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A commercial or heavy duty mop bucket with the attachment for squeezing the water out of the mop works great for both washing and wringing out the clothes. How to whiten white shirts without bleach Because the material isn’t actually being wrung, the clothes also last longer. Can you wash clothes in hot water Plus if you use soap nuts, the clothes need not be perfectly rinsed. How to wash athletic clothes Not just for camping. $100, though, would probably be better spent on fixing my regular washer.

Wash baby clothes before first use Still, it’s interesting seeing the different ideas out there. What should you wash white clothes in There were even plans on Mother Earth News for a wind powered washer! Hmmm. How to wash washing machine with baking soda A crank really is a simple mechanism, easy enough to duplicate.

How to clean

clothes in washing machine The issue comes down to a knob, because while a regular knob or finial would do the trick, it would be better if it rotated separate from the crank, instead of rotating in your hand. This bucket/plunger washing contraption would probably also work great for the felting of hand knit wool projects, which also requires hot water and being able to control the amount and time of agitation. How to get clothes clean in front load washer Anybody else think this might work for that? One possibility for a wringer system could be a battery operated drill and a larger mixer attachment (can find in lowes or home depot).

How to wash colored clothes with bleach These mixer attachments or beaters have a longer shaft and fit perfectly into the chucks of most drills just like a drill bit does. How to wash 100 cotton dress shirts My husband uses this method to mix drywall mud. How long to wash baby clothes in dreft Could wrap the mixer end sections with fabric to ensure clothing doesn’t rip or tear and could do this right in the bucket!

Definitely a great idea for camping or vacation homes. What temperature to wash white clothes on And is a great way to teach the children to measure detergent, sort colors, and feel accomplished for helping out. What detergent should i wash baby clothes in Could even do this in front of the tv or at the table for those children who wait until the last second before bed to Tell you they forgot to wash the outfit they have to wear in the am. Great idea….I forgot in the days before salad spinners, I would take a clean pillow case full of very wet, just washed lettuce and swing it for all it was worth in the back yard. How to clean a fabric couch with baking soda Got a little wet in the process, but the lettuce was dry enough without being soggy….

soggy, wet lettuce is inedible to me. wow this is similar to what we used to do in the country in IL, We lived in Hopkins Park IL, and most of the people there live in abject poverty. Does washing your clothes in hot water shrink them We didnt have a washer, no laudrymat in town nor a car to get to the nearest one. How to clean washing machine smell with vinegar We used to load the clothes in the bath tub, add some soap and swish the clothes around with an old mop (sans mophead). What should you wash baby clothes with drain the tub, add rinse water, repeat. How to clean white clothes with color We had an old dryer that the last tenants had left behind that we also used to heat the house (no working furnace in this trailer, so we stuck a wad of gum in the dryer part to trick it into thinking the door was closed and let the hot air run, thus heating our home).

How to remove dry red wine stains from cotton pull out the gum and close the door to dry clothes. Does washing clothes in hot water shrink them this idea would have been very useful back then, my mom had an old washboard and a metal bucket she would use sometimes. If you are a regular customer at a restaurant and are familiar with the help,you may be able to talk them out of a five gallon hamburger dill slices bucket.

Baking soda to clean dishwasher Chinese restaurants use soy sauce by the five gallon bucket.I may try this teh next time I visit “The Hong Kong Buffet”. Some pool chemicals come in buckets that are deeper (larger) than 5 gallon size.

Wash white shirt with colors They also have screw off lids that are much easier to get on & off than the 5 gal. What do you wash dark clothes in hot or cold lids. What temperature should i wash my colored clothes They are probably thrown away by pool cleaners. Do you wash baby clothes before they wear them If the chemicals are safe enough to put in water that people swim in, after washing the bucket I would think they should be OK for clothes washing too. This is a great life hack! I was thinking instead of using it as a punishment for bad behavior to use it as a fun thing to do with the boys, and then they will want to have fun with the washing!

😀 Brialliant idea Melissa…well done…I made a similar one for a couple of polo shirts, socks and underwear for when I could not be bothered putting the electric washing machine on…I just sit it in the bath on top of a square plastic milk crate (to save the back), to do the washing.

Do i wash my white clothes in hot water I, like you, might yet, put a couple of extra holes in the plunger bit. How do i wash dark clothes I get my buckets from the fish and chip shop…I use them for self watering planters too, but for the purpose of this exercise (despite the shop cleaning them out because they once held mayonaise), gave them a couple more goes of washing out with normal dishwashing liquid. How to wash clothes in semi automatic washing machine Mine, with the hole in the centre of the lid, works like a dream..prior to washing, put the washing to be done in the same bucket to soak, or have a spare one along side for that purpose, then the mini machine can be ready to go with the clothes washing detergent and water added.

