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Mem Fox reveals the full horror of Donald Trump’s wicked America, a nation that openly and brutally questions children’s book authors at airports.

It’s basically like the Warsaw ghetto in 1942, except far worse:

I was pulled out of line in the immigration queue at Los Angeles airport as I came in to the USA. Cleaning lady synonym Not because I was Mem Fox the writer – nobody knew that – I was just a normal person like anybody else. Animated cleaning lady They thought I was working in the States and that I had come in on the wrong visa.

I was receiving an honorarium for delivering an opening keynote at a literacy conference, and because my expenses were being paid, they said: “You need to answer further questions.” So I was taken into this holding room with about 20 other people and kept there for an hour and 40 minutes, and for 15 minutes I was interrogated.

Mem must really lose it when she renews her driver’s licence.

Everything was yelled, and everything was public, and this was the most awful thing, I heard things happening in that room happening to other people that made me ashamed to be human.

It’s a little-known fact that most of Saw is just LAX security footage.

There was no toilet, no water, and there was this woman with a baby. What does a cleaning lady do If I had been holed up in that room with a pouch on my chest, and a baby crying, or needing to be fed, oh God … the agony I was surrounded by in that room was like a razor blade across my heart.

It was The Red and the Black by Stendhal – a 19th century novel keeps you quiet on a long flight, and is great in a crisis – and I was buried in it and didn’t hear my name called. Tip cleaning lady home And a woman in front of me said: “They are calling for Fox.” I didn’t know which booth to go to, then suddenly there was a man in front of me, heaving with weaponry, standing with his legs apart yelling: “No, not there, here!” I apologised politely and said I’d been buried in my book and he said: “What do you expect me to do, stand here while you finish it?” – very loudly and with shocking insolence.

The way I was interviewed was monstrous. Average cleaning lady cost If only they had been able to look into my suitcase and see my books. How much do you tip a cleaning lady The irony! I had a copy of my new book I’m Australian, Too – it’s about immigration and welcoming people to live in a happy country. Cleaning lady images I am all about inclusivity, humanity and the oneness of the humans of the world; it’s the theme of my life. How much does a maid cost I also had a copy of my book Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Sadie the cleaning lady original I told him I had all these inclusive books of mine in my bag …

That’s really what an immigration official needs to know. Girl cleaning clipart Is anyone at this point taking Mem’s side? Anyone at all?

The belligerence and violence of it was really terrifying. Average cleaning lady rates I had to hold the heel of my right hand to my heart to stop it beating so hard.

They were not apologetic at any point. British maid cleaning adelaide When they discovered that one of Australia’s official gifts to Prince George was Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, he held out his hand and said: “It’s been a pleasure to meet you, Ms Fox.” I was close to collapse, very close to fainting, and this nearly broke me – it was the creepiest thing of all.

In that moment I loathed America. Cleaning lady jokes I loathed the entire country. Thank you note for cleaning lady And it was my 117th visit to the country so I know that most people are very generous and warm-hearted. The cleaning lady hates me They have been wonderful to me over the years. Cartoon girl cleaning I got over that hatred within a day or two. How to find a cleaning lady But this is not the way to win friends, to do this to someone who is Australian when we have supported them in every damn war. Cleaning lady images free It’s absolutely outrageous.

I am a human being, so I do understand that these people might not be well-trained, but they now have carte blanche to be as horrible and belligerent as they want. Crazy cleaning lady They’ve gone mad – they’ve got all the power that they want but they don’t have the training.

I wasn’t pulled out because I’m some kind of revolutionary activist, but my God, I am now. Cleaning lady gif I am on the frontline. Tip for cleaning lady If we don’t stand up and shout, good sense and good will not prevail, and my voice will be one of the loudest.

That’s what it has taught me. Pink lady cleaning service I thought I was an activist before, but this has turned me into a revolutionary.

I’m not letting it happen here. French cleaning lady costume Instead of crying and being sad and sitting on a couch, I am going to write to politicians. How much do cleaning services charge I am going to call. Do you tip a maid service I am going to write to newspapers. Another word for barmaid I am going to get on the radio. Cleaning lady in family guy I will not be quiet. Tipping cleaning lady christmas No more passive behaviour. How much do i tip my cleaning lady Hear me roar.

Just a thought, but maybe Mem’s is overestimating the shelf life for her bad-hour-at-LAX saga.

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