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Keith, if you’re lurking and stalking like you said before, on my book and if you see this, yes I have love for you. Arm sleeve tattoo ideas for guys Yes I’m inspired and still wanna meet you. Cool first tattoos for guys Yes I write explicit imagines about you because I only read erotica , I like to write and I like you so why not put it all together and make this book right? Hope you guys enjoy this one. Most unique tattoos ever ??

“Man what the hell” Y/N complained to herself. Wrist tattoo ideas for guys Her two friends, Misty and Jazz dragged her to a sex store with them. Awesome tribal tattoos for guys It made Y/N feel awkward due to the fact that nothing sexual happened to her all of her life, she was a virgin and haven’t been in relationships with any men because of her shyness and insecurity.

Best mens sleeve tattoos She believed relationships would never work out since she thought of herself awkward and was scared of how men would think of her because of that. Awesome tribal back tattoos Plus Y/N didn’t trust em, she didn’t want to get hurt since her friends like to tell stories on how niggas ain’t shit and see on social media/TV on how men treat women.

Y/N had a great body figure, thick but slim at the same time, perky c cup titties and a flat stomach along with a small waist. Free lower back butterfly tattoo designs Despite the fact she stay covered up, her body still showed out and people would always stare, she hated it. Awesome guy tattoo ideas She gets nervous and shy around boys so Y/N just stays to herself and stay single. Awesome small tattoos for guys However it doesn’t bother her at all or the fact that she’s still a 22 year old virgin.

“I need a dildo girl, Winston’s dick just ain’t doing it for me so once he go to work I’ll need something to keep me company and give me some real pleasure.” Jazz said to Misty as they both walked around the store looking for toys. Awesome tattoos for guys arm Y/N awkwardly just looked around, and slowly started to walk. Images of awesome tattoos Her friends were on the other side of the store so Y/N walked alone in the aisles, observing everything because of her curiosity.

“Pussy pops?” She read aloud, looking at lollipops that were shaped and looked like a pussy. Best friend tattoo ideas for guys “Ugh..” Y/N said and walked away. Back of neck tattoos meaning She walked and seen baskets of toys, necklaces and etc on the bottom of one shelf. Awesome tattoos with meaning She kneeled down and the first thing she seen was a little statue, it was black and shaped as a toned man with little pointy horns on its head. Really good tattoo ideas The arms were crossed around each other and there was no face on it but it was really beautiful. Awesome tattoos for guys quotes Y/N felt drawn to the statue and was confused at herself, why was she liking this product so much already? It’s just a little cute statue.

The girl began walking to the cash register, staring at it in her hands. Unique tattoo designs for guys “You’re about to buy that? The sex demon?” The cashier asked, snapping Y/N out of her daze. Awesome angel tattoo designs “That’s what it’s called..?” She questioned and stated at the same time. Awesome unique tattoos “Yeah, there’s an old saying that if the right girl come around and read the phrase on the bottom of it then a sexual demon comes out. Wrist tattoo designs for guys It’ll pleasure you, can protect you from HIV/AIDS, grant your sexual wishes, you know all of that good stuff but of course no one believes it.” The cashier said, and shrugged afterwards.

“Yeah, I just want to buy it. Back of neck tattoos small That’s all.” Y/N stated, keeping her eyes on the product. Awesome tattoos on back She bought the statue and kept it close to her. Awesome rib tattoo ideas for guys “Now where are they at.” Y/N mumbled to herself. Really awesome tattoos “Jazz buy me a dick pop!” Misty yelled throughout the store for her friend. Cool tattoo ideas for guys arms Y/N rolled her eyes, she was ready to go home. Cute girl foot tattoos Especially ready to go from her crazy and loud friends.

Water from the bathroom sink as Y/N washed her face and brushed her teeth. Most badass tattoos ever She was getting ready for bed, and felt comfortable in her boyshorts and a cami top on. Best man tattoos ever Y/N rinsed her face off and dried it off. Awesome tattoo quotes for guys While looking down, there was the statue sitting on the sink. Best male sleeve tattoos She picked it up and read the bottom of it.

” Let temptation take over your body and mind, as he appears before you to blow your mind, with different and pleasurable techniques he has in mind, he will definitely take his time, with you.”

“Hm, I wonder.” She mumbled, as she thought saying the phrase wouldn’t do nothing but when she placed it down and looked in her mirror, once she blinked, a man was behind her with a devilish smile on his face. Most beautiful small tattoos Y/N froze and felt like her heart popped out of her body. Interesting tattoo ideas for guys “Am I tripping?” She questioned herself, slowly turning around. Lower back tattoo designs free The man was very much real and alive behind her. Most interesting tattoos ever She faced him and screamed so loud, she knew she could cause a crack in her mirror now.

