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Concrete countertops are absolutely beautiful. Polished concrete walls finishes If you’re picturing laying a piece of sidewalk over your cabinets or work island, you’ve got the wrong mental image.

Most homeowners choose pigmented or stained concrete counters that revolutionize their appearance. Precast concrete building walls With pigment, you can have nearly any shade you desire.

Hydraulic cement basement wall cracks Also, staining will give your countertops the look of granite or other natural stone.

Texturing techniques increase the uniqueness and beauty of the finished product. Sanding concrete wall before painting Concrete, as you know, is extremely hard and tough. What type of paint for concrete basement walls It will stand up very well to the wear and tear of a busy kitchen or active family. How to make precast concrete walls Also, it won’t scratch and is very heat resistant. Precast retaining wall blocks These two qualities are essential in kitchens and bathrooms where sharp objects and hot items are common. Laying concrete block wall View more projects

You will find that a concrete sink is something that is typically part of a concrete countertop. Precast concrete foundation walls Not only is this a very attractive and smooth look, it is also incredibly durable. Precast concrete panels canada Concrete is, of course, a very strong and sturdy surface. Painting interior cinder block walls Hence, this is no different when it comes to your sink.

Furthermore, you will have plenty of years automatically guaranteed to you whenever you have a concrete sink as they are very difficult to damage. Precast concrete wall panels philippines It is common that your sink will be made to integrate right into your counter. Poured concrete wall forms This will allow for a smooth transition and a beautiful look. Poured concrete foundation walls Replace yours TODAY!

The fireplace and fireplace surround serve as the centerpiece of a room, both visually and socially. Precast concrete retaining walls perth Hence, family and guests inevitably gravitate to this soothing, flickering backdrop for conversation and mingling. Latex paint on concrete walls Also, beautiful concrete fireplace mantels or a fireplace surround provide an eye-catching focal point. Decorative concrete fence walls If properly designed, the fireplace mantel shelf or fireplace surround can serve as a worthy substitute for any work of art. Concrete exterior walls View Gallery

We offer lots of concrete services, give us a call and let us create a concrete idea.

Concrete countertops are a custom product, designed by artisans. Precast concrete residential homes Although they are often compared to mainstream materials such as granite or marble, they really are a craft product, hand-created, and unique to each customer. Concrete retaining wall forms Furthermore, concrete countertops are not low-budget items, but rather are typically installed in high-end, custom homes and offices. Painting concrete block walls Contact Us

Concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to clean, and they resist water when properly sealed. How to make concrete walls Also, concrete works well with radiant heating, and the surface absorbs heat to cut energy bills.

Believe it or not, concrete is a stylish choice for indoor and outdoor floors. Poured concrete walls Its surface can be finished in various ways—with colors, stains, and aggregates—and given a textured surface or buffed until glassy .

Concrete is great for making bathtubs because of the smooth surface it

creates when it dries properly. Waterproofing concrete block basement walls Most noteworthy, concrete dries to an ideal surface for a bathtub. Best paint for concrete walls in basement It is smooth enough to be comfortable when the bather sits inside, but it’s also just rough enough to allow the feet to grip the floor and avoid dangerous shower spills.

If you plan to update a bathroom with a new concrete vanity or bathtub, why not install a concrete shower as well? Not only are concrete shower walls and floors practical and easy to clean, with no grout joints where ugly mold and mildew can grow, they also permit unlimited design options. Cost of poured basement walls They can be stenciled to look like tile or colored with stains to create an artistic wall mural. Pouring a concrete retaining wall You can add integral pigments to make the concrete look like as white as porcelain or as black as granite. Concrete basement walls flaking An existing tile shower can also be resurfaced with a concrete overlay to save money and the time and hassle of tile removal. Concrete basement walls cost If you’re worried about the concrete absorbing moisture, all it takes is the application of a waterproofing sealer to make your shower walls completely waterproof.

When building or installing a hearth, one of the most common materials to use is concrete. Insulated concrete walls inc A concrete hearth can be molded to fit a variety of shapes, and is non-combustible so stray sparks or embers will not cause damage to the hearth or home around it. Waterproofing exterior concrete walls Since concrete can be molded to different shapes and sizes, it is the most adaptable material for building a hearth.

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