Celebrity tattoos – m __ tattooed celebrities, historical figures, supermodels, sports stars, rock stars, pictures and images as well!

movie stars, sports stars, Kings, Queens, even super models all proudly displaying

their body art, are on this list of names. Cool watercolor tattoos Some you already know about, and some that

Some of the most popular tattooed celebrities on this page are: Bam Margera,

tattoos which include a crown and MOM on right arm, a tattoo of Ben

lead vocalist for the band Good Charlotte has many assorted tattoos

including Star Tattoos, Cross Tattoos, Rose Tattoos, Script Tattoos,

bunny on her lower back (tat has since been removed by laser)

fake tattoos for her videos in the past but the rumours persist that

on her left upper arm, a cross on the inside of her left ankle and a small flower on the top of her right foot

tribal design from his left shoulder to his wrist, dragon on right

This singer has chick footprints on top of her right foot, small design on

outside of right ankle, a star with words on the back of her neck

American professional ice hockey forward currently playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning in the National Hockey League (NHL) as well as being on the 2010 US Olympic hockey team, has a celtic cross on his right side, Japanese style tattoos that include, koi fish and dragons on his shoulders, others…

DJ has extensive black and grey work with an Aztec theme running

on both forearms, a swastika carved into his forehead between his eyes

Che Guevara portrait on his right shoulder & a portrait of Fidel

Castro on his left calf, his daughter’s name Giannina on the inside of his right arm, his daughter’s name Dalma on the inside of his left arm,a dragon on his left shoulder, others?

symbol for peace on lower back, a small ankle bracelet on her right

heart-a-gram symbol on lower stomach, large design on right side, “Sigillum

chest, sports star Julius ‘DR J’ Irving number on inside of his lip,

tattoo on her right shoulder & a circular tattoo on inside of

on her left shoulder & her lower back, she added the names of

her children on left shoulder in Sanskrit, a small tribal tattoo on

design on her lower back, vertical line of letters that say PORN (&

underside of left wrist, small heart on right forearm, ring tattoo

on left hand, pin-up girl on left side of her stomach, large sperm

tail coming from between the top of her butt cheeks, her dog’s names

Layla and Paddy on her right elbow, a feather on lower left arm,

the portraits of Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Michael Jackson, many others

characters next to a thin dragon on his left bicep, a black panthers

barbed-wire armband on right arm, tattoos on both legs as well

tattoo on left front groin, a naked woman on left bicep, Assyrian Aramaic Lord’s Prayer tattoo on his right shoulder

tattoo with his name on his right shoulder and an arrow and stars on

American model and professional wrestler best known for her work with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has a vertical line of Kanji down her lower back

has tattoo of a small angel holding an olive twig in his hand

has her mother’s initials and an angel on left shoulder and her

grandmother’s initials on her lower back inside a Roman numeral 5

(the #5 is a tribute for NBA player Jason Kidd whom is a good friend

three boxes on inside of right arm, 77 on upper left hand side of

chest (birth year), SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn – his idol) tattoo on

a flower on her left wrist, a large horned devil tattoo below bikini

“Born to be hated” on one arm and on the other – “Dying to be

Jam has nautical stars on each shoulder, bluebird on right bicep,

actress Tori Spelling on his wrist. Awesome women tattoos It reads “Truly Madly Deeply

Tori”, he also has a portrait of Tori on the back of his upper left

Canada’s NDP party has tattooed eyeliner due to allergies to the

extensive tattooing on both arms including a grinning theater mask

(The GOOD) on right forearm with a diabolical looking theater mask

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is a fetish and tattoo model who was at the center the Jesse James and Sandra Bullock cheating scandal. Awesome tattoos guys She is heavily tattooed has too many to list, including tattoos on her forehead.

least 13 tattoos, birds (swallows) on left and right shoulder,

Cadillac logo right hip, IRISH on back, shamrock left hip, blue rose

on left forearm, blue star left elbow, LOLA on right forearm…

on his right arm that says “Faith”, two others one a shamrock

and ? (necklace around neck and a small cross inner left arm are

tattoo featuring the names of daughters Clara and Esther and wife

Rings” star got same tattoo as eight other actors in the film. Awesome tattoos for couples An

Elvish design meaning “The Nine” (for 9 members of the fellowship of

phoenix or a dragon? tattoo on the back of her left shoulder blade,

star behind her left ear, lines on her finger, 13 on her right

wrist, “Kellie” in white ink on the back of her neck, “Kill the head

and the body will die” on her left inner arm, text on her right

singer-songwriter has a cherry blossom tattoo on the underside of

her lower belly, a dragon on her back, several others, a pierced tongue,

band, word angel on stomach , lotus flower on spine, Chinese symbol

right shoulder, large phoenix upper back, dragon right calf, designs

Grammy-winning American rock singer-songwriter, musician, painter and occasional actor has a tattoo of

