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I gotta paint my iPad dock. Finishing outside concrete foundation walls That shiny white color irritates me. Precast concrete retaining walls residential I know to clean the thing with paint thinner, then use Krylon Fusion to make a few layers of paint, letting dry in between. Finishing interior concrete walls If I screw up the paint job, sand down the ugly spots and do another layer of paint…

Only thing I’m scratching my head over is how to cover the line out and Apple’s proprietay thing ports. Concrete basement walls sweating I know about painter’s tape.

Superior concrete walls But, am I going to be able to cover the ports with painter’s tape, then use a utility knife or something to cut “around” each port? I was just looking at the devices. Concrete look interior wall panels It doesn’t look like I can.

Anybody know a good way to do it? Or is fussing with the painter’s tape somehow the way to go?

Also, what grit sandpaper to use to sand any ugly paint job? Krylon’s web site doesn’t mention that.

Your iPad dock is probably still fairly decent quality, so if you need to sand it… Poured concrete walls vs block cost something fine. Interior design concrete walls 2000 grit is normally where I’d start if you don’t think the surface needs much prep.

If you’re thinking you might spray a layer and it sucks and need to sand it… Precast concrete blocks for retaining walls well then I dunno. Chalkboard paint on concrete walls I prefer a single layer or two of paint at a time rather than a whole bunch of layers, multiple thin coats provide better coverage than thick coats, etc…

For the port that your ipod docs in, did it come with a plastic piece in that space to protect the port during shipping? If yes, and you still have it you should try and see if that will cover it well enough to protect it from paint. Decorative concrete walls photos (if it’s a little loose you can use tape around the plastic thingy to make it a little tighter.)

For the cable port, why not plug in a cable that you don’t care about getting paint on?

continuum – apparently, I don’t have to sand it before-hand. Poured concrete walls vs concrete block It’s one of the marketing points of the Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paint. Concrete wall forms plywood You only have to clean it first, their web site suggests paint thinner.

Goofazoid – good idea using the packing materials to cover the port for painting. Grinding paint off concrete walls Unfortunately, nothing came in the packing to specifically cover any of the ports. Board formed concrete wall detail The other idea, plugging a cable in you don’t care if you get paint on, easily done for the line-out port… Painting concrete block walls garage For the Apple proprietary thing, I was thinking of painting the white Apple proprietary one end, USB the other black too. Interior concrete walls So, I guess I can look at it and see how much paint might seep in even if I have the Apple cable plugged in?

Caluum – I’m looking at this Blu-tac stuff. How to pour concrete walls I can shove that in the port, paint, then yank it out? It’s not going to leave residue inside the port that could screw things up?

Exactly as you describe – I’d suggest pushing it reasonably well in to get a good seal, stop paint getting in. Concrete block retaining wall specifications Best to warm it slightly in your hands before pushing it in (it’s a bit stiff when cold). Forming concrete walls If you leave it on paper for weeks it can leave a slightly oily residue. Insulating exterior concrete walls But on non-absorbent materials for a period of days or even weeks, no, you won’t have a problem. Foam form concrete walls If it does leave a small amount of itself in the port, you can use another blob of blu-tac to pull it out.

Apparently the bottom of the iPad dock pops off with a flat head screwdriver. Concrete form walls Then you can just pull the electronics out from the inside. Precast concrete fence panels price Only a small grayish resting surface for the iPad I need to cover with painter’s tape now.

I know. Concrete house walls You guys more experienced than I are thinking, “Geez… Painting interior concrete block walls He shudda checked that in the first place…” Cut me a break! This is the first time I’ve ever painted anything besides a fence.

Caluum – I’m still interest to find out if you think Blu-Tack would have worked, or if you’ve ever personally tried that yourself for an application like this. Exposed aggregate concrete walls Googling, people were complaing about greasy residues on their wall when they’ve used Blu-Tack to hang a picture and maybe left it that way too long.

