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The automotive industry was the largest industry in the United States and was thus contributing to 3.6 percent of the country?s GDP. Odesk css test questions and answers 2013 By 2011, the industry had employed more than eight million people. Deskjet 2540 wifi password Over the years, the market has been growing profitably until the 2007/2008 global financial crisis. Hp deskjet ink advantage k209a z driver free download This crisis resulted to a 37% in automotive sales in America in the year 2008. Desktop computer sales decline After experiencing the worst number of automotive sales in 2009, the sales started rising steadily in the years after up to date.

A lot of external environment have contributed to the increase or decrease in sales and marketing of the automotive industry. Desktop organizer windows free For example the global financial crisis of 2007/2008 resulted in devastating decrease in the industry?s demand, sales and thus supply.

The board?s acceptance of the concept was skeptical since part of the board members thought the customizing program aided in diminishing the sales and demand of previous series of the BMW.

Over the years, the automotive industry was estimated to be worth 500 billion thus becoming a key economic indicator.

Desktop facebook login for iphone The market has since been growing profitably until the 2007/2008 global financial crisis. Desktop wallpaper free download for computer This crisis resulted to a 37% in automotive sales in America in the year 2008. Nature wallpaper hd for desktop free download full size After experiencing the worst number of automotive sales in 2009, the sales started rising steadily in the years after up to date.

The economic condition of the industry must be constantly observed by frequently deciding the partial shifts of the vehicles to high demand markets in comparison to partially failing markets over specific periods of the year.

The major trending factor in automotive industry is the number of organizations involved in incorporating online marketing of their products. Desktop themes for windows xp with clock This is because almost everyone uses the internet in daily and as a result, personal customization of vehicles has increased steadily.

A major advantage of the mass customization is the sense of uniqueness experienced by each customer. Desk com trust This also reduces the loads of money and time required in marketing the vehicles. Desktop wallpaper nature new On the other hand, a major demerit of the mass customization is the efforts required in maintaining cost at the lowest level and still maintain the quality in factors of production.

The main critical issue that arises in customization of vehicles is maintaining cost at the lowest level possible and still observes quality factors of production. Vipdesk work from home These factors include having a flexible manufacturing system, product appeal and reduction of marketing time. Shopbot desktop max Another critical issue is managing the pool of suppliers who should efficiently carry out the customization specifications within the short period of time allocated and at reasonable costs.

The main critical issue that needed attention included the time it took to from the customer ordering the vehicle to the time it is in their possession. Hp deskjet 3520 ink cost Most customers were getting inpatient waiting for 7 ? 8 weeks in America. Desktop wallpaper macbook pro As a result, American customers were getting very impatient and thus the sales diminished in the region.

The main assumption in the critical issue is that all the vehicles would be the same price no matter the geographic location. Hp deskjet 3520 wireless all in one printer ink Another assumption is that consumers assumed the time duration for the vehicles would not vary depending on their location.

One of the alternatives that aids in addressing this critical issue was that the assembly line was moved to North Carolina because of the time delay experienced by the increasing number of customers in America. Hp deskjet 3050a j611 driver download free Another alternative was to keep the customers busy by recording and showing them all the process of manufacturing and production of their customized vehicles.

The best alternative would be creating an informative and descriptive online self care service for the customers. Desktop wallpaper hd 3d full screen free download In the service, every captured moment that every specific customized vehicle undergoes during manufacturing will be posted there. Odesk com philippines This in turn helps each and every customer acquire the different and awesome feeling on customizing a car rather than purchasing from the nearest sales representative.

Describe the overarching strategy you propose and within which this alternative fits

I would propose a complete new department under the marketing department that will deal primarily with IT issues. Desktop facebook site This department will have skilled employees that will help improve the general online structure and marketing strategy required in enhancing and boosting customizing of vehicles which is basically done online.

I would set up a great online structure that will help market the automotive where the consumer can customize their vehicles efficiently and follow each and every step it undergoes during manufacturing, production and distribution. Odesk jobs data entry This will be achieved by setting an up to date online self care service.

Identify the critical organizational functions of the organization needed for implementation

The crucial organization functions would include setting up an IT department that will deal with the growing online activities that will be experienced after the severe online advertising of the customized vehicles.

Identify the process needed from each of these critical functions for implementation

We require outsourcing a number of jobs required to the natives when opening several assembly points in certain regions. Bt broadband desktop help uninstall This will thus require training requirements for the natives to learn more about efficient production. Download printer hp deskjet ink advantage 2010 On the issue of online sales and marketing, a full IT structure should be constructed and skilled workers required for and efficient IT department.

Describe the balance scorecard metrics to measure the success of this implementation

The success of this implementation will be measured by the percentage increase in the number of sales achieved from the percentage of people that visit our website.

Describe any ethical concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation

Personally no ethical concerns will be experienced by the implementation of this critical issue.

Describe any environmental concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation

By implementing this critical issue, no environmental concerns will arise since all these implementations are online based.

Describe any social concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation

The only social concern is lack of one on one conversation with the distributor or manufacture.

Over the years, a lot of effort has been injected and implemented to make these great achievements in mass customization. Desktop backgrounds space Since mass customizing is basically done online, the general online appearance and services offered by the company is crucial in boosting mass customization. Desktop wallpaper hd free download 1366×768 As a result, the company should establish a new main department, IT department, which will deal only with self care services offered by the company. Desktop publishing software examples These departments should also compromise smaller IT department that are located in different geographical location across the globe in order to increase efficien…more

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