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Most desktop environments, including GNOME and KDE, allow you to install new themes to tweak the appearance of the desktop. Motivational quotes desktop wallpaper hd The process for installing a theme varies for each desktop. Desk lamp ace hardware The process for installing themes under GNOME and KDE are found below, but most desktop environments include installation instructions in their own documentation.

To change the desktop theme, choose System > Preferences > Appearance. Desktop wallpapers full hd 1080p The Theme Preferences window appears:

To change the theme, select one from the list, the theme will be applied automatically.

Fedora’s repositories include many other themes that you can install. See jane work desk valet Additional GNOME themes can be installed from the gnome-themes-extra package, read the chapter on managing software. Hp deskjet printer 1050 driver free download You can install gnome-themes-extra by either using the PackageKit application or on the command line by using Yum.

When the gnome-themes-extra is installed on your computer, the themes can be selected by using the Appearance program described above.

By default KDE uses Plastik as its theme, with many more available from http://www.kde-look.org/.

To change the theme, click KMenu > System Settings > Appearance. Desktop publishing Expand the Appearance item and click [Style] .

To change the theme, select one from the list and click the [Apply] button at the bottom of the window.

Additional icons and themes can be downloaded for KDE by installing the kdeartwork-icons and kdeartwork packages, read the chapter on managing software. Workspace desktop tools You can install kdeartwork-icons and kdeartwork by either using the PackageKit application or on the command line by using Yum.

To change the background image on your desktop, right-click on an empty area of the desktop, and select the Change Desktop Background option. Wallpaper nature full size desktop hd free download The Desktop Background Preferences window appears. Hp deskjet 3520 printer offline To change your desktop background, choose a new image form the list. Desk com mobile You can add your own images by clicking the Add button.

To set a color or gradient, select Vertical gradient and make your choice of Solid color, Horizontal gradient, or Vertical gradient. Desktop wallpaper hd widescreen free download Then click the color bars next to the gradient window and select the colors you desire.

To change the background in KDE, right click an empty area of the desktop, and select the Appearance option. Estate black computer desk with hutch by sauder When the Desktop Setting – Plasma Workspace window appears, you can select a new themes and wallpaper from the drop downs, or get new ones by clicking the New theme… Odesk application for android or Get New Wallpapers… Hp deskjet 3520 scanner problem buttons.

You can also change the desktop background by clicking KMenu > System Settings. Desktop themes windows 8 When the Control Center window appears expand the Appearance item and click Splash Screen and choose an image.

By default, Fedora uses the Nautilus file manager, which opens a new window each time you open a folder. Desktop wallpaper nature You can change this behavior to use one window with [Forward] and [Back] buttons.

To change this, double-click on Computer on the desktop, click Edit and then Preferences. Pc desktop themes free download for windows xp You can also select Places > Computer > Edit > Preferences from the menu panel. Work at home help desk technician Click the Behavior tab and click on the box next to the text Always open in browser windows.

To install a program that modifies several aspects of using Nautilus. Christmas desktop backgrounds for windows xp Install Gtweakui which enables you to modify your GNOME desktop quickly and painlessly.

Applications > Add/Remove Software then searching for gtweakui will provide the program to install. Deskjet 3520 ink number The program’s location can be found under System > Preferences Compiz-Fusion

The Compiz Fusion Project brings 3D desktop visual effects that improve usability of the X Window System and provide increased productivity though plugins and themes contributed by the community giving a rich desktop experience.

There may be problems with running Compiz Fusion if you do not have a 3D capable video card

The Fedora Project does not enable Compiz Fusion by default and it therefore will need to be installed.

To install Compiz Fusion you will need to load Pirut by going to the Applications > Add/Remove Software, click on the Search tab and type compiz-gnome or compiz-kde depending on which desktop you have.

When Compiz Fusion has been installed you can launch the program by selecting System > Preferences > Look and Feel > Desktop Effects GDesklets

GDesklets are Calendar, Weather, and Quote of the day widgets. Excellent desk work class 10 To install them go to Applications > Add/Remove Software then going to the Search tab and searching for gdesklets.

GDesklets is the program that needs to be installed and the other programs listed are the plugins. Enable remote desktop connection windows 7 command line You will need to install both GDesklets and the GDesklets-goodweather plugin. Desktop central msp pricing They can also be installed by using Yum

When the software is installed you can access GDesklets by going to Applications > Accessories > Gdesklets. Desktop wallpaper hd widescreen free download 1366×768 This will load up a program with all available plugins. Desktop wallpaper nature free download Select the uncategorized category and double-click GoodWeather Display.

After a few moments the the desklet will appear on the desktop and allow you to move it to a preferred location on the desktop.

Where you initially place it is not important. Hp deskjet printer not printing The desklet can be moved at any time by right-clicking on the desklet and choosing move desklet

To configure the the weather gdesklet, right-click and select configure desklet. Driver printer hp deskjet 2050 free download A dialog will appear with general settings. Desk lamps com Modifying the location can be done by going to http://www.weather.com/ . Modern desk lamp amazon At the very top of the weather.com website is a search box for local weather information. Pc desktop themes windows xp free download Type in the location. Glorious studio desk workbench After searching the code for the location will be found in the url. Hp deskjet 1512 printer reviews For example, Perth, Australia weather is the following link: http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/local/ASXX0089?from=search_city .

To use that information, extract the location code: ASXX0089 and enter it into the weather desklet and select [Close] button. Hp deskjet ink advantage 2010 printer k010 driver free download The weather information will be available after the next update interval.

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