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A picturesque, Leo Family Tattoo Design by Chris from Dark Design Graphics with a full length-Time Lapse video to go with it. Meaningful tattoo ideas for guys What would feature in your family design? This brilliantly personalised design featured a Cherub, roses, doves the Leo Lion and a brilliant portrait of his customer’s son.

Why not tell us your idea for your own personalised custom tattoo design. Really cool tattoo designs Just mention Chris’ name in your custom Tattoo Design request –

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How about this Ladies and Gentlemen! An amazingly powerful World War 2 Full Leg Custom Tattoo Design in progress by Chris from Dark Design Graphics. Awesome tattoos for women Featuring the flags of the world powers during the Second World War, starting from the very toes of our customer, including the battle of Dunkirk, poppy fields, a battle scene of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, St’ Pauls Cathedral and finishing off with a Lancaster Bomber and two spitfires on the lower back!

Why not tell us your idea for your own personalised custom tattoo design. Awesome angel tattoos Just mention Chris’ name in your custom Tattoo Design request –

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Now available as a High-Resolution digital download from the Dark Design Shop after so many requests at a discounted price for a short time only!

read up on the methods used to create this design and how Maria (the author) just can’t stop staring at his legs 😉

Samson Tattoo Design – Delilah & The House of Dagon

Possibly the most vibrant design Dark Design Graphics has produced to date thanks to the brilliant work of Chris!

The ultimate adventurer’s full sleeve tattoo design from Chris and how about that for colours! Check out his full write-up including the process he goes through to prepare for each and every custom tattoo artwork, the ideas that come together when a customer asks for up to fourteen!! different features in a design and how he puts together a black, grey and coloured design like this to create a real masterpiece!

Just to get an idea of some of the features included in this design check out the completely random tags I’ve added below.

Full Sleeve Adventure Tattoo Design – For The Ultimate Traveller!

The last day at a discounted price! Get it now for ?15 only including the High-Resolution download, ready to be printed at the size you along with the perfectly matching tattoo stencil ready for the tattoo artist of your choice! –

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Tomorrow will be the last day of the discount for this incredibly detailed Skull & Roses tattoo design, perfect for the chest, back or perhaps a wrap around the upper sleeve. Awesome tattoos designs for guys Comes with perfectly matching outline stencil, ready to take to the tattoo artist of your choice!

Skull and Roses Tattoo Download

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Exquisite full back, falling angels custom tattoo design by Jenn from Dark Design Graphics with full time-lapse video to go with it!

Absolutely love this design by Jenn, a truly graceful image with a full post explaining the research she did to capture the movement of the figures!

Exquisite Angels & lilies tattoo Design

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An incredibly detailed, full sleeve, wolf tattoo design from Marie, the latest artist to join the Dark Design Graphics team! This design has such depth and brilliant meanings behind each and every feature not to mention a few hidden ones you have to look out for! Awesome!

#fullsleeve #wolf #wolves #tattoo #illustration #darkdesigngraphics #nature #ink #biro?

Chris’ latest concept for his upcoming tattoo design has it all!

We wait in anticipation in hope that we are grossed out for once!

If you fancy getting one of these awesome Tattoo Designs yourself Just mention Chris’ name in your custom Tattoo Design request –

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