I’ve used it for masking things when painting Airfix models and similar, where it works very well. Slip form concrete walls Never used it for masking ports in electronic devices before, but the principle is sound But always better to move the delicate bits (ie the electronics) out of harm’s way rather than protect them by covering, as it sounds you will be able to do here.

continuum – apparently, I don’t have to sand it before-hand. Large precast concrete retaining wall blocks It’s one of the marketing points of the Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paint. How to form concrete walls You only have to clean it first, their web site suggests paint thinner.Lies.

Well, not quite. How to form curved concrete walls But after a few disappointing experiences with Fusion and similar products, I’d still scuff it a bit before painting. Prefab concrete walls prices A few minutes of work now can save you much heartache later.

Well, I’m making some progress with this. Poured concrete retaining walls I did sand it some like Megalomaniac said. Best paint for concrete block basement walls All I had was 1500 grit sand-paper, so I sand it with that. Precast concrete wall panels residential maybe spent 5 minutes sanding it.

1st coat seemed to go pretty good. Insulated concrete wall panels But then I noticed the bottom edges (underneath) were still white with lots of specks of black on them. Concrete wall house plans Like it was half-painted. Interior cinder block wall ideas So, I flipped the thing over and painted the bottom. Concrete on walls That’s where the problems seem to have started.

Now before painting, I popped off the bottom and gutted out the electronics. Precast concrete walls pdf So the bottom of this thing I’m painting will be covered when all is said and done. Precast concrete panels cost There’s goops of paint that will probably take days to dry in there. Precast concrete walls perth But, I don’t really care about that, it’ll be covered in the end.

But when I painted the bottom of this thing, it gooped all up the sides. Poured concrete wall cost calculator Sanding, then re-painting just kind of made it worse. Precast retaining wall systems The next day I went with the paint thinner and was impressed how quickly it got all the paint off there.

Letting it dry, then re-painting, things are going better. Precast concrete fence panels supplier philippines The 2nd coat is drying now. Waterproofing poured concrete basement walls After the 1st coat, I did have to sand a few places because of “gooping”. Poured concrete retaining wall specifications The 2nd coat, only one of those spots have goopped again. Framing basement walls against concrete Hopefully after drying, I’ll sand that, and did a very thin 3rd coat and the gooping will be gone?

But what really bothers me, is there are these little tiny dots in a few places on the paint job. Diy concrete retaining wall blocks Like little tiny bubbles. Concrete foundation wall thickness I’ll try sanding them, there are not a lot. How to make concrete walls smooth But every coat I’ve done has had these….

continuum, the paint bottle’s instructions did say to shake the can for a minute or two. Poured concrete retaining wall cost I maybe shook it for 20 seconds because shaking for a full minute seemed silly. Stamped concrete retaining wall forms Well, it was a minimum of twenty seconds. Precast concrete retaining wall panels Just shook it till my arm got tired. Exposed concrete walls That minute to two minute rule, that really is important?

I was thinking it was just like those mattress tags that say you’ll get arrested…

hat minute to two minute rule, that really is important?Yes. Painting concrete basement walls ideas Ensuring proper mixing definitely helps atomization. Exposed concrete wall finishes Of course you might need to do both that and the warm water trick…

Proper mixing will also reduce spatter and reduce the risk of the nozzle & feed tube getting clogged between coats–both crucial to a good finish. Concrete basement wall design example You definitely need to shake it thoroughly before the first use (you have no idea how long it’s been sitting on a shelf, settling, since it was mixed at the factory), and periodically during painting. Painting cinder block walls in basement Before the next coat you’ll want to shake it for at least 30 seconds as well.

When you say “gooping”, do you mean there are drips of paint? If so, that means you’re laying it on too thick. Concrete retaining wall cost estimate Don’t try to get perfect coverage on the first coat. Precast concrete basement walls Doing 6 light coats will ultimately take you less time than doing 3 heavy coats.

I just figured out what it’s being caused by. Precast concrete wall caps cost I’m setting the iPad dock on a paper grocery bag to paint it.

