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The quick answer is ‘as quickly as possible’. Installing undermount kitchen sink granite countertop However, its not always as simple as that. Kitchen sink plumbing installation instructions We have thousands of products available and deal with customers who live in every corner of the country.

One thing we can say is we are a specialist company that deal with kitchen and bathroom sinks, taps, waste disposal units and our experience means we deal with the delivery of your goods in the fastest and safest possible way.

Each and every product page shows the current stock status of the item. How do you fix a dripping kitchen faucet When you have all the products in your basket you will be able to easily see which item has the longest delivery time.

Once you start through the order process, you will be offered a number of delivery dates. Install kitchen sink drain with disposal Included within the delivery options (subject to location and stock) will be a number of services which include:

If you have a specific delivery requirement we recommend you call and speak to one of our helpful Customer Service Advisors on 01759 307 262. The kitchen sink sundae We are flexible and accomodating and always look to meet your exact requirements. Kitchen sink drain location Our online system (however good) will have limitations and we always like to rely on a good old fashioned conversation!

Yes, once you are making your way through the checkout process you will be offered a number of options. Kitchen sink art Included will be a ‘pick an exact delivery date’ section. Sink on kitchen island This mean you can specify a day within approx 2 months of the order date.

A fantastic facility, especially when you want the delivery on your day off or on the exact day the kitchen fitter starts work!

Yes. Kitchen sink in island or not When you are placing your order you will have the opportunity to specify a different delivery address. Double kitchen sink drain problems This is particularly useful if you want the ceramic sink delivering to the kitchen manufacturer or the undermount kitchen sink delivering to the granite worktop fabricator.

Yes. Under kitchen sink plumbing diagram The first thing to remember is you can place your order in advance and then specify an exact day of delivery. How to fix a moen kitchen faucet that drips So in reality, you can order today and then have the goods delivered in 3 weeks time when the plumber is due to start. My kitchen sink is leaking From the day the goods are delivered you then have 14 days to decide if the goods are the right ones for you. Replacing drain pipe under kitchen sink Obviously if you decide they are not quite right you can arrange to send them back to us ( you cover the cost of return or bring them back to our depot in York).

Further information on returns can be found by visiting our Returns Form page.

Yes. Beaches and cream kitchen sink price Our dedicated Technical team are here to help you with any questions you may have. How to install kitchen sink drain pipes Its a FREE service and we encourage you to contact us by calling 01759 307 262 or online by using Live Chat

Within our Techical department we have one advisor who has almost 30 years experience in sinks and tap so if we cant help you, we dont think anyone can!

We only use independant providers of Customer Reviews. Changing a moen kitchen faucet cartridge We are glad to say that on average we score around 4.75 stars out of 5! When we do let a customer down (which isnt very often) we always look into what went wrong and see if we can put it right and make sure we learn any ways that we can improve in the future.

Our main provider is reviews.co.uk and you can visit their website to see an up to date score on our overall performance.

Yes. Remove kitchen sink drain flange Depending on exactly how we are planning to deliver your order will determine exactly what tracking information is available. View from my kitchen sink We send all the required details in your confirmation email and more information can be found by visiting our Delivery Information page.

As a general rule, yes. My bathroom sink smells like rotten eggs However, if one or more of the items are delayed then we can arrange to send out the stock items out straight away. Kitchen sink titanium We often do this when the sink is needed for templating by the granite worktop supplier but the kitchen tap can follow.

If you would like to arrange a split delivery of your order then simply add some delivery notes whilst placing your order online. Under the kitchen sink omaha ne A member of our Customer Service team will then call you to confirm the exact details of the proposed delivery once your order in on our system.

No. Under the kitchen sink omaha Depending on the type of product being delivered will determine what service is provided. Installing kitchen sink drain basket All small/light items such as stainless steel sinks, kitchen taps and waste disposal units that can be delivered by DPD will be sent a text or email giving a 1 hour time slot. Kitchen sink assembly diagram You can track the progress online and at anytime if your plans change, you can simply click on a link and give alternative delivery instructions such as, leave with a neighbour, leave in a safe place or come back another day!

If your goods are heavy and fragile ( Granite or Ceramic kitchen sinks, Bathroom Pottery or Appliances) and need your signature and inspection on delivery then the service is a little different. The kitchen sink st louis You must be there to check and sign for the goods. Diagram of kitchen sink plumbing The delivery drivers will be given your contact number and are asked to call you around 1 hour before delivery. Everything and the kitchen sink On the actual day of delivery, if you need a more accurate delivery window, we recommend you call our customer service team who will contact the local depot to obtain an approx 2-3 hour window.

Dont worry we are here to help. Kitchen sink plumbing diagram diy It’s a simple call straight through to our Customer Service Team on 01759 307 262 or online using Live Chat.

We open and carefully inspect all items before they are dispatched to you. How to repair kitchen sink drain pipes Due to that process, the number of orders delivered with missing parts, on average account for only 0.4% of our orders (human error)! That’s less than half a percent and that’s the way we want to keep it!

As standard the email order confirmation you receive will include our VAT number as well as the VAT breakdown you require.

If at any point you require another copy, or a copy of any other order you have placed in the past, you can simply log into your account and get another.

Fireclay sinks are manufatured with a durable glaze that should provide many years of trouble free use.

We recommend using a soft sponge or cloth and a non abrasive cleaning agent. Kitchen designs with sink in island Doing this on a regular basis will keep the sink looking its best and will not require any deep cleaning due to the build up of stubborn marks or stains. My kitchen sink drain stinks Occasionally a metal pan or baking tray can leave black marks on the surface of the sink and initially prove difficult to remove. Replace p trap under kitchen sink However, a soft damp cloth, a cleaner such as ‘ Barkeepers Friend’ and some elbow grease will remove the marks, no problem

It is not recommended that you use undiluted bleach on kitchen sinks as this can also cause corrosion to any chromed or plated surfaces such as wastes and overflows. Fix a smelly kitchen sink drain Cream cleaners or mild powdered cleaner such Barkeepers Friend are ideal.

Most modern kitchen taps with a quarter turn ceramic disk will require replacements at some point in its life. Kitchen sink artisan blends You dont need to A) Panic or B) Call a Plumber! Although the video shown below shows one of the Caple Kitchen taps, the process is pretty much the same for all kitchen taps.

Have you recently installed a new Stainless Steel sink and found rust spots appearing?

Dont panic! The material used in the manufacture of stainless steel sinks is metallurgically incapable of rusting or corroding. Kitchen sink plumbing parts diagram In other words, its impossible for the sink to rust.

It can however, harbour ferrous particles from the newly installed pipework. Why does my kitchen sink drain stink These particles can easily be disturbed during a new installation. The kitchen sink play Tiny, microscopic particles cling onto the surface of the sink and then they themsleves start to rust. Clogged double kitchen sink garbage disposal From first clance, it would seem the sink itself has started to rust.

In the first instance you should clean the surface of the sink with a mild powder type cleaner such as BARKEEPERS FRIEND. Repairing delta kitchen sink faucet Using a small damp nylon type scouring pad along with the cleaner should remove most of the particles. The kitchen sink st louis missouri The product should be left on the sink for at least 20-30 minutes before rinsing off with clean water.

All particles need to be completely removed and it is advisable for the sink to be dried after cleaning with an absorbant kitchen towel.

This process may need to be repeated for approx 2 weeks after the installation before the problem disappears.

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