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So… According to my MIL, any mother with a clean house is a bad mom because she doesn’t spend enough time actually playing with her kids throughout the day. Cleaning lady ottawa She said that several months ago and has remarked since at how clean my house is. Sadie the cleaning lady john farnham Just the other day she said, “I don’t understand how your house is so clean if you’re playing with your son so much?” She only makes these kinds of comments when my husband isn’t around to say anything so that when I tell him later it’s almost hard for him to believe that she would say something that rude.

Yes, my house is clean. How much does it cost to hire a cleaning lady But I wouldn’t say it is meticulous.

How much does a cleaning lady cost in toronto I deep clean once a week when my husband is home and he gets a chance to watch our son and play with him one on one while I quickly clean. Cleaning lady funny My son and I clean up each activity after we’re done playing with it and he loves to help me clean. Pink ladies cleaning service great falls mt I do not neglect my son at all and yet I feel horrible for having a clean house. Average cleaning lady salary I was raised in a clean home with five kids and I always felt loved and played with by my mother.

Anyone else keep a clean house and still play with their kids, ha ha?

That is a really ridiculous thing of her to say! I unfortunately do not have a very clean house and feel guilty about it since I stay home. Cartoon cleaning lady image And my in laws make comments about how I need a maid! I feel like the expectation is that it should be meticulously clean, but it’s not even close. Cleaning lady amsterdam I do what I can, but my lo is very clingy that she doesn’t give me the time or space to do much and I’m pregnant so I take advantage of any down time. How to fire your cleaning lady Anyway, my point is, the mom guilt is real no matter what you do! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Cleaning lady tip Just ignore her, she probably just wishes she had it as together as you do 🙂

Kudos to you for being able to balance it all! My house is not as clean as I want it to be (I get anxious and angry when I feel like it’s a pigsty) but I do try to keep it cleanish. How much does a cleaning service cost per hour My LO helps me Swiffer. Cleaning lady pics She is a crucial part in picking up dog hair. Funny cleaning lady And she has recently learned the Clean Up song and helps me put toys away (sometimes). Maid cleaning checklist pdf And when I am scrubbing the shower? She has her independent play. Hotel housekeeping cleaning tips Sorry if making sanitary spaces to get clean or cook while not making my small child inhale chemicals makes me a bad mother!

Wow! She should be happy her grandchild has an amazing mom who keeps the house clean!! I do exactly what you do.. Another word for maid of honor deep clean once a week while my husband spends time with our daughter… Clipart cleaning lady I vacuum pretty much everyday sometimes multiple times a day (gotta love how much of a mess a toddler makes lol) and clean up messes as they are made. How much to tip cleaning lady hotel Clorox wipes are my best friend in between the deep cleaning days lol…. Cleaning lady pictures Mother in laws have a special way about them lol!! I’d say you are a pretty amazing mom and wife!! Keep rockin momma xoxoxo

That’s nuts if you ask me. Cleaning lady resume My house is clean. Cleaning lady funny pictures I deep clean once a week (usually on a Saturday night since my husband is at work after my little one is asleep) and during the day I make her pick up her toys and we vacuum. House cleaning list for maid in spanish I got her her own little one to do it with me. Flylady cleaning tips And if she doesn’t want to help me clean up she’ll play in her room for a little bit. Lady genius cleaning I think it teaches them good responsibility. Cleaning lady images cartoons I don’t want my kid thinking she just wakes up and her toys are clean, then she’ll never learn to clean up after herself! I have family who doesn’t pick up any of their toys and their house is always VERY messy and their kids don’t respect their toys. Cleaning lady photos They literally just walk all over them. How much to tip house cleaners christmas And I don’t want that. Printable house cleaning checklist for maid I think a clean house is a good thing 🙂

She honestly might not even mean to say it that way- she could just be jealous or really surprised because her own time management or multitasking skills are not that great. Cleaning lady names I think we as Moms really tend to interpret comments from MILs or our own mothers as criticism even when they aren’t always… How much should you pay a cleaning lady or maybe that’s just me 🙂

That’s crazy! My house is clean and my little one loves to “help” clean! She likes to grab wipes and says she’s “cleaning” and will wipe down her toys. Cleaning lady family guy meme I think cleaning up her toys and “helping” mommy clean teaches her responsibility and the value of her things. Flylady weekly cleaning schedule I’m glad my daughter has a clean house to play in, I would think your mother in law would appreciate that for her grandchild as well.

