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New Reading List “Are you scared because your dad is the sheriff?”

In which a girl will do anything and everything to get away from all her bullies. Awesome back tattoos Studying her butt off to get into a university that’s across the country.

But what happens when she is forced to walk home and the gorgeous yet self centred players of the school offer her a ride home? Listening to their loud music makes her sing along but the boys are curious as to why a nerd likes rock music? Maybe she’s not as nerdy as everyone thinks yet lives up to the nerdy, good girl stereotype because her dad is the Sheriff.

A bet is then set by the boys to figure out if she is really a good girl. Unique guy tattoos For the next two weeks she has to be the bad girl of the school. Lower back tattoo designs for females They expect her to fail because she is obsessed with school but she has a little experience from her past which comes in handy.

The first few days are fine but they are suddenly intrigued by her.

Rumours started to spread, secrets fall out and promises are broken. Lower back tattoo designs with names The only people that can help her are her bullies.

Just a girl who is gullible and trying to see the good in everyone.


“You’re a Virgin?” I couldn’t help but chuckle, Mr bad boy who has girls go after him where ever he goes is a virgin, how?

“So what? It’s not like you’re not.” Ryan scoffed. Awesome forearm tattoos for guys I just stayed silent with a smirk forming on my face. Mens half sleeve tattoos His expression dropped. Good tattoo designs for guys “You’re not a virgin?” He squeaked and laughing I shook my head.

“Never judge a book by its cover Ry, I’m the low key slut. Wrist tattoo ideas male I’m the nerd that no one will dare say they slept with when they have.” I chuckled. Awesome rib cage tattoos for guys “See, you’re the big bad boy and I’m supposedly the shy unpopular nerd. Wrist tattoos for guys meanings Who would people think was the Virgin hmm?” I questioned him.

“Have sex with me.” Ryan blurted suddenly making my eyes widen. Awesome male tattoo ideas Only briefly though as I said. Best female lower back tattoos “Seduce me.”

Mia the nerd and undercover slut has just got stuck with tutoring bad boy Ryan in history, English and science when Ryan finds out about Mia’s true colours he wants more than just intellectual lessons. Best lower back tattoo designs He wants physical ones. Best mens tattoos ever How is this going to work out though when she’s also sleeping with his best friend and a teacher?

Meet Cleo White, also known as the nerd, freak, loser and total badass street fighter. Cool small male tattoos I know what you’re thinking, how could these two completely different lives be merged into one?

But what happens when her two lives collide as soon as she comes face to face with the school’s playboy Matthew Collins and the bad boy Jacob Zenith?



This is my first book so don’t judge aha, but I hope you enjoy! :)))

It is a dark romance. Awesome tattoo backgrounds Do not read if you hate violence, (of any kind), sexual content, (of any kind), plot twists, vulger language, mentions, and acts, of self harm, abuse, (of any kind), racist comments, ect. Best guy tattoos tumblr I’m telling you upfront this will be intense and NOTHING like Tattooed Possession. Back of neck tribal tattoo designs It will be 10x more darker. Back of neck tattoos tumblr I’m warning you now, if that’s not your style, and/or “triggers” you, then don’t read. Most beautiful tattoo designs At all. Cute female chest tattoos Cause I’m not holding back for anyone.

Also, make sure you vote, comment, add to your reading list and share with others, please! Thank you and enjoy!!!

A/N): This story will be updated once every two or three weeks because I am not finished writing or editing it, and because I have important things to tend to off of Wattpad. Nice tattoo ideas for guys Thank you. Awesome lower back tattoos Also, check out the rest of the ‘His’ series teasers. Mens sleeve tattoo designs His One Desire & His Every Need. Tattoo ideas for guys shoulder (They can be read separately.)

My dad had given me a simple journal that I thought I’d never use.

When I found out he died in a car crash, that next week, I decided to start writing all my feelings in it because I’m not really good at expressing them verbally.

My journal was full of decent thoughts… Awesome upper back tattoos Well some were decent,

Until I met Dillon Taylor. Awesome mens sleeve tattoos He was the cocky, annoying, loud mouthed boy next door that wouldn’t turn his music down if the queen of England walked in his room.

So one night, I finished my diary entry and fell asleep. Back of neck tattoos female I left the window open because it was hot. Best mens tattoos 2015 Bad idea. Awesome angel wing tattoos I heard some fiddling in my room so I turned on my lamp. Wrist tattoos for guys tumblr Only to see that annoying boy from next door’s body was halfway out my room window– with my diary in his hand.

Alice Welsh has a secret no one knows… Awesome arm tattoos for guys until now. Most amazing tattoos ever She has been abused by her father for years. Awesome tattoos for girls She’s been able to cover it up, but it’s no use now. Cool small mens tattoos When Noah Hightower sees the bruises, he tries to find out exactly why they appear everyday. Awesome half sleeve tattoos for guys Will she be able able to cover it up yet again? Or will she crack under the pressure?

1-08-13: Babes, I’m going to change somethings and clean this up a bit. Female full body tattoos tumblr It’ll be edited super soon (I’ll edit every chance I can even though I have drumline practice for 3 hours everyday after school) and then I’ll FINALLY work towards finishing it. Awesome tattoo designs for guys I love you guys. Cool mens tattoos <3

Aria Daniels has one of the most vivacious personalities ever. Awesome body tattoos She is a crazy teenage girl that is impossibly hard to drag down.

So what happens when she finds a letter telling her that her brother has been kidnapped and won’t be returned unless she pays sixty thousand dollars?

She doesn’t follow the rules of the letter and get the money.

Oh no, in fact, she breaks into the kidnappers base with a bobby pin, steals their cupcakes, paints their abs with white paint and somehow ends up in London with a room full of gang members and a bright pink gun.

WARNING: This book is weird as fuck. Back of neck tattoos words It’s no joke, I am telling you now that all the characters might as well be high on drugs the whole time because some of the shit they do makes no sense but I promise it will make you laugh (if not I’ll give you a cookie).

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