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Catalyst, by Playlyfe, is a gamified productivity tool for sales and support team.

Catalyst helps drive higher CRM adoption, motivates your sales team with real-time intelligent gamified feedback, analytics, and performance scoring, thanks to integration with both your CRM and phone system.

CRM Integration – Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho

Leaderboard TV Channel- motivate sales reps via displaying their achievements on a centralized TV in real time

Access Management – Grant access to select data, features based on users, user roles and groups/teams.

Reviews and Tournaments – Organize product knowledge quizzes and tournaments periodically.

Pool of Achievement – Drive desired behavior by recognizing reps with unlimited badges and achievements.

Individual Dashboard – Performance and knowledge real time feedback for reps.

Managerial dashboard – Team and company level analytical insights about performance and knowledge.

Social news feed – Share achievements, get likes, comments, reactions from peers.

Customize Themes – Select themes from the options periodically to drive campaigns and competitions.

Playlyfe, headquartered in Bangalore, India, has extensive experience developing gamified solutions for employee engagement, motivation, etc. Hp deskjet 3520 installation software mac — Catalyst is it’s first end-to-end flagship product.

Catalyst was launched in January 2016, and companies like HP, Standard Chartered Bank and FirstSource are already using it.

We’re Parker Software, and we build digital bridges. Height adjustable ergonomic standing desk by jesper office More than that, we help your business cross those bridges faster than ever before possible. Desktop wallpaper free download for windows 10 We do that with a single channel solution that works across your entire digital operation – uniting all your channels under one umbrella and unlocking thousands of new efficiencies.

We’ve eliminated the need for your business to have separate software to manage web analytics, separate software for live chat, for support ticketing, social media management, lead generation, CRM integration, business process automation and more.

The mess of relying on multiple solutions is no more; instead, we’ve created a single, simplifying suite that covers your digital transformation from every angle.

• Visitor tracking • Live chat • Skills based routing • Intelligent communication automation

• Web analytics • Tailored customer experiences • Prospect detection • Lead generation

• Sales enablement • Social media monitoring • Business process automation • Digital contact centre

• Support desk • Internal chat rooms • Voice detection • Data form capture • Language translation

• Email parsing / processing • Code-free task development • Operational reporting • All-inclusive systems integrations

Even better, we offer all of this in real-time. Work at home help desk technician jobs This is an entirely new approach to digital engagement, service and operation – a hybrid, fully integrated solution that replaces multiple investments and messy manual processes with streamlined synergy.

When making websites, developers can choose between server-side (e.g. Zendesk help center examples Php, Rails, …) or client-side (e.g. Ph via com desk user AngularJS, EmberJS, …) rendering technologies. Desktop computer system definition Client-side technologies, based on Ajax, have some advantages over server-side ones.

Most of the time, thanks to these advantages, Ajax is the first choice when developing applications which do not need to be visible on search engines and social networks. Facebook desktop messenger for windows xp download Indeed, their robots do not correctly crawl Ajax websites, making such websites invisible on their network.

With SEO4Ajax, we solve this problem and allow you to use client-side technologies on public websites.

SEMrush is a leading competitive keyword and AdWords research tool.

Our software and tools can help users learn about their competitors and their own digital marketing campaigns. Odesk app iphone See the keywords your competitors are ranking for, which ads they are running, what they spend on each ad, how much traffic they receive (thus portraying how successful that ad is), and much more. Desk com templates We also offer backlinks, position tracking and site audit tools as well as custom reports and API.

SEMrush serves a diverse and large group of users. Hp deskjet ink advantage k209a z manual We have 26 databases for 25 countries, and track more than 106 million keywords and 87 million domains.

Easily embeddable on your stack with a few lines of configuration

Project Plan ($29): up to 20,000 unique URLs, 1 dedicated browser

Growth Plan ($99): up to 100,000 unique URLs, 5 dedicated browsers

Business Plan ($199): up to 500,000 unique URLs, 10 dedicated browsers

What platforms does this service support? (e.g. Hp 1000 deskjet printer driver free download native mobile apps)•

Does this service offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?•

Yes, it has an automated tour which will walk the user from each and every section of the tool.

Yes, the app offers multiple users and user type capability like teams, hierarchy etc.

What are some applications this service is commonly used in tandem with?•

CRMs like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Zoho

Our solutions are used by over 10,000 clients across the globe. Odesk app These are primarily marketing teams, sales and IT departments, and call centres.

Does this service offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?•

Digital engagement, digital acquisition and business process automation.

What are some applications this service is commonly used in tandem with?•

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