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Poster of “Hidden Figures” movie, from left to right: Mary Winston Jackson (Janelle Monae), Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Cleaning lady stealing Henson), and Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) as African-American women working at NASA Langley Research Center in the early 1960s.

Huntingtown resident Beatrice “Jane” Reid Fletcher pictured in a college photo. Cleaning lady ottawa Fletcher entered eighth grade at William Sampson Brooks High School in 1942 where Mary Winston Jackson taught mathematics for one year.

Sadie the cleaning lady john farnham Jackson’s story was depicted in the movie “Hidden Figures.”

Poster of “Hidden Figures” movie, from left to right: Mary Winston Jackson (Janelle Monae), Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. How much does it cost to hire a cleaning lady Henson), and Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) as African-American women working at NASA Langley Research Center in the early 1960s.

Huntingtown resident Beatrice “Jane” Reid Fletcher pictured in a college photo. How much does a cleaning lady cost in toronto Fletcher entered eighth grade at William Sampson Brooks High School in 1942 where Mary Winston Jackson taught mathematics for one year. Cleaning lady funny Jackson’s story was depicted in the movie “Hidden Figures.”

In its first nationwide weekend release, the film “Hidden Figures” grossed $22.8 million. Pink ladies cleaning service great falls mt Since its opening nearly 60 days ago on Christmas, the movie has grossed more $142.5 million and has received 26 awards and 63 nominations from entertainment organizations.

The movie, inspired by the nonfiction book bearing the same name and authored by Margot Lee Shetterly, takes a look at the lives of three women who were part of a collective of female African-American mathematicians at National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., post World War II. Average cleaning lady salary Called human computers, these women were instrumental to the success of a mission piloted by astronaut John Glenn, who orbited the earth three times in a 1962 space mission aboard the Friendship 7.

Despite the big box office numbers and the numerous accolades, neither the movie, in its two hours and seven minutes, nor the book, within its nearly 350 pages, could fully capture the impact one of its featured characters, Mary Winston Jackson, had on the life of at least one African-American student in Calvert County.

Jackson was a mathematician and ultimately became the first black female aerospace engineer in her 34 years at NASA’s center in Virginia. Cartoon cleaning lady image But before she embarked upon a career with NASA, she taught mathematics at the former William Sampson Brooks High School to African-American students in Calvert in 1942, immediately after graduating from then Hampton Institute with a bachelor’s in mathematics and physical science.

Beatrice “Jane” Reid Fletcher entered eighth grade at Brooks High School in 1942. Cleaning lady amsterdam That is when her life would intersect with Jackson, who would only stay one year at the only black high school in the county before heading to NASA.

“I think I had her second period,” said Fletcher, recalling a list of her classes, to include math, English, science, civics and history. How to fire your cleaning lady Back then, high school only went to 11th grade and there were only seven or eight rooms in the entire school, according to Fletcher.

Fletcher was the second-oldest child of six. Cleaning lady tip Her mother was a stay-at-home mom and her father was a sharecropper. How much does a cleaning service cost per hour “In 1939, my dad purchased a farm on Ponds Wood Road in Huntingtown,” said Fletcher. Cleaning lady pics “It was 110 acres and he only paid $1,200 for it. Funny cleaning lady It was cheap.”

Farming was still very much the way of life in Calvert. Maid cleaning checklist pdf The war was also underway.

“My class started out with 87 students and only 14 graduated,” shared Fletcher. Hotel housekeeping cleaning tips “They just quit school. Another word for maid of honor Some fellas went into the service. Clipart cleaning lady Some went to farming. How much to tip cleaning lady hotel The girls might have dropped out due to pregnancy.”

To the best of Fletcher’s recollection, Jackson was the perfect complement of academia and encouragement, hoping students aspired to more.

“She wanted us to do our homework and classwork and sometimes she would give little nice smiles for effort and then she would tell a joke so you would get your homework done,” Fletcher remembered, about her teacher who wanted the kids to do well.

Fletcher gave kudos to Jackson for being a good teacher by giving incremental steps during lessons to make the hard task of fractions and formulas easier to learn. Cleaning lady pictures Despite the teacher’s efforts, Fletcher said the math didn’t stick with her because she didn’t like it and it was too hard, but Jackson left an impression on her anyway.

“She always talked about students becoming teachers.” Fletcher recalled Jackson telling the students about career opportunities available to them after high school and after the war. Cleaning lady resume “She would tell us that things would be different in years to come and about different things we can do.”

“Well, maybe I will just go and become a teacher,” Fletcher recalled saying to herself, about a career in education that her aunt and cousins had already forged into.

