Dish network channel list (unofficial)

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As of 6/14/02 some receivers began showing the Local-into-Local (LIL) channels on the over the air (OTA) channel numbers. Ways to watch tv without cable or dish ( see

Sky- Christian Television Network-Detroit (WLPC-LP 26 Detroit, Mi)

Local-into-Local (LIL) channels on the over the air (OTA) channel numbers.

For example, WKRC TV 12 that is on Dish on channel 8351 will also appear on Dish channel

limit the size of this list, not have all the 8000 block channels listed at

confusion of having dozens of channels shown on the same channel number (i.e.

LA, NYC, Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc all have a channel 2) the OTA numbers will

only be listed in the “channel name” field of this chart. Satellite tv for android tablets Channels will be

mapped to their OTA designation only if they are LOCAL channels.

Superstations and distant local channels will not be affected by this feature.

open TV capable receivers and the 721 receiver have this feature.

In order to maximize space on the satellites and uplink as many

stations as possible, Dish has launched and put into service Spot Beam

satellites. Alternatives to cable and satellite tv 2015 These allow a single transponder to be reused in tightly

focused beams aimed at certain parts of the country instead of sending one

channel nation wide. Satellite tv and internet providers in my area To see maps of the current spot beam satellites click

• (1) Channel shows on or other reliable satellite scans, but not available to regular subscribers.• (2) The Dish Network Web Page now states that this channel requires “additional equipment” and no longer lists channel being available at 119°. Satellite tv companies This channel may soon be removed from 119°

• (3) This channel has many hours of “free” programming available Free to Air (FTA) and can be seen with any Dish receiver during these times. Telecharger tv satellite gratuit sur pc See for more details.

• (4*) This channel shows up on some residential receivers’ program guide, however the programming is not available to residential subscribers. Free satellite tv channels in sri lanka If selected the programming that is heard is actually that of the next channel up.

• (5) Channel mirrored in the 800 channel range and available to residential

• (6) Requires a 5000 Receiver, HDTV Adaptor and HDTV compatible TV or set-top adaptor OR an HDTV compatible receiver (model 6000). Zee tv hotbird 13 For complete details and a FAQ see the EKB HDTV Page

• (6*) requires 6000 receiver with 8PSK adaptor card. Satellite pay tv Adaptor card available from Dish at 1-888-222-3474 staring 7/1/02

• (7) Requires a 4000, 5000 or DVHS receiver and DD adaptor or DD Compatible receiver to see channel in the guide. K box satellite tv Retailers only.

“hidden” Guide and/or several on-line guides but not yet available.• (9) Rumored by some sources but by no means official

• (10) Requires PTV (Personal TV) compatible receiver and Subscription to Personal TV (Dishplayers)

• (11) Requires OPEN TV compatible receiver. Usb dvb s digital satellite hdtv tv receiver tuner box (3900, 4900, or DishPro Model

• (12) Informational channels on standby pending Miami Circuit Court ruling on

a long-standing case dealing with the details of qualifications for locals and

distant networks.• (13) Dish Network has made a business decision NOT to carry this channel ( WBQC-CA UPN Cincinnati). American satellite tv in europe Though a low power channel and thus not a ” must carry” channel, Dish Network is the just about the ONLY multi-channel provider in the area that does not carry this channel. Big tv satelit indonesia Of the major carriers in the area, both DirecTV (the other DBS provider) and Time Warner Cable (which had a policy against carrying any low power TV channels) now carry this channel. Satellite tv box descrambler Dish still refuses.

• (14) The channel number is listed in the listed satellite and transponder

“trickle” guide, however the channel itself is not currently uplinked. Compare satellite tv providers canada The

call letters and other information are derived from other sources. Tv par satellite en belgique gratuit In most

instances, the Dishplayer’s former “Hidden” guide• (All Day) Movies on this PPV channel may be purchased once and viewed “All Day”. Portable satellite dish kit for caravan or camping (approx from 5am to 4am ET–see “info” screen on EPG for details)

• (DD) Dolby Digital soundtrack available on at least some programming. Satellite tv on your pc free download (24/7 on PPV channels)

• (LTBX) This PPV channel presents its movies in the Letterbox format showing the program’s original aspect ratio. Satellite direct tv free download with crack (black bars at top and bottom of the screen).

To better understand the need for letterboxing and what wide screen is all• Sky = Channel provided by independent DBS company, Dominion Sky Angel.

