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• Although the process of mummification dates back to Ancient Egyptians,

who went to great lengths to preserve the body, certain cultures went in

the opposite direction. Wilbert funeral services The Ancient Greeks would bury their deceased in a

special limestone sarkophagi, or “flesh eaters” meant to speed up

• The Jewish, Muslim, and early Christians shunned the practice and

• During Elizabethan England, embalming, bloodletting, tooth extraction,

and haircuts were all preformed by the same people called “barbersurgeons,” and only the wealthy could afford their services.

• In the early 1700’s, however, English tradesmen, or “undertakers,” whose

business previously entailed the making and selling of coffins and other

mortuary paraphernalia, began to offer cut-rate embalming, amounting to a

• The Civil War marked the beginning of normalization of embalming in the

U.S. Bassett funeral services bassett va making it possible to preserve the bodies of dead soldiers long enough

• Thomas Holmes is considered the father of modern embalming. Nevada funeral services carson city In the

1840s he attended Columbia University, College of Physicians and

Surgeons, although it is not known whether he received his degree. Owen sound funeral home obituaries It is

rumored that he was expelled because of his “habit” of commandeering

• He was able to concoct a more efficient embalming fluid and patented a

• It is also notable that after his death in 1900 workmen found several

corpses buried in his cellar, most of them children and infants.

• As with most things before the late twentieth century, the majority of

funeral practitioners were white men. Omega funeral home portland oregon However there were a few

• During the Civil War, when arterial injection embalming had become

popularized, an African American slave named Prince Greer arrived at the

Nashville home of undertaker W.P. La paloma funeral services reno nv Cornelius with the body of his former

owner, Colonel Greer. Asian funeral directors kenton Colonel had been a member of the Texas cavalry

regiment and was killed in battle, and, complying with the Colonel’s final

wishes, was taken to Cornelius to be embalmed and shipped home to

• Afterward, Prince Greer remained with Cornelius, learning the art of

embalming, and becoming the first documented African American

• Perhaps the most important early women embalmer was Mme. Funeral service manager Lina D.

• While in London she befriended Florence Nightingale, who became a

mentor to fifteen year old Odou. Funeral service industry in the philippines She soon became aware of the pressing

need for women embalmers when Victorian prudery was at its height.

• In the U.S. International funeral home brooklyn ny she trained under two leading figures in mortuary education;

Auguste Renouard and A. Appalachian funeral services sylva nc Johnson Dodge, founders of the earliest schools

• She became a forceful advocate for the education of female undertakers,

published editorials, journals, and founded the Women’s Licensed

• During the early twentieth century, electricity began to transform the

world. Owens funeral home obituaries Many Thomas Edison wannabes started creating crackpot devices

said to be a cure-all for everything from baldness and backaches to

blindness and cancer. Craciun funeral home cleveland ohio In the 1920s, McCampbell got in on the act.

• He was the first (and so far, the only) person to try and preserve a body by

means of electrical current. Memorial park funeral home memphis tn obituaries Beginning his experiments on small animals, he

eventually succeeded in creating a machine that was said to mummify a

• The electric current caused complete dehydration of the corpse, resulting

• The contraption was said to resemble an MRI machine, but it never caught

• It is called an “art” for a reason. Romero family funeral home denver co The instructions are painfully specific,

setting strict DOs and DON’Ts (and some of them are no-brainers).

• DO: Use a stainless steel or porcelain embalming table. Veterans funeral services DON’T: Embalm a

• DO: Remove clothing and valuables from the deceased. Free funeral order of service templates to download DON’T: Pocket

• DO: Arterial embalming first. Owens funeral home lebanon va obituaries DON’T: Forget the drainage vessel in the

• DO: Cavity embalming second. Moody funeral home mt airy nc obituaries DON’T: Hollow out the torso, fill with

• Up until the mid-nineteenth century, bodies were rarely embalmed in

• Lets be honest though, undertakers happily encourage embalming

because, for better or worse, it means a larger pay-check. Davis funeral home chester ns (So, not only is

• Fast forward to the mid-twentieth century and everyone assumed it was

required. Legacy cremation and funeral services indianapolis In 1963 Jessica Mitford published “The American Way of

Death,” exposing that not only was embalming not required, but it was also

• Mitford and The Whole Death Catalog attest that there really are no

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