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When choosing a type of coax cable to be used, it is necessary to understand its performance.

Coax cable specifications define the performance so that decision can be made about which type to use for a given application.

In order to understand the performance of the coaxial cable it is necessary to understand the specifications for the different parameters.

Possibly one of the most defining coax cable specifications is its characteristic impedance. Alternatives to cable and satellite tv 2015 This is the impedance seen looking into an infinitely long length of cable by a signal source. Satellite tv and internet providers in my area The dimensions of the cable along with the dielectric used determine the overall impedance. Satellite tv companies This specification is measured in ohms and is resistive.

• 50/52 ohms : This cable is the form that is generally used for professional RF applications.

• 75 ohms: This impedance is more widely used in domestic applications for television and hi-fi RF signal leads.

• 93 ohms: Coax with this impedance specification was used in many early computers, linking the computers themselves and also monitors. Telecharger tv satellite gratuit sur pc It was used because of its low capacitance level.

Other values of impedance are available although they are considerably less widely used. Free satellite tv channels in sri lanka Some searching may be required to locate coaxial cable with an unusual impedance level.

Another major parameter for coaxial cable is its loss or attenuation. Zee tv hotbird 13 It is found that there is a degree of loss as a signal travels along a coax cable. Satellite pay tv This arises from a number of factors and is present on all cables. K box satellite tv It is also proportional to the length.

The coax loss or attenuation parameter is specified in terms of a loss over a given length. Usb dvb s digital satellite hdtv tv receiver tuner box It is generally specified in terms of a loss measured in decibels over a given length, e.g. American satellite tv in europe 0.5dB / 10 metres.

Unfortunately not all manufacturers define the loss over the same length and therefore comparisons take a little more calculation to determine.

Although for low level signal applications the power rating is unlikely to be important, where higher power levels are being carried, this specification can be an issue. Big tv satelit indonesia Normally the limiting factor arises from the heat loss within the cable. Satellite tv box descrambler If the power in the RF cable is to be pulsed, then it is necessary to check that the operating voltage is not exceeded.

The velocity factor specifications of a coaxial cable is the speed at which the signal travels within the cable compared to the speed of the signal (i.e. Compare satellite tv providers canada speed of light) in a vacuum.

In some instances, the velocity factor specification for the coax cable may be of importance. Tv par satellite en belgique gratuit For many areas where the coax is simply being used for feeding signals from one point to another, it will not be important.

For applications where the phase of the signal is of importance, the velocity factor needs to be known.

The velocity factor specification is quoted as a figure which is less than “1”. Portable satellite dish kit for caravan or camping It cannot go above unity otherwise signals would be travelling faster than the speed of light.

It is found that cables have very similar velocity factor figures. Satellite tv on your pc free download This is because the dielectric between the two conductors governs the velocity factor. Satellite direct tv free download with crack Cables using a solid polyethylene dielectric will have a velocity factor around 0.66, and those using foam polyethylene will have velocity factor figures ranging from about 0.80 to 0.88.

For some applications the capacitance specification of the coax cable will be important. Satellite tv malaysia download As can be imagined, there is a capacitance between the inner and outer conductors of the cable, and this is proportional to the length of cable used as well as the dielectric constant and the inner and outer conductor diameters.

In some applications the voltage may rise to high levels. Directv hd satellite dish types At some voltage it is possible the cable may break down, causing damage to the cable itself.

Voltages can arise as a result of high levels of standing waves and high power levels. Setting up directv hd satellite dish Checks should be made, before selecting a particular type of coax, that it will be able to withstand the level of voltage anticipated.

The mechanical dimensions specification of the coax is important for a variety of reasons. Bell satellite tv program guide The dimensions of different coax cables are obviously often different. Directv hd satellite finder Larger diameter coax cables often tend to have lower loss levels and higher power ratings.

As cable size may be important to ensure that it fits apertures etc this may be an issue. Pc satellite tv pro serial number However one of the major reasons to know the size is to ensure that correct terminating connectors can be used. Tv satellite percuma As connectors need to have the correct dimensions to ensure the cable will fit with the connector correctly, it is necessary to know the dimensions of cable. Satellite tv services australia Often connectors will be made specifically for a popular size of cable.

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