• A La Carte Programming• Action (Action Pack) (Discontinued)• AEP (America’s “Everything” Pack)

All channels on AT50, 100, 150, HBO, Mac, Show and Starz are part of AEP• ANY2 (Pick two South Asian Channel Pack)

and AT100 are part of AT150• Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)• DCP (Dish Classpack)

• Dish Nets (Available to qualifying subscribers nationally–maximum 2 of each distant network allowed by law.–Channels may be purchased individually or as a package.)

• Locals (Available to Subscribers within the DMA of that station. Satellite tv malaysia download Entire city’s package MUST be purchased. Directv hd satellite dish types Individual stations not sold separately.– Subscribers from outside the DMA may no longer subscribe to this package even if they qualify for all four major network stations under the SHVIA. Setting up directv hd satellite dish This policy appears to have gone into effect 5/15/01.)

• To see what locals or distant channels you may qualify for go to

• Muzak (Music Package available to businesses directly from Muzak)

Polish Pack (PolSat, TVN 24 and Radio Marija)• S/E (Starz/Encore)

• * Sport (Multi Sport Package–Subject to black-outs determined by the individual sports leagues) Only the Regional Sports Channel(s) serving your area is

• ** Channel ONLY available in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and western sections of North Carolina.

• Please send any corrections or updates for this page to

• The channels listed as Richmond Locals (9385-9391) have have moved from

transponder 18 (24) to transponder 7 (9). Bell satellite tv program guide They are currently showing

• KIMO ABC Achorage (7030) is now available to local Anchorage, AK locals

• TXINF channel 154 showing Connecticut satellite tax info has been removed

• KING TV Seattle is now being uplinked to channel 7049 on the Alaska

spot beam Tp 9s2 on 119. Directv hd satellite finder There is no local channel number map assigned

• Channels 9800 and 9801 are now being uplinked to Tp 22 at 110.

They do not appear to be available to subscribers yet. Pc satellite tv pro serial number (ANON)

• Anchorage Local CBS, Fox, PBS, UPN and Pax affiliates are now technically

available to subscribers. Tv satellite percuma The official availability date is on the 28th,

so CSRs may not be able to turn them on for subs until then, but they are

“available” now. Satellite tv services australia They are on 119° in the Alaska spot beam so reception

• WOW channel 102 (mirrored on several other channels) is now “visible” to

mere mortals in the anchorage area if they happen to have a dish pointed at

• KAKW TV 62 now uplinked to channel 8258 at 110 trasnponder 8 spot 6.

(ANON) The channel is licensed to Killeen, TX which is in the Waco

Market when last I checked. Sirius satellite tv channels online However, it may be that Dish will be

“mirroring” the channel in both markets before it becomes available to mere

• KAZT CA channel 27 Phenix is now being uplinked to channel 8331

transponder 5 spot 6 at 119. Internet satellite tv for pc 2012 v3 2 full (ANON) Looks like Dish is using the

CA signal as a “good quality” signal of KAZT TV 7 Prescott, AZ.

• WAAY TV 31 (ABC – Huntsville/Decatur, AL) is now available to local

• Unfortunately I was forced to add a Copyright statement and have completed the process for legal and enforceable

INTERNATIONAL copyright status to the list. Satellite direct tv for pc free download I’ve never minded having people copy the list as long as credit was given to the EKB in the form of an

acknowledgement or a link back to the parent site. Cable and satellite tv providers in my area Unfortunately some like to plagiarize. Download satellite tv for pc 2011 (That means taking credit for other’s work) The information contained in this page is widely available and in the public domain. Directv satellite transponder channel list My words and work are not. How does satellite tv work in an rv Again, if anyone wishes to republish this list I have no problems whatsoever as long as credit is given where credit is due by providing a link back to the source, the Echostar Knowledge Base as I credit other’s work whenever I use it as a foundation for my own. Satellite tv for pc 2007 elite edition free download (TNGTony)

©2000-2003 The contents of this page and the companion Excel file (ekb52.xls) are property of

Tony Suarez and the Echostar Knowledge Base (EKB). Satellite tv companies near me They are intended for the non-commercial use of the EKB’s readers. Watch satellite tv The EKB Dish Channel List page may be republished on the World Wide Web ONLY as a complete page and UNALTERED in ANY way including all references to the EKB, graphics, links, tables and this statement. Directv satellite dish setup This page or the companion Excel file may not be republished electronically or otherwise in any other fashion without the expressed written consent of Tony Suarez (TNGTony) [EKB Contributor/Editor]

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