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In the early 1970s, many people treated their workouts as a hobby, a pastime that allowed them to socialize with friends, often over a friendly game of tennis or basketball.

There were occasional workout warriors — competitive weightlifters, high school or college athletes who trained for a sport. How to fire your cleaning lady But most who went to the gym were looking for a stress break through a change of scenery, a chat with acquaintances, a good sweat in the sauna.

The business, built in Haverhill’s Ward Hill by the Veasey family in 1971, started as a modest club where many embraced the traditional gym lifestyle — break a quick sweat, toss a few hoops, share a few laughs with friends.

As people’s exercise habits changed through the years, with members wanting to boost their health and shrink their waistlines, Cedardale expanded. Cleaning lady tip As other gyms opened in Haverhill and the region, Cedardale was the model for a growing industry and a new way of life for the community. Cedardale is the granddaddy of them all in the region.

But that elder of the local fitness industry was dealt a harsh blow last week, when a fire caused more than $2 million in damage to the landmark club at 931 Boston Road. The fire, which broke out early the morning of March 2, closed Cedardale and stymied the exercise lifestyles of its 5,000 members. How much does a cleaning service cost per hour They counted on Cedardale as a place they could pump iron, play in tennis or basketball leagues, attend fitness classes and find worthwhile activities for their children.

Members began scrambling to find other places where they and their families could continue their exercise habits. Cleaning lady pics With Cedardale’s future unknown, several other local gyms began offering free memberships to get Cedardale members to change exercise venues.

“When Cedardale first opened it was a tennis club, then physical fitness opportunities increased and Cedardale was always on the cutting edge and is considered the premier athletic club in the area,” said Haverhill Recreation Director Vincent Ouellette. Funny cleaning lady “I was a member in the ’80s and ’90s, then returned after 15 years and the same people were there, both staff and people working out.”

Ouellette said that over the years Cedardale evolved into a place for individuals, families, senior citizens and people who are into high-performance athletic activities.

“It offers a lot for a lot of people, and for a lot of people a workout routine is extremely important to maintain,” Ouellette said. Maid cleaning checklist pdf “I think it is the grandfather of fitness clubs, and the yardstick by which all others are measured by. Hotel housekeeping cleaning tips From my understanding, it’s considered one of the best health and fitness clubs in the country.”

Cedardale and other gyms are more than just places to work out. Another word for maid of honor They bring jobs to the community, help fuel the economy and pump tax money into the city, local officials said.

City Economic Development Director William Pillsbury said Cedardale’s impact on Haverhill has been positive over the years.

“In a lot of ways, they’ve been an economic engine, both in terms of employment and their investment in the community,” he said. Clipart cleaning lady “They are an essential community partner.”

Pillsbury is in the process of locating a temporary space where Cedardale can host its members, while the building that was damaged by fire can be renovated.

“The fire chief connected me with their (Cedardale’s) key people and we’re working together on that,” Pillsbury said. How much to tip cleaning lady hotel “I’m sure the Fire Department and building inspector will work with them on permitting. Cleaning lady pictures But all that Cedardale’s owners have asked for at this point is help in locating temporary space. Cleaning lady resume The city will do whatever it takes to help them with their renovations and reemergence.”

With Cedardale setting the pace, Greater Haverhill’s business community has grown with the addition other fitness clubs. Cleaning lady funny pictures They have moved into Central Plaza, Central Square in Bradford and just over the line in Plaistow. House cleaning list for maid in spanish The YMCA also expanded its workout facilities to keep up with competitors.

The addition of fitness clubs means more business properties are occupied. Flylady cleaning tips When clubs move into plazas, they draw more traffic to the complexes and other businesses there benefit, city officials said.

“The key is drawing activity and increased levels of traffic and patrons to other businesses surrounding them,” Pillsbury said. Lady genius cleaning “You have a fitness center, then the next thing you know another business is opening. Cleaning lady images cartoons They are good community partners and important elements of a community, as people’s lifestyles include going to these kinds of fitness centers and we’re happy to have them.”

Many Cedardale members said they are heartbroken about the toll the fire has taken on the club — but they still need a place to work out.

As members scatter to other clubs, hopeful their beloved Cedardale will eventually reopen, the Veasey family, which owns the club, has been sorting through the blaze’s rubble. Cleaning lady photos The family is working to recoup anything it can and determine the club’s future. How much to tip house cleaners christmas The cause of the fire has not been determined.

City Building Inspector Richard Osborne viewed the damaged building with the help of fire officials on the day of the fire and determined the building was structurally compromised. Printable house cleaning checklist for maid A preliminary assessment shows that parts or possibly the entire building may have to be demolished, he said.

The fire-damaged building housed a pool, basketball courts, a fitness area and a rehabilitation area. Cleaning lady names Cedardale’s other large building contains a main weight-lifting gym and locker rooms. How much should you pay a cleaning lady That building primarily sustained smoke damage.

Osborne said that since various utilities, including electrical and water, run through the building that sustained fire damage, there are no services to the other buildings in the complex.

Beverly Donovan, president of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, said her organization offered Cedardale’s owners the use of the chamber conference room. Cleaning lady family guy meme Other area health clubs, including the YMCA, have offered to take in Cedardale members.

“We’ve had phone calls from architects and emergency property management companies that are chamber members who are interested in offering pro bono work,” Donovan said. “Where we see on social media people offering to help, we’re sharing that with Lauri McHugh, Cedardale’s representative to the chamber.”

Donovan said she was informed that many of Cedardale’s employees have been placed in jobs elsewhere, as well as the therapeutic workers with Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, which provided services at Cedardale.

“We’ve offered to be there for whatever they need, so we are standing ready to help in any way we can,” Donovan said. Flylady weekly cleaning schedule “We are looking forward to rebuilding and in helping to promote that when it’s done.”

According to the city treasurer’s office, the property tax bill Cedardale is due to pay to the city this year is $125,253. Pillsbury said tax payments from large businesses like Cedardale help homeowners from sustaining large tax bill increases.

Jean Ray, a Haverhill public school teacher for 34 years, has worked at Cedardale’s front desk for almost 40 years. How much to pay a cleaning lady She works on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, greeting members, answering the phone, taking payments and renting equipment.

“It’s a family-owned business and working there you feel that you are part of that family,” she said. How much does a cleaning service charge per hour “They support you and always take good care of you.”

Ray said that over the years she’s developed a bond with club members, who often chat with her at the front desk.

“On the Thursday after the fire, I didn’t know what to do, so I read on Facebook that some employees were getting together at at Barking Dog on Washington Street,” she said of a popular restaurant and lounge downtown. How much to pay cleaning lady “About 30 employees and 10 members came down and we all enjoyed seeing each other. How much does a cleaning lady make We’re all anxious to see the club rebuilt and returning to work. Cleaning lady clipart The members can’t wait to get back to their routines and see the people they’ve met through the years.”

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