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Back when broadcast television was first switching over from analog to digital most people needed to get a converter box to watch DTV broadcasts. Satellite tv complaints Remember that abomination that was “HD-Ready”? Those TVs could display an HD signal, but didn’t actually have a digital tuner in them. Satellite tv options in south africa Nowadays all TVs come with one, so [Craig] found his old converter box was just gathering dust.

Is directv satellite or cable So he cracked it open and reverse engineered how the DTV hardware works.

The hardware includes a Thompson TV tuner, IR receiver for the remote control, and the supporting components for an LGDT1111 SoC. Dish tv antenna installation guide This is an LG chip and after a little searching [Craig] got his hands on a block diagram that gave him a starting place for his exploration. Download satellite tv for pc The maker of the converter box was also nice enough to include a pin header for the UART. Free download satellite tv for pc 2011 It’s populated and even has the pins labeled on the silk screen. Satellite tv providers in canada We wish all hardware producers could be so kind. Satellite tv installation guide He proceeds to pull all the information he can through the terminal. Satellite tv providers alberta This includes a dump of the bootloader, readout of the IR codes, and much more. Shaw direct satellite tv channel lineup Posted in home entertainment hacks Tagged converter, digital television, dtv, hdtv, reverse engineering, tuner Post navigation

The ‘converter box’es typically found for using DTV signals with old TVs that only have NTSC tuners (including the free ones subsidized by the government), typically only have SD (composite, sometimes svideo) output.

If your display is HD ready, or are using a higher than NTSC resolution display, it would behoove you to snag a tuner capable of digital output to fully enjoy the high resolution and high bitrate signals being broadcast.

Personally i dont see tunerless (HD-Ready) displays to be an ‘abomination’, we’ve all owned monitors capable of such resolution without TV tuners in them for ages. Zee tv satellite frequency Many professional and commercial displays also lack tuners since those interested could always fall back on a separate or more specialized/featureful tuners.

TV box firmware is simple except with RF and encoding/decoding algos which are usually DSP lib calls from chip vendor libs.. Direct satellite tv free download some you also cant dump..

TV boxes are actually cool, I learned a lot abount satcom encryption during the 90s by reversing broadcom and siemens firmware in sat boxes..

The RCA DTA-800 CECB (Coupon Eligible Converter Box) has bare spots on its PCB for an S-Video jack and the few other components for that output.

It has been figured out what components fill those empty spots.

This model has a separate power supply board inside. Watch arabic sport tv online free The tuner board runs on 12 volts, which makes it crazy easy to adapt for vehicle use.

@ Galane not only for car use but you can build a sort of ups for it by running from a battery and then using a power supply to charge the battery.

no need to step up the power and then back down during a power outage witch can be wasteful even with modern ups that uses switching power supply instead of bulky transformer

i found a labeled usb pin set inside a 20 dollar dvd player, and it turned out I could play movies off of a flash drive. Satellite tv networks After some searching I realised the same company sold a version that did that (for about 200 bucks more), along with an sd card port and a network connection. Hum tv satellite setting Sure enough, I found pins for all 3 in there.

If you can figure out where the RGB signals are at then it isn’t that complicated to wire in an analog converter. Pc satellite tv pro free download Lots of companies make single chip solutions for something like DVI to NTSC/PAL.

It might even be possible to rewire your inputs for DVI, VGA, HDMI, or Component as outputs. Liste chaines tv satellite astra Then you could use a plug and play HD digital to SD analog converter.

If you can’t rewire the included ports you can always use a Dremel to make new holes to mount your own.

Unless there is something extra special about the tuner, like tuning channels which are normally outside range, or something special about the software it sounds like a lot of work compared to the price of a DTV tuner these days. Sky channel frequency list Even an adapter with DVR capabilities can be under $30.

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