I love this idea. How to clean washing machine with vinegar and baking soda I have been looking them up for a while because I don’t have a washer/dryer hook up and the laundry mat is killing us! Ok. Color clothes wash temperature So I figure for larger loads you could use a flexible style tote and out fit it with a cheap sink basket, a foot of pvp, and a collapsible pool hose! Easy to drain and refill!

Thanks for the post! not sure that this is the proper place to put this, but along the same idea, using no electricity (due to ma y days of no power happening every winter due to storms) I made a “manual pressure” shower. Washing white clothes bleach I used one of those pesticide sprayers that you can get at most department or lawn and garden stores ..the kind that has a screw on lid and a handle that you push up and down to pressurize and a hose and nozzle to spray weeds etc. How wash clothes by hand I bought a brand new one for around 15 dollars.

Can i wash all my clothes together In it’s simplest form, I heated a potato kettle of water to steaming, dumped it in and then topped off with cool water, to get the temperature I wanted. What water do you wash dark clothes in screw the lid on, Then I turned the nozzle to the “stream” setting, as mine only had stream and mist. Can i wash all my clothes in cold water pump it up to pressure and voila! An instant shower….

How to properly wash clothes in washing machine though a very narrow stream of water. What water do you wash white clothes in I was able to wash up, shampoo and rinse my hair without refilling it, even though I had the nozzle handle locked in the on position. How to clean gym equipment IF you want to be more frugal with the water, you can turn it on and off by releasing the lock.

I later improved this shower by using the shower head from a battery operated camp shower that I had purchased once for 20 bucks. How to use bleach to wash white clothes (it didn’t work well at all as it came). Wash white t shirts I used the shower head and some plastic tubing that I had. White clothes wash I removed the nozzle from the bug sprayer, stuck the tubing over the end where the nozzle had screwed on. Dark clothes wash temperature I was able to stretch the tubing over the primer end of the camp shower head.

How to get white clothes clean without bleach Same process as when using the original nozzle, except now I have a much wider spray and the water doesn’t last quite as long because it comes out faster. Should i wash baby clothes separately but I can still get a decent 5 minutes of continuous water flow. How to clean white clothes that have turned pink Have to stop to pump the pressure back up once or twice. How to clean couch with baking soda and vinegar The total cost was about 35 dollars, but to be able to show up at work freshly showered when nobody has had power at home for days on end is priceless.

Two thoughts: First of all, a cheap and easy way to get a longer handle would probably be to buy a dollar-store broom or mop; the plungers I’ve had have screw-on handles that seem to take the same thread size. How to wash new clothes with salt Cost would probably be around $3 or so. So far as the salad spinners go, my mum always used to just put the washed salad onto a clean tea towel, gather it up by the corners, head outside, and swing it around her head for a few seconds. How to wash t shirts Great fun and very effective (and it made that bit in Mr. How to wash clothes without them shrinking Bean where he dries his salad off in his sock extra hilarious; swinging your salad around to dry it may be a British thing, lol). How to wash clothes after bed bugs I wonder if it wouldn’t work for clothes, too? One could maybe put one or two items (depending on size; I can’t imagine one would get many into a salad spinner anyways) into a pillow case or something and swing that about for a bit; it’s surprisingly entertaining and I see no reason it oughtn’t work as well as a spinner.

I find that that detergent meant for high efficiency washers really works well when I do a camp wash in a bucket so would probably be great for this technique. How to wash clothes without detergent Really low suds and meant to use a minimum of water. What kind of water to wash white clothes in I use the Tide free and gentle pods in my water bucket with excellent results. Washing newborn clothes before use Might have to see if I can find room for a plunger in my tiny rv. […] Basically, just get a five gallon bucket, cut a small hole in the top of it, and then put some water and detergent in it, stick a regular bathroom plunger through the hole, toss the clothes in, and use elbow grease.

Can you wash all your clothes in cold water More detailed instructions here. What do you wash dark clothes on […] […] Basically, just get a five gallon bucket, cut a small hole in the top of it, and then put some water and detergent in it, stick a regular bathroom plunger through the hole, toss the clothes in, and use elbow grease. Should you wash newborn clothes before wearing More detailed instructions here. How to wash clothes infested with bed bugs […

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