“Aye lady! Calm down, I won’t hurt you.” He exclaimed, still with a devilish smile on his face, the voice was very deep. Awesome color tattoos Y/N froze and examined him quickly. Female lower back tattoos pictures He had two small horns on his head as if he was a devil. Awesome watercolor tattoos His eye color was red, mixed with a little orange in it as well. Mens half sleeve tattoos tumblr The man was also shirtless with a couple tattoos on his body. Best wrist tattoos for guys His neck was tatted, his right arm had flames on it as a sleeve tattoo, a lion’s face on his chest. Tattoo ideas for guys sleeve A lot of demon faces were tatted on his whole back. Lower back tattoo designs 2009 Black jeans and boots were the only thing he had on.

“Please don’t fucking tell me you came from that statue?!” Y/N exclaimed, of course still freaked out. 40 awesome hand tattoos “Yep, so you’re the girlie who released me from it. Awesome foot tattoos for guys It has been 300 years.” He stated, dragging the years word as he stretched and yawned at the same time. Awesome rib tattoos for guys Y/N was looking around, her heart never stopped racing. Good mens tattoos “Thank goodness, the girl who brought me out of it had to be juicy.” The demon stated, staring at her figure and licking his lips at her ass.

“And you just have to be nasty.” Y/N said, rolling her eyes and was instantly annoyed now. Back of neck tattoos hurt She hated it when niggas always address her first by her body or ass, it annoys her. Awesome cross tattoos for guys Like damn can you just start a conversation about how is life before you mentioned how fat the booty gotta be? This is why Y/N had slight trust issues and didn’t date. Cool guy tattoos tumblr “Yeah baby, because my attitude is nasty, tongue game nasty, stroke game nasty. Very awesome 3d spider tattoo real That’s just me, a sex demon. Awesome wrist tattoos for guys But my name is Keith. Meaningful tattoo ideas for guys I’ll prefer Daddy though.” Keith said, nodding and agreeing to himself.

“So this is how a sex demon look and act, great.” Y/N thought sarcastically in her head. Really cool tattoo designs “It’s been 300 years since I’ve ate, I am hungry.” The demon stated, looking down at Y/N. Awesome tattoos for women He was 6’3 and felt like somewhat a giant over Y/N, she was 5’4. Awesome angel tattoos “You not about to eat all my food up nigga. Awesome tattoos designs for guys It’s gonna be a while till I go get groceries again so too bad.” Y/N stated, folding her arms and still felt annoyed. Really cool tattoo ideas for guys Keith chuckled at her. Amazing tattoo ideas for guys “Baby girl, I don’t eat the type of food you think I eat. Female upper back tattoos I literally live and eat based off pussy and sex.” The demon stated, licking his lips at her again.

Y/N eyes widen in shock. Awesome arm tattoo ideas for guys “N-no, can’t be true.” She said, shaking her head.”Just like you thought that tale or phrase wouldn’t work but it did, I am here right?” Keith asked with a wider smile. Really nice tattoo designs She was adorable to him and loved messing with her already. Awesome tattoos men She rolled her eyes. Awesome back tattoo designs “You’re not getting that from me soooo.” Y/N stated, avoiding his eye contact and shrugged. Small awesome tattoos “Well if I don’t, I die. Pics of awesome tattoos However, when you brought me out of my statue, it is said that whoever does that, I have to live with them forever. Stylish mens tattoos Fulfill their desirable needs, cure them from diseases, etc. Cool watercolor tattoos I’m basically stuck with you unless you keep me starving longer.” Keith said to her, leaning on her wall and waited for her reaction.

Y/N sighed and looked down, to think to herself. Awesome women tattoos She had a big heart, so she didn’t want Keith to die. Awesome tattoos guys But she also didn’t want to give him sex or pussy to eat, she just met this dude. Awesome tattoos for couples It hasn’t even been an hour yet of knowing him. Back of neck tattoos cross Y/N couldn’t deny the fact that he was drop dead gorgeous. Amazing mens tattoos His personality and mind set was based off his expert level of freakiness, she didn’t want that. Most awesome tattoos ever “I can’t even touch or eat another girl to survive if I wanted to. Awesome 3d tattoos for guys You touched and brought me out the statue, so it has to be from you. Lower back tattoo designs stars If I try to do it from another girl, a shield blocks me from doing it.” He continued to inform her.

Y/N rolled her eyes, she still couldn’t believe what was going on. Awesome chest tattoos for guys This man basically live with her now. Awesome guy tattoos “You look succulent right now anyways, I don’t mind.” He said, winking and whispering in her ear. Unique tattoo ideas for guys She pushed Keith back and walked into her room. Awesome leg tattoos for guys “Ugh! Shut the hell up and let me think right now!” Y/N responded, feeling her head going everywhere. Mens sleeve tattoo designs black and grey Her mind had thousands of things on it at once.

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