That’s crazy! You shouldn’t feel bad for being able to keep a clean home! With my first it was so easy because he plays so well independently. How much to pay a cleaning lady This LO is so clingy. How much does a cleaning service charge per hour I get half way through something and she’s screaming to be picked up or breastfed. How much to pay cleaning lady It’s hard, but I do try to clean up after we are Finished with a meal or activity. How much does a cleaning lady make We are teaching our children that when you are finished you clean up. Cleaning lady clipart Period. Cleaning lady 3 That’s a very good skill to have! Sometimes I do feel guilty that I don’t play as much with my children, but they’re kids. How much do cleaning services charge per room They can play with themselves! I devote all outside time to them and we get lots of outside time daily.

Haha no way mil— but some people always have something bad to say. How much to tip cleaning lady for the holiday Maybe she is jealous of your housecleaning skills and your ability to balance that with a small child? Our apt is much cleaner since I started purging stuff/toys and because of that there is much less picking up and a lot more playing. How much to pay cleaning lady per hour I think the environment really has an affect on everyone’s mood– kids included. How much does a maid cost per hour I grew up in a very messy house and felt frustrated a lot.

She sounds really obnoxious! My house was meticulous when I started staying home with my daughter. Cleaning lady tumblr Having gone from working to staying at home I needed to fill all the downtime. How to find a good cleaning lady Even now with 4 kids at home the house is still clean and I don’t neglect them. Cleaning lady christmas gift Some days it has insane messes that we don’t get to and other days it is spotless but those days don’t ever correlate to more or less attention to the kids- usually just relates to how many extra kids end up coming over to play with my others or sometimes it’s messier when my preschooler is feeling feistier. Cleaning lady on family guy No connection between cleanliness of home and quality of parenting!

I love hearing all of your thoughts! All of my friends have little ones and they manage to keep a clean house. Lady cleaning It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can definitely be done. Cleaning lady family guy I am eight months pregnant and still managed to get it done. Another word for maiden name I do it a lot slower than I have ever done in my life, but cleaning is very therapeutic for me and I love good smells, open windows, and organization in my life!

I agree with you very much. How much should i pay my cleaning lady per hour And I tend to take what she says with a grain of salt because sometimes I think she’s just saying something to make conversation or she doesn’t realize that it’s coming off so hurtful. Old cleaning lady She is a very kind woman and a driven woman and we have a lot in common. Tell it to the cleaning lady on monday But I think that with all of the health problems she’s had in her life that maybe she feels confused as to how people could do it when she couldn’t. Lady cleaning fish still moving Her health problems really held her back and my husband said that it was very hard on their family. Molly maid cleaning checklist It still is hard on the family!

I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t doing something crazy. Vintage cleaning lady Just needed some validation from other moms who can keep a clean house! Because I know it can be done. Fat cleaning lady 😉

For me, learning how to keep things clean and tidy while enjoying time with my son has been one of my proudest accomplishments as a parent. How to interview a cleaning lady For about a year I really struggled with it and it was a constant source of stress. How much to tip a cleaning lady at christmas But the thing is, obviously I didn’t sacrifice time with my son to keep our home clean – that would just be trading one stress for another. How much should i tip my cleaning lady Who would make that decision? She seems to be implying you’re a freaking monster.

But keeping things clean is just a matter of establishing habits and patterns, so if anything, it helped me make MORE time for my son. Black cleaning lady Now I have a cleaning schedule, but I also have a daily play schedule! It’s a win for everyone – I get to keep my sanity, my son gets to go to the park every day and knows our routine, we all get a cleaner house and a happier momma.

I keep a clean house – seriously clean shaming is something dirty people do to feel better about their filthy house. Cleaning lady app Just keeping it real. Sadie the cleaning lady ukulele chords The only people I’ve ever known to clean shame are gross and their houses are a mess. Crazy lady vacuum cleaner man Oh and I play with my kid, and we go to the park for 30-60 min daily — but she also knows how to play by herself also. List for cleaning lady Don’t sweat it – don’t internalize others’ insecurities <3

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