Like just now, I’m on my 3rd attempt to paint it well. Basement concrete wall crack repair E.g., I just cleaned the whole thing with paint thinner, re-sanded, then started painting. Sealing poured concrete basement walls I turned the thing upside down to do the bottom first. Types of concrete walls While it’s still wet, I push the thing around a little and notice that the main spot that had the “gooping” last time is sitting in a pool of paint on the grocery bag and already has that same gooping.

When I was reading about this stuff, I saw something about suspending what you’re spray painting from a wire. Grinding concrete walls smooth I just ignored it because I was like, “where I am going to get a good place to hang this from??”.

I did shake the can for 2 minutes this time. Framing concrete walls I set a timer on my phone and shook it the whole time the timer was counting down.

And, I have been paying attention to the thickness of the coats. Building concrete forms for retaining walls Thing is, you can move the paint across the surface pretty quick and that still seems like a pretty heavy coat.

That thing about not trying to get complete coverage on a first pass, I think that was the tip I needed. Insulating interior concrete walls I was trying to minimally cover everything. Precast retaining walls perth But in reality, covering everything, that’s a pretty heavy coat.

I just put on my 1st coat on my latest attempt to paint this thing. Concrete finish walls I can already tell I’m going over it with paint thinner and re-sanding again…

But, I’m going to play with a few more coats before I give up completely on this attempt.

Ahh, yes. Decorative concrete blocks for garden walls Proper work positioning is another important point that we completely neglected. Decorative concrete garden wall blocks Getting the piece positioned so you can get to the areas that need paint from the right angles is crucial, and you’re right, you definitely don’t want to have the edges you’re painting in contact with the work surface. Colored concrete walls You could try suspending it, or if the dock housing is shaped more or less how I’d imagine it is (your picasa link doesn’t work for me), you might be able to stick it on top of a small box or blocks of wood or something that will hold it up off of the work surface from the inside, if that makes sense.

For suspending parts for painting, I like to use rebar tie wire. Solid concrete walls nj It’s available at big box home improvement stores with the concrete supplies, should be ~$2 for a 2lb roll, which will last you a while. Poured concrete retaining wall design It’s soft enough to bend & cut easily, but stiff enough that a simple hook can hold up lightweight parts. Precast concrete panels prices If you’re holding up something heavier you can twist it around itself to make stronger hooks or loops as needed. Types of concrete block retaining walls You can also use picture hanging wire (the solid kind anyway, not so much the braided kind), but it’ll be more expensive, or floral wire if you can find the really heavy stuff. Polished concrete basement floor cost At work I’ve hung the wire from a board across a couple saw horses, or from the edge of the half-open roll-up door, and at home I’ve hung things from the balcony that overhangs our patio. Framing over concrete walls If you don’t have anything so convenient available, a broomstick and a couple of chairs (suitably protected) should make a serviceable painting frame.

Okay, I finally got back to this. Poured concrete walls cracks Learned a lot trying to do this, still don’t think it’s a great job, but it’s good enough and I’m tired of working on it for the time being.

After, I tried a few time, with flash and without. Finishing exterior concrete block walls It’s hard to get a good shot because it’s black. Basement concrete wall insulation wrap That shiny bit in the lower corner, that’s just the camera catching the light shining off the dock weird. Precast concrete retaining wall block forms It’s not imperfection in the paint.

Closeup of what’s wrong with the paint job. Diy precast concrete walls I’m not sure if these imperfections are caused by my sanding of the dock. Prefab concrete walls cost Or, caused by how I painted it. Pouring concrete walls I’ve painted this damn dock about four times now. Precast concrete walls johannesburg Each time having to go back and clean the paint off with paint thinner and then starting all over, doing multiple coats.

This last time, if the paint itself is causing those “dents”, it could be because one of the paint layers I did was too thick, and the paint kind of “gooped up” in places. Forming concrete walls plywood So I sanded those places down trying to smooth the paint out. Building concrete block wall That sanding could have screwed the paint job up, I don’t know.

It looks pretty bad that close up, but if you are even a foot away, you can barely see anything. Concrete precast walls Five feet away, you don’t see anything.

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