Diy grout cleaner_ homemade recipe with baking soda

To go along with my early spring cleaning/organizing I wanted to tackle my grout! We have quite a bit of tile in our home. What temperature do you wash black clothes in The bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room. What temperature should i wash clothes The house is 8 years old and I’m not sure if the tile was just never sealed or if it’s just dirty after all these years. Do you have to wash baby clothes separately Either way, I was going to rid it of the yuckiness!

I came across a Pin that did not link but had a grout cleaner recipe pasted with the picture.

How do you wash clothes in a washing machine I decided to give it a try. How to wash clothes at a laundromat I figured if it didn’t work I would just go to Lowe’s and buy a real grout cleaner.

I am so happy that I gave it a try! It actually worked!! And all of the chemicals I used were kid friendly so my kiddos got to help too…which they thought was so much fun!

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Toothbrush OR these Brushes (I like these because of the two sizes on 1 brush)

Can you see the difference?!?! The grout looks as good as new!! I seriously was amazed!

I’m going over the grout with this grout sealer that we had left over from laying travertine in our Georgia house. How to wash black clothes without getting lint This was bought at Home Depot.

I’d love it if you would Pin this post if you found it helpful! May everyone who has tile have clean grout!!

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I cleaned my shower yesterday with Lime Away and decided to spray some on some grout in a different room. What detergent should i wash baby clothes in I used a toothbrush to scrub it…it worked but didn’t seem to get it as clean as the homemade mixture!

Yikes I did something wrong, I saw this same formula and the person said let it sit an hour then wipe away…. What do you wash white clothes with I see no change. How to clean washing machine with vinegar and bleach I notice yours says to scrub but I’m seeing buckets and wash clothes- true dummy here- did you spray directly on the grout or mop the floor by hand? Did you let it sit before tooth rushing it?

THANK YOU so much for this recipe. What temperature should i wash dark clothes I used this recipe plus a good sturdy scrub brush on my 6 month old tile grout which is a light beige and my OLD floor which I think was white tile grout. How to wash baby clothes It worked WONDERS!

The old tile was in the house prior to us moving in 3 years agoand it looked dirty and nearly brown. Washing baby clothes before first use It is now a nice white color!!! THANKS

Hi CJ!! I’m so glad it worked so well for you too!! My husband still thinks I’m crazy because I comment about how awesome our floors look!! But I’m just so happy that they floors look new without replacing them!!

i did this when my wife went on a business trip & she came in the door & thought i had painted the walls! i started doing about 4 square feet – went to bed & was amazed at the grout & the tile in the morning. How to hand wash white clothes i used vinegar not ammonia. How to wash baby clothes before use i also used baking soda to get ink from an exploding pen out of a new dining room table.

Ohh that’s the best news! Congrats!! I’m so glad your wife was happy too! ?? I still admire my clean grout daily!! ?? It’s the little things in life! ?? *thanks for the tip about baking soda and ink!! I will definitely keep that one in mind should I have ink to get out someday!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Thanks for the recipe! I did my whole entry way today and went through six toothbrushes! Thank goodness for the dollar store. How to wash clothes in videocon washing machine I used lime juice, since that’s what I had, and scrubbed in extra baking soda (like a paste) on especially dirty grout lines. How to wash clothes by hand properly Think I’m going to be sore tomorrow, but my neat nick husband is THRILLED!

I unfortunately did not find this recipe to work well. How to whiten old baby clothes It took a tremendous amount of scrubbing compared to putting a liberal amount of powdered OXI CLEAN in a bucket of hot water. How to clean vintage baby clothes Much less scrubbing needed with that.

I tried storing my leftover solution in a spray bottle under my sink. How to wash hunting clothes in baking soda The next time I took it out there were blobs on mold in the solution. How do you hand wash clothes in a sink Probably from the lemon juice. How to wash clothes in a washer I used juice from lemons I squeezed. How to wash your clothes without washing machine Might last longer if you store in the refrigerator. Do you wash white clothes on hot or cold Think I’ll just make it up fresh each time.

Love the post Stephanie, especially how the recipe is kid friendly. Can you wash clothes with baking soda only The results is pretty clear in the photos, but I wonder now much scrubbing you had to do to get that result. Can you wash dark clothes in hot water A stronger bleach based product might have brought up a brighter color. Dry wash procedure for clothes Thanks again for sharing!

Hi there this worked wonders helping with grout cleaning especially in spots my dog enjoyed marking. How to wash black and white clothes together Being pregnant made it especially hard for me to clean it because of the harsh chemicals in the products or how ineffective they were. How to remove old red wine stains from clothing This is my go to now ?? thanks! Making my pregnant cleaning days extremely easy.

I did not notice any difference using this. What temperature to wash newborn clothes Our house was built just a year ago, so the dirt and mildew scum in the tiled shower is ALL NEW haha! I wish this had worked but it didn’t. How to wash athletic clothes I’m going on to OxiClean now.

