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Been looking for a DVB-T2 PCI-E card for my htpc build, been ferreting around & found this TBS offering.

Someone on this forum was wanting one, can’t remember who it was.

It is available, but I can’t paste uk links(will incur wrath of the mods again)

Had already posted this, wrong place, so here it, in the right place.

Yeah I know the company went bust. Tv satellite free Although it should work with media centre (drivers are free) Never used the media centre I’m a bit reticent as I’ve a feeling it may stop the card working without messing about with the computer for ages.

Click to expand…What software are/were you using, and what was the costly upgrade ???

As for the T2 vs S2 discussions, it would not surprise me, if the T2 broadcasts were of a **** poor bandwidth to allow them to cram more paying stuff in there like stupid bingo or casino channels designed solely to suck the sole from a community, along with all it’s money !! – S2 on the other hand may be slightly more performance orientated, possibly because it has to be, coming late to the party so to speak..

wonder how long it will before the SD digital signal is degraded to “encourage” HD take up, when digital was broadcast and quoted as the best thing since sliced bread, i could get a better analogue picture, no pixelation, no block freezes, no jagged edges on white lines or edges of race tracks,and smooth motion in fast events, and i’d still argue now, that if they hadn’t started degrading and reducing power on the analogue systems, a cleaner picture could be obtained in SD format, digital was no improvement as i see it (edit: other than additional volume) we should have gone straight to HD, all digital did was allow them to deliver lower quality in larger quantity for increased profits

The BGT 3630 is also a dual tuner but one is T2 and the other is S2.

Really happy with it, handy for when the wife is watching and recording some crap, i can use the Xbox to watch and record some crap of my own.

So am i met to believe that BGT are the Leaders in the Market for T2 tuners?? I wouldnt say i am a Hauppuage fan, but they do cheaper tuners only down full they are okay T1 and not T2, anymore words for other makers, since ?119 is a lot for a tuner right now in my eyes.

Try using Mediaportal, their tvserver records using .ts format and can record all channels at once on a single transponder, also one of the advanced FREE plugin’s ForTheRecord also has a TVservice called “Argus” that also can record all channels, both can then be accessed by the Mediaportal GUI.

EPG can be grabbed OTA or I use xmltvGUI to download info for 14 days from radiotimes website.

Also comskip is supported, so if that way inclined, no more tv adverts.

I’m building my first HTPC this weekend but it looks like it won’t have a TV tuner for a while since the BGT3600 is out of stock everywhere. Tv satellite hotbird I spoke to a certain UK distributor (the only big name that has sold these in the past) and they said they’ve had multiple delivery date estimates from BlackGold for more stock but they’ve all been and gone.

Hopefully it’ll be back in stock eventually and I’ll have 4 tuners working in MediaPortal, meaning that I can basically record as much as I want (unless I happen to want to watch 5+ channels that all happen to be on separate multiplexes).

Click to expand…One would expect Freesat to have a higher bitrate but you never know. Greek tv satellite frequency I’ve definitely heard before that Freesat HD doesn’t have anywhere near the bitrate it should have – there’s a lot of wasted space on the DVB-S(2) spectra, with many channels appearing multiple times. Pc satellite tv box Shame really. Satellite tv free Freeview HD is one multiplex with 36 Mbps split between 4 channels with statistical multiplexing, so 9 Mbps on average. Tamil free tv channel frequency A fifth will be added to that same multiplex in 2012, almost certainly Five HD.

Another tip is that ITV1 HD Granada apparently has a higher resolution on Freesat than ITV1 HD London does (1920x1080i vs 1440x1080i). Satellite tv south africa price So, unless you’re bothered about watching local ITV news, it’s worth setting up your tuner to get that version of the channel instead. Setting up directv satellite dish You might have to change your regional location to Manchester, depending on your media centre software.

The BGT3600 is pretty much the holy grail, covering all formats and 2 of everything ! however that 3630 looks a very capable second, if you dont need to record and watch at the same time, and it’s what, ?50 cheaper (and in stock)

Question for those with the 3600….in the paperwork, does it tell you anywhere if it needs a v1.x or v2.0 x1 PCIe slot ??

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