Now 88, soon to be 89, Fletcher admitted these days she seldom sees someone from her class, for many have died or are now ill. Cleaning lady funny pictures However, she shows no sign of slowing down. House cleaning list for maid in spanish She is spry and forthright, and the only giveaway to her age is the use of dated words such as “negro,” which replaced the word “colored” in describing Americans of African descent.

Fletcher’s interest in the movie was piqued by a newspaper article about a woman teaching mathematics at an all-black school in Calvert County in 1942.

“I said, ‘That sounds like Ms. Flylady cleaning tips Winston,’” said Fletcher, who wasn’t 100 percent sure because the last name was different. Lady genius cleaning “I just sat around and didn’t tell anybody that she taught me. Cleaning lady images cartoons Then I saw the movie.”

In the movie, singer/songwriter Janelle Monae plays Jackson, and according to Fletcher, Monae bears a striking resemblance to and is spirited and assertive like Jackson.

“She looked just like that girl,” shared Fletcher, recalling her teacher. Cleaning lady photos “She was small and I remember her wearing her hair on the side. How much to tip house cleaners christmas She wore the same style.”

“She didn’t take nothing — no foolishness, at all. Printable house cleaning checklist for maid She wanted you to do your work. Cleaning lady names That was Miss Winston. How much should you pay a cleaning lady I loved her. Cleaning lady family guy meme I liked her, really,” shared Fletcher, referring to Jackson constantly by her maiden name. Flylady weekly cleaning schedule “I was disappointed when she left.”

Fletcher thought the movie as a whole was great, but the scene where one of the characters could only use a bathroom for colored people across the campus far from where she worked struck a chord with Fletcher, causing her to remember the era she would prefer to forget.

“It reminded me of segregation — it was painful. How much to pay a cleaning lady Some of it was emotional. How much does a cleaning service charge per hour … I didn’t like the idea of Katherine [Johnson] running around in the rain just to use the bathroom,” said Fletcher, recalling the days of Jim Crow laws enforcing racial segregation in southern parts of the U.S. How much to pay cleaning lady “That’s how it was here in Calvert County — black and white” — hence, the all-black high school where Jackson taught.

“Walked in the courthouse, or anywhere we went, [there was] a sign — white and colored,” explained Fletcher, who later told a joke of a little black boy who went into the courthouse and looked at the water fountains labeled for each race, to lighten the mood. How much does a cleaning lady make “He said he didn’t see any difference in the color of the water fountains.”

Jokes aside, she remembered an incident in 1952 when she and her brothers and their friends, who served in the armed forces and dressed in uniform, stopped at a deli in Waysons Corner in Anne Arundel County to order 20 sandwiches for their group outing.

“They said we couldn’t eat the sandwiches there. Cleaning lady clipart ‘You have to take them with you,’” said Fletcher, mimicking the deli owner. Cleaning lady 3 “We said thank you and left all of the sandwiches there without paying for them.”

She would go on telling stories of how blacks had to sit in the balcony of movie theaters while whites sat on the lower level, and even how an old drive-in movie theater in Solomons had a black section and a white section and would be policed before dusk.

“They would search your cars to see who was black and who was white. How much do cleaning services charge per room There were white boys who took out black girls, but they had to lay down in their car if they were going out. How much to tip cleaning lady for the holiday They couldn’t sit up with them until it got dark,” she remembered.

Things would change very little upon Fletcher’s transition to college in the South, as Jim Crow laws continued until 1965. How much to pay cleaning lady per hour She told of beatings black men would suffer for dating who people believed to be white women, only to learn they were biracial.

Upon graduation from Bennett College, a historically black all-women’s college in Greensboro, N.C., where Fletcher majored in home economics, she returned to Southern Maryland to teach in St. How much does a maid cost per hour Mary’s County.

In 1952, an opportunity would open up at her alma mater, Brooks High, where she worked until 1966, well after after the 1954 Supreme Court decision (Brown v. Cleaning lady tumblr Board of Education) declaring racial segregation in public schools unconstitutional. How to find a good cleaning lady Calvert County Public Schools integrated in 1963. Cleaning lady christmas gift From 1967 to 1981, Fletcher taught at Calvert Middle School before retiring.

While Jackson may only have worked in Calvert for one year, that academic season made an indelible impression on Fletcher lasting a lifetime.

Fletcher even likened some of her own teaching style to that of Jackson. Cleaning lady on family guy “I was very positive with the children,” said Fletcher, always trying to encourage them.

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