Hi, Stephanie! My dad and mom are coming to visit for a few days during this Thanksgiving holiday and I couldn’t be more excited; it’s their first visit to my new home. How to wash clothes in a bucket But anyhow, you know what that means…… yes, a mad dash to get everything SPOTLESS!!! I saved the grout for last (as it is my LEAST favorite) but with this concoction I found it effortless!! I put it on, waited 5 minutes then ran an electric toothbrush over it. Color clothes wash in cold water THANK YOU for the child/pet safe cleaner that actually works. Do you wash light clothes in cold water ?? Happy Holidays! The Hanks Family

Could you do a vinegar and water rinse? i know i use baking soda on my stove top and it leaves a film. How to wash the clothes Usually a little vinegar will cut it. How to wash expensive clothes Just a suggestion to try.

We live in a rental house and the grout for our pretty, light terra cotta-ish colored tiles looked to be a dark gray… until I got down close one day to wipe up a spill and noticed the grout in this fairly unwalked upon area was a nice LIGHT gray! I’ve been on a mission ever since to get it all clean! I had great success with a 50:50 plain white vinegar & water mixture scrubbed in and wiped off and was very pleased with my efforts… except in our master bath. How to clean carpet stains with baking soda It looked like something had been spilled in the area most walked upon, right inside the door, between the first sink and the toilet room. How to wash baby clothes without shrinking them My beloved vinegar/water did little more than make the stained area stick out even more with the surrounding grout now light and pretty! I was worried that something had been spilled and actually STAINED the grout. Dark spots on clothes from washing machine I whipped up a batch of this, toothbrush in hand, I sat on the floor, took a deep breathe, said a quick pleading prayer, and began to scrub. Temperature to wash white shirts I use the term “scrub” very loosely here, it was more like just pushing the toothbrush back and forth, swirling in areas that looked ground in. Where can i wash my clothes near me The hardest part of this whole procedure was keeping my mini schnauzers from licking the wet floor or drinking from the bucket! This stuff smells like a delicious citrus soda! I just had to remember to keep myself between the wet floor and the eager pups and to put the lid on the cat litter bucket I used to mix when I stepped away from it. How to wash colored clothes with white This was not surface dirt, so I didn’t get the muddiness you did, (my first plain viegar/water scrub a few months ago got the muddiness off) but the towel I used to wipe it did get dirty none the less. Carters baby washcloths I noticed a film of baking soda on the tile, so I put a timer in for 30 minutes and then used my floor steamer on super high steam to clean the film off. How to wash white shirt with black letters The towel I ran over the floor while it was still wet from the mega-steam was CLEAN! And the bathroom floor grout now looks CLEAN! I left a few lines of grout unscrubbed for comparison (only a few because I got swept up in the excitement!). How long to wash baby clothes in dreft No lingering chemical smells, no dry hands, no broken back or sore atms/hands, not much effort at all! Hands down my favorite cleaning day EVER! Thank you so much for posting this!

YAY!!! I’m so happy it worked so well for you!!! We’re in the process of renovating our kitchen so my once clean floors are filthy again! ?? I can’t wait to finish the construction so I can give the grout a good cleaning again! ??

The best thing I have found for grout is Magic Erasers. What do you wash newborn clothes in Buy a large container and cut them in half, dampen eraser and get on your knees and go for it. How to wash t shirts without ruining the lettering Be sure to wipe up dirt with damp cloth as you go. What temperature do you wash black clothes Erasers will crumble and fall apart because of the gritty grout, but it works.

Thank you for this recipe! We remodeled our house 3 years ago and put down new tile. Hand wash clothes in washing machine I bought a product that was suppose to seal the grout and it did not seal and it bleached my taupe grout white…uggh! Anyway, I’ve been in a dirty grout battle ever since and this is the only thing that has worked. How to wash laundry with bleach I have used bleach, oxi clean, and professional strength cleaner. How to clean wool pants I am so grateful to end this battle.

My kitchen floor is cream colored ceramic tile and this mixture is definitely cleaning the grime and staining in the grout. How to clean dress shirt collar stains We’re looking to remodel and I’d rather work with the existing flooring than have to take up all that tile!

How can I remove the baking soda residue that was left on my tile floor? Was so happy to see how clean my grout got..until the floor dried and seen the floor is now white from the baking soda ?? have used my steam mop 5 times on it now and it’s not helping. Best time of day to do laundry to save energy HELP! :/

OK, so was this supposed to produce a lava flow like one of my kids volcano experiments. Best way to wash colored clothes I had all ingredients but BS in a jug. How do you wash clothes without shrinking them Added baking soda and had a huge reaction. How to clean clothes without washer After foam cleared away, half of the mixture was down the sink!

Wow thank you so much for this ! I have finished half of my counters so far and it works wonders !!! I was trying to figure out how to attach a picture but I can’t figure out how! My grout was brown and filthy now it’s white and looks brand new ??

Oh wow, that’s quite impressive to know that you can clean tile grouts with a liquid like that and a toothbrush. How to wash clothes that bleed Looking at the picture it sure reminds me of the tile cleaning that I should be doing. What temperature wash white clothes Well, my tiles have ended up all dirty with mud and other sticky things stuck in between the tiles.

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