligence is proven !!

Refundable deposit of R 1000. Cost of gas by state – refunded if car is returned undamaged and filled to the brim with fuel.

Refundable excess deposit as per the chosen vehicle (only applicable for standard cover or when crossing into other countries )

Vehicle excess / Liability (applicable for standard cover doubling when driving across border. Fuel cost to drive 1000 miles On super cover insurance the standard excess applies when travelling outside South Africa.

Windscreen and Tyre damage free with super insurance (only to be paid for when choosing standard cover). British gas electricity cost per kwh uk This cover is only valid when driving in South Africa and not whilst driving outside the borders of South Africa

Negligence, abuse, undercarriage and water damage to vehicles not covered.

Baby Seat: R 200.– with standard insurance (must be pre-booked – included and free with the super insurance rate)

GPS: costs R50.- per day and has a holding deposit to cover the equipment rented.

One Way fees: From branch to branch within SA UNDER 1000 km’s = R 800.–

One Way fees: From branch to branch within SA OVER 1000 km’s = R 1300.–

Windhoek to South Africa or Vice Versa (Branches Only) R 4000.–

Vehicles are only allowed to drive to these countries: Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland, and Lesotho – however no luxury vehicles are permitted. Fuel cost per mile Vehicles crossing to Zimbabwe are only permitted to Victoria Falls, no further and enter from Kasane Botswana and can also travel into Zambia but only permitted to Livingstone no further !. Average cost of gas in u s Both these countries have to be entered and exited via Botswana.

Should you want to travel throughout Zimbabwe use this link: Car hire to Zimbabwe

Cross border letter must be advised at time of booking with list of countries you intend to travel to. How to estimate gas cost Border crossing is charged at R 750. Car fuel cost calculator – per country make sure renter is issued with copy of vehicle registration papers.

Mozambique requires the purchase of a reflective jacket 2 per vehicle.

Driver buys third party insurance at the border (Mozambican side) cost around R250.- Insurance companies are represented opposite customs.

All passengers go through normal immigration and the driver is responsible for completing and processing the temporary import paper on the Mozambican side form is free obtained from Mozambican customs.

Driver’s responsibility to ensure that ZA sticker or in case of hiring from Namibia the NAM sticker is stuck on rear of the vehicle and a second red triangle also needs to be in vehicle which is the renters responsibility.

The renter is liable for all fees/taxes charged at the borders.

Renter needs to request the copy of vehicle papers from Rental Company (order from Drive Africa) prior to departure during office hours and get the Cross border letter and 1 red emergency triangle.

Excluded from cover when travelling across borders into neighbouring countries are

(a) Impounding of the vehicles by border officials or customs.

(b) Parts stripped from the vehicle whilst left unguarded at the scene of an accident or whilst in transit back to Republic of South Africa (RSA) .

(c) Damage to Tyre’s, rims auto glass water and under carriage damage.

PLEASE NOTE: An International driver’s licence is highly recommended for cross border rentals!

Drivers licence: South Africa Government transport legislation says that the renter must be in possession of a driver’s license in English or the licence needs to be accompanied with an official English translation or an international drivers licence. Gas calculator road trip america South African rental companies will however rent you a car using your national drivers licence. Cheap gas prices by state Only the main driver with a valid driver’s licence and his/her own credit card can collect the vehicle. How to calculate petrol cost per km south africa No prepaid credit cards, debit cards or credit cards in other people’s names can be used to collect the vehicle.

If vehicle is excessively dirty on return a full cleaning /valet will be charged.

Park your car in well lit areas. Compare gas boiler maintenance Please keep valuables out of sight and remove radio face where possible. Cost of a gallon of gas in 2006 Do not leave vehicles unattended or open.

The rental company , in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to entertain a third party claim, any breach of the terms and conditions contained in the rental agreement, by the renter will result in the Renter being deemed fully liable for all third party claims occurring as a result thereof.

Open road tolling fees are for the renters account and will be deducted from the authorised credit card deposit that is held.

The rental fee must be paid to Drive Africa in advance so we can issue a prepaid car rental voucher to pick up your vehicle from the rental company.

All other fees pertaining to the rental shown on contract are to be paid on pick up of vehicle.

Upgrades or extensions to be authorised through Drive Africa otherwise higher daily

Early returns will be done with a full refund according to the rate that applies for the number of days the vehicle was taken when at least 48 hours notice has been given to Drive Africa and a once-off admin fee of R250. Price of gas in states will be charged and deducted from the refund that is due.

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