Decorating for a country christmas _ living the country life

Lean a vintage sled next to your front door to welcome guests! Decorate it with pine boughs, Christmas ornaments, fruit, and pinecones. Diy home office storage ideas What a wonderful way to display a sled from your childhood, or a small wooden sled your kids have outgrown.

Place orange slices, cranberries, nuts, birdseed, and other bird- and squirrel-friendly foods in a birdbath, then top with water and let freeze.

Small office interior design pictures Not only does this add a nice pop of color to the winter garden, but watching the critters dig into the ice for their treats will provide hours of entertainment!

Ice luminaries are easy to make, with some help from Mother Nature. Small business office organization ideas They can be as simple as freezing oranges and pine boughs in a bucket of water. Office cabin design ideas Add a candle, and you’ve got a warm winter welcome. Cheap work office decorating ideas Try battery-powered votive candles, so the cold winter wind won’t blow them out!

Here’s one more fun idea for making frozen decorations. Home office makeover ideas Use an angel food or Bundt pan to make an ice wreath. Professional office decor ideas for work Fill part-way full with water, add cranberries, poinsettia leaves, orange slices, or pine needles, and freeze. Modern home office decorating ideas Remove the frozen ring from the pan (you may need to let it thaw just slightly to remove it), attach a sturdy ribbon, and hang from a tree or on a fencepost.

A festive wreath is a great addition to your front door, but it’s not the only option. Gift ideas for office staff Hang your old skates, filled with tiny presents and embellished with an ornament or two and some greenery. Office interior design photos india Just make sure the blades are dull so they won’t scratch your door.

Here’s another fun wreath alternative. Creative gift ideas for office staff Mittens make such a cute door decoration! They don’t have to match, either, so this is a great way to use those cute little mittens that have lost their partners. Office gift ideas staff Don’t limit yourself to the front door for this … Office library room ideas it would be adorable hanging on a bedroom door, too!

Your garden urns are filled with color the rest of the year, but are left empty all winter. Small office interior design ideas pictures Make a topiary of light by wrapping miniature white bulbs around a wire form. Room office ideas Consider using battery-powered lights so you can place these throughout your gardens without having to run yards and yards of drop cords.

Hang lanterns from the roofline of your barn or shed to welcome visitors for the holidays. Home office design layout ideas Use hooks to hang them a safe distance from the structure, or better yet, use battery-operated flameless candles for a safer flame that won’t be blown out by a gust of wind.

Your holiday decorating doesn’t have to be limited to just your house. Office gift ideas for employees Hang a few festive wreaths in the barn! They’ll bring a smile to your face while doing chores, and when your visitors take a tour of your place in the country, they’ll love these added touches! Just make sure the decorations are out of reach of your animals.

Turn an old wooden ladder into a country-style card holder. Interior design ideas for small rooms Attach bungee cords in an “X” pattern, then hang the cards on them, or attach with mini clips. Small business office interior design ideas Add hooks to the sides of the ladder to hang stockings or paper cones filled with candy.

Bring a feeling of warmth to your kitchen counter or holiday table with this cute country arrangement. Small home office decorating ideas pictures Simply fill a canning jar about two-thirds full with water, drop in cranberries and a sprig of greenery, and add a floating candle. Office break room design ideas The possibilities are really limitless with this idea. Dental office design floor plans You can add a few drops of food coloring or some pretty beads and change the look easily.

Display your holiday treats on a cake stand you can make yourself. Simple office decorating ideas Simply cut two different-sized logs, hot glue them together, and place a circle of cardboard on top. Industrial home office design ideas Then add your cake, and top it with a sprig of greenery!

Add a festive flurry of snow to candles by applying decoupage adhesive using a paintbrush. Garage office design ideas Then roll the candle in a mixture of epsom salts and glitter. Commercial office design ideas Make sure to keep the glue away from the top edge of the candle to keep the salt, glitter and glue away from the flame.

Turn ordinary flour-sack towels into adorable gifts with a little embroidery. Diy home office organization ideas The kids can get involved with this craft, sewing on buttons or whip-stitching the edges of the towel. Funny christmas office door decorating ideas Smaller children can decorate holiday towels to use or give as gifts by tracing their hands or drawing on them with fabric markers.

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