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Do I love coupons and deals? Yes. Average cost of fireplace installation Do I enjoy buying a year’s supply of gum and paper towels all in one trip? Of course.

But when I’m at Costco, I never stop to eat. Costco gas station hours I just buy what’s on my list and get out of the madness. Average gas price 2013 california Because of the Costco holiday hours I wasn’t able to head there too early, because the Christmas lines are out of control. How much money in gas will it cost to drive On a recent trip though, I saw a little girl with a slice of Costco pizza and for just $1.99, I had to try it.

I actually fat-kidded out and got a slice of cheese, a slice of pepperoni, and a cup of their non-fat chocolate frozen yogurt ($1.35). Cost of gas to drive calculator I was extremely surprised that the pizza was fresh and right out of the oven; not sitting under a heat lamp stewing in it’s own grease and becoming soggy. Mileage gas cost calculator It was crunchy, delicious, and well-made; leagues beyond Dominos, I’d say. Current price of gasoline in germany It was a little greasier than your standard pizza, but that can be handled with a few paper towels. Calculate fuel cost for road trip Also, if you ask for it to-go, that means they half-heartedly wrap your paper plate in tinfoil. Gas cost to drive If you want a box, you have to get the whole pizza.

What I love most about pizza is the sauce and crispy cheese.

Natural gas price per kwh uk I hate it when I get cheese that doesn’t have little brown toasted spots on it; it’s not right. Gas mileage cost calculator When I took my first bite of the Costco pizza, I was impressed with the recipe and wished I had bought pizza there before. Rac route planner with fuel costs The sauce was better than Pizza Hut’s and had more flavor and spices. How much will gas cost for my trip It tasted more like a traditional marinara than a pizza sauce.

The cheese was perfectly browned on both slices and crisp. How much does a gallon of gas cost in hawaii I’m not sure if it was a blend of different cheeses or not but it definitely tasted great. Cost of gas in hawaii 2013 On top of that superb cheese sat excellent pepperonis. How much gas to travel 1000 miles Although they were definitely oilier and greasier than I would have liked, a few dabs with a paper towel made them edible. Cheapest gas prices by state They were also cooked to a crunch and were sliced at the perfect thickness. Average price per gallon of gas in 2008 Pepperonis were even in abundance. How much does gas cost per month in a house You know when you get those chain pizzas that only have about 4-5 pepperonis per slice and you feel cheated? Not when you get Costco pizza. Gas fireplace repair rochester ny This slice was swimming in pepperonis. Gas cost calculator uk It might have even been too many for the pepperoni obsessed but I still enjoyed each one.

If you’re a crust lover, this pizza is for you. Average cost of gasoline in europe The crust was perfectly cooked and wasn’t soggy at all. Average monthly gas and electric bill 4 bed house The dough tasted fresh and homemade with a dusting of flour instead of semolina. Estimate gas cost for trip mapquest It was even better than many chain restaurant’s dough recipe. How much gas will cost for a trip I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried the pizza before after walking past the Costco food court dozens of times.

In addition to the great low price per slice, Costco gives you heaping slices. Calculate cost of gas to drive somewhere I couldn’t even finish the two slices and I was extra hungry after having missed breakfast. Average gas bill in texas I mean they basically gave me half a large pizza…for $2! If you have small kids, they could easily share a slice and an entire family could eat for two meals on the large pizza.

Costco pizza, to say the least, was something I shouldn’t have overlooked. Estimate monthly gas costs There have been many times where I’ve wandered around the store trying free samples while I shop because I’m hungry. Gas prices merrillville in Why I didn’t stop for a slice of delectable pizza, I don’t know, or even one of those awesome non-fat frozen yogurts. Average cost of gas in us 2012 I would definitely suggest you pick up at least a frozen yogurt on your next trip; it’s only 390 calories. Gas cost road trip calculator They also offer chicken bakes, hot dogs, salads, and wraps among other great treats. Calculate how much gas it will cost Suffer from hunger no more by picking up a great big slice of Costco pizza on the cheap and satisfy your sweet tooth with some delightful frozen yogurt.

I am in deep-fried love with food and travel. Gas fuel cost calculator With Italian roots, I have a weakness for bread, marinara, and mozzarella. Costco gas hours tucson az I’ll try anything once and am constantly searching for intriguing places to visit. Trip cost gas When I’m not savoring the last bite or organizing my next trip, I’m indulging my inner bookworm and writing about my adventures. How much gas to drive 2000 miles If you turn on college football and give me a local craft beer, you’ll see the happiest Hokie on the West coast.

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