Jesus on his right shoulder, Woody Woodpecker on left arm, several

crucifixion scene on the back of his upper left shoulder, a fake

tattoo of a United States Marine Corps Emblem on the underside of

switch tattoo on his right forearm as tribute to his nickname

Actor has large tattoo of singer girlfriend Nadine Coyle on his

upper left arm. Back of neck tattoos cross It shows Nadine with a ripped out heart in front of

on his left arm that says “LIFE or DEATH” depending on which way

you look at it, has wu-tang sword tattoo on the back of his right arm,

nicknamed “The Godfather” has extensive tattooing including full

sleeves, his name vertically down the front of his chest and a

tattooed; left arm features a Doc Holiday portrait with the quote

“I’m your huckleberry”, and other black and white tattoos. Amazing mens tattoos Left arm

“Southern Justice” on his forearm. Most awesome tattoos ever Also has a cross pendant, and “BSK”

cross on left forearm, POISON logo on left shoulder, knife and heart

“Heartbreak Kid” has a heart and dagger tattooed on his left bicep,

ring tattoo on left ring finger, bracelet on left wrist, state of

Texas on right calf, and an unknown tattoo (possibly a portrait) on

Actress Lea Michele Sarfati has nine tattoos. Awesome 3d tattoos for guys Left shoulder: two music notes (Mama from Bohemian Rhapsody). Lower back tattoo designs stars Left wrist: gold star (gold stars are a metaphor in honor of Rachel Berry), left rib cage: a cross and writing, left hip: bird, left foot: Imagine (song title), inner thigh: unknown, right foot: butterfly (picture of butterfly from a set prop on Spring Awakening) right back hip area: butterfly, right wrist: I Believe (song title from Spring Awakening)

chain with a cross on her shoulder, fairy under belly button, sacred

heart on butt, angel right calf, Orobous (snake biting own tail),

stars on side of her left hip, a heart with a crown on the small of

artist has extensive black and grey work including dragons, roses,

Angelina Jolie) has several tattoos, a Zodiac symbol on his hip, a

full sleeve on left arm that they make him cover up when playing

has a tattoo of the sun and moon with some clouds on the outside of

tattooed on her lower right bikini line, 3 small blue stars on right

shoulder representing love, honour and trust, a bluebird inside left

Break had a huge fake tattoo body suit that required 2 make up

American Indian design called a lakesh that means equal but opposite

arm – others for movie roles including his finger tattoos LOVE on

the right hand and HATE on the left for “Night of the Hunter”

has a gecko tattoo on her lower stomach just above her bikini line

of script under his neck that reads ‘April May June’ and the word

tattoo on the inside of his bicep which is dated with the word

“Will”. Awesome chest tattoos for guys This is in respect of his cousin Will who was killed by a

American actress, singer and model has a small star tattoo on

the upper left side of her ribs, 4 small X’s or crosses on the

Rings” star got same tattoo as eight other actors in the film.

fellowship of the ring) on his right shoulder, has the Beatles

lyrics “LIVING IS EASIER WITH EYES CLOSED” on his upper left arm,

inspired Kanji tattooed on forearm, star on ankle, small tattoo

on lower back, a daisy on her lower pelvis, boyfriends initials on

stars, moon & clouds tattooed on her bikini line, left ankle & lower back tribal

tattoo on one of her toes, had several fakes for a TV episode “How I

American actor and former male fashion model has a lion tattoo on

his right shoulder and a large Old English style letter or script on

American actor, comedian and author who is best known for his eight seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Awesome guy tattoos He has a number of tattoos, including: a peace sign; a happy and sad face; a cross bearing the names of his wife and three sons; the name of a friend he played football with in high school who was murdered; the words ME, MYSELF, & I on his back; and the phrase Stove Top

Hindi word for sibling love tattooed on her forearm, a snake around

GENTLE on her left forearm, the word BREATHE, an orchid on her back,

actor John Wayne has tattoos on his upper arms, a small tattoo on

image on left arm, as well this “Lord of the Rings” star got same

tattoo as eight other actors in the film. Unique tattoo ideas for guys An Elvish design meaning

For his role in the movie “Eastern Promises” he is covered in fake

Russian prison tattoos, he also had many fakes for the film “Indian

tattooed on the back of her left hand by the thumb, a small crown

tattoo on her left shoulder, an anchor on her right wrist, a pair of

supermodel has small dragon tattooed just above bikini line on lower

skull with tribal background, underneath is his father’s nick name

the water with the word FAMILY across the top on his right arm, ex-girl

friend Mel Brown’s name on his hip (she has matching tattoo with his

name on her hip), had fake tattoos on his shoulder s for the movie “I Spy”

tattooed on his left shoulder, had a red heart and the word DAVE

“tattooed” on his right bicep as a gag on the David Letterman show

star got his first tattoo when he was 16. Awesome leg tattoos for guys The 3 M’s on his wrist stand for Mitchel, Mason, Marc, his and his brother’s initials. Mens sleeve tattoo designs black and grey The tattoo on his left shoulder, reads “Sam M Unsurpassed”, which is dedicated to his father.

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