Cost2drive gas calculator 1.0 – free download

The leading road trip fuel calculator app gives you all the information you need, from fuel costs to driving distance to estimated driving time. Cost of driving calculator usa Get it on your phone, choose the vehicle, enter where your car trip starts and the destination you are visiting, and your road trip can begin! Download this app and it will route maps and calculate gas costs for you so you’ll never have to ask yourself “How to plan a trip” again! Drive across the US without need to worry that you’ll run out of gas with one of the best travel apps – Cost to Drive!

?Add a vehicle: enter the year of manufacture, make and model of your car!

?Over 20.000 vehicles to choose from, starting from 1990 model year!

?Save up to 5 vehicles to compare fuel efficiency and total costs!

?Can’t find your vehicle? Add your own custom vehicle (RVs, motorcycles, etc.) – enter MPG (Miles per gallon), Tank Size and choose the Fuel Type (regular, premium or diesel), and save your custom vehicle!

?Select route: enter where your jurney starts and ends, and this great car app will map a route for you!

?Get all the details concerning your journey: one-way cost to drive (based on real time gas prices along your route), total distance and driving time!

?Find gas stations: Cost to Drive application will calculate where your refueling points should be based on your car’s fuel efficiency and tell you where to find cheap gas along your way!

?Find top hotels, restaurants and attractions in the city you want to visit!

?Find the cheapest airfare on Kayak and see whether it’s cheaper to fly or drive (for routes over 200 miles)!

Our ‘Galculator’ technology calculates the most accurate fuel costs based on the automobile fuel efficiency and the lowest gas prices along the way.

Get Cost2Drive car app for Android TM and plan a trip anywhere in the United States with ease! With this amazing route planner app and fuel calculator, you can travel across the US with no need to worry about location of gas stations and where your refueling points should be! All you need is your smartphone and you can take a road trip with your friends right away, for this amazing trip calculator application will calculate the trip cost and find best route for you!

With the base of over 20.000 models from almost every car manufacturer in the world Cost to Drive app offers, you’ll surely find the one you’re driving! Our base covers every single model of almost every automobile company, but if you can’t find your car model, you can always add your own custom vehicle and get the most accurate fuel cost estimate for your travel!

There are so many things you have to pay attention to when you’re planing a roadtrip! For example, you need to take into consideration the prices of gas, gas mileage and driving route before you can calculate the total cost of trip. Gas cost calculator canada Road trip planning is much more demanding than you can imagine! Amazing travel route planner application “Cost to Drive” will be estimating the cost and map a trip anywhere in the US, all you need to do is drive and have fun!

Cost to Drive is the best car app and it’s all you need if you’re planning a USA roadtrip! It is a route planner, gas calculator and travel planner, all-in-one application for Android! If you’re planning a route, this 2013 free app is all you really need!

Download Cost2Drive application for Android immediately, and planning a vacation, visiting a friend or taking a car road trip will never cause you a headache again! Not only will this amazing app display the road distance, plan a route and calculate gas cost from the starting to the ending point, but it will also display the airplane ticket price and inform you of best hotels, restaurants and attractions that can be seen in the city you’re visiting! No matter whether you’re driving an automobile, recreational vehicle or motorcycle, get this useful road trip planner app now, and hit the road right away!

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