Ge profile wpdh8900jmg frontload washer (champagne) 4.2 cu. ft

This product is no longer being manufactured. Can i wash my clothes in cold water The GE WPDH8900JMG is a Frontload Washer with a 4.2 IEC cu. Can you hand wash dry clean clothes ft. Do you wash dark clothes in cold water capacity and comes with the Energy Star® compliance, ensuring every wash load is energy efficient that saving up to 20% on you running costs. Best temperature to wash white clothes The large stainless Steel drum basket handles bigger loads and it comes with a Quiet Package.

With the ‘H2ition’ Wash System you have a washing machine that cares ‘Intuitively’ for your clothes by automatically, sensing the size of your wash load, adding the correct amount of water and bringing it to the perfect temperature to ensure an energy efficiency load every time. Black washing machine clothes dye The Steam Assist feature lifts tough and stubborn stains at it permeates the fabric of your wash, while the SteamRefresh option revitalizes your fabrics by reducing creases and odors.

Interior Highlights• SmartDispense Technology allows up to six months worth of detergent and fabric conditioner storage, which conveniently releases the proper amount, at the appropriate time for each wash.

• The H2ition Wash System intuitively and automatically senses the size of the load, and add the correct quantity of water as well as selecting the best possible temperature settings for the most energy efficiency cycle.

• The SteamFresh Feature helps to reduce any creases in your clothes as well assisting by removing any lingering odours.

• The SteamAssist Technology makes sure that tough stains are more easily removed by means of steam penetration of the fabric which causes no fabric damage.

• Specialty Wash Cycles includes i) an Easy Care system which caters for wrinkle free and light soil articles ii) a Specialty Cycles for fleeces and pet bedding and iii) a Hand Wash cycle which give extra care to delicate woolen fabrics.

• Additional Features include i) Child Lock for added safety ii) a LED Cycle Status lights, which gives greater efficiency, iii) a Delay Start Up feature, which delays the pre-programmed washing cycle for up to 24hours. What temperature do u wash white clothes in iv) a Deluxe End of Cycle Signal for easier to use, v) an ED Cycle Countdown and vi) Adaptive Fill capability.

Exterior Highlights • The Washer Exterior comes in an elegant hue of champagne with a Dark Chrome Grip handle, which makes it easier to close and open doors. Where to wash clothes near me The large see through glass door gives better visibility and access

• The Range Of Controls are well labelled making the washer easy to programme and simple to use and include 5 spin options, 5 soil levels and 5 water temperature choices.

• Customers found this large capacity Energy Star® washing machine easy to use and very economical, using minimal water and making it very economical to use. How to clean white vans with laundry detergent This also meant that this washer is also environmentally friendly, which many customers appreciate.

• Customers were very happy with the H2ition Wash System which automatically disperses the right amount of water and selects the best temperature for additional energy saving purposes.

• The Computerized Controls were considered by many customers to be a particularly big advantage finding them simple to used, easy to understand and very clearly labelled.

• The SteamFresh feature which causes the clothes to stay in good quality after each wash and the SmartDispense which store larges amounts of detergent and conditioner and dispenses the correct amount for each wash was a big hit, that customers particularly liked.

• A number of customers comments on the value of the different Washer Cycles like the 2nd Rinse, the Active Wear, PreWash, Quick Rinse, Stain Inspector and SpeedWash options, all of which allow for great versatility in washing clothes.

• This innovative style of washer with its subtle color that blends with any decor and the Dark Chrome TrueGrip and see through door has made this a very popular washer with customers.

• Some customers liked the fact that it is very quiet when operating and others found that the Child Lock makes it safe for households with children.

• One customers considered that this washer occupies too much space.

• Another customer felt that in consideration of its many features, it was a disadvantage that there was no soak settings, nor a no self-cleaning lint filter.

• Some customers were disappointed with the quality of the washing and considered that it did not spin very well for thicker clothes.

Comments for GE Profile WPDH8900JMG Frontload Washer (Champagne) 4.2 Cu. How to wash clothes in washing machine video Ft.

This washer is by far, the worst purchase I have ever made! I spent $1500 on this piece of crap figuring that it was a quality washer, well I was wrong. Washing white clothes with colors I purchased the washer in 2009 and has had problems with it from the first few weeks. Temperature to wash white clothes It takes 2-3 hours to wash a load of clothes that usually needs re-washed or re-rinsed and spun. How to wash delicate clothes 70% of the time my loads of laundry are soaking wet when the cycle has completed and I have to re-rinse and spin. How to wash t shirts in washing machine If you do not leave the door open to air out in between loads you will begin to get a moldy/musty smell, which is in turn, a hazard to anyone who has small children who may climb into the unit. How to wash clothes at laundromat In addition to that, my spin cycle has not worked properly since I purchased the unit. How do you wash your clothes GE has been to my house on 3 seperate occasions and replaced the computer boards, the door lock, and reset the computer all for a charge of $130. What do i wash white clothes on Even after the 3 visits my washer still has the same consistant problem. When can i wash baby clothes in regular detergent They are now offering to fix it a 4th time or give me a discount to purchase another piece of crap. How do you wash lululemon yoga pants Why should a customer have to fork-out additional money due to a manufacturing mistake and take off 3 days of work to be home for service repairs! It’s safe to safe that I will never buy another GE product for the rest of my life! GE doesn’t care about their customers and doesn’t stand behind their products! Please, do yourself a favor and DO NOT PURCHASE this washer!

Biggest piece of crap on the market. Black stains on clothes from washing machine You would thnk a company like GE could make a product that would not beak down after a month of use. What should you wash white clothes in Takes 2 hours to wash cloths and when the spin cycle is done the closes are still soaked. To wash clothes Big surprice, I work for GE and if they are not putting PCB’s in the Hudson river they are ripping off the general public with their crappy products and bullshit slogans.

GE Eco Imagination by eye. How to wash white clothes whiter How is it that 2 hours of electricity and water for one load of laundry is good for the environment?

I bought both the washer and dryer June 2010 to stack them, and the company sent the wrong stack kit. How to wash wool sweater in washing machine However, I bought both on the GE website for around $700, about 50% off the normal price.

Pros: The color is fantastic! These appliances look beautiful and fit nicely stacked in the corner of my breezeway, freeing up a lot of space. How to lighten fabric without bleach They are normal sized units, and are not small like I thought they might be when I ordered them. How to wash your clothes in the washing machine I love all the various settings that accompany the washer: bed and bath, pet bedding, etc. How to wash t shirts without fading The dryer works well with no real problems that I have noticed.

Cons: I have had problems with my washer leaking small amounts of water (dripping) out from the door onto the floor during cycles. Can you put hand wash clothes in the washing machine It doesn’t happen all the time, just once in awhile. How to wash white clothes without bleach I also have noticed mold accumulation on the door and the rubber part, which I try to clean regularly, and also keep the door open after a wash, to air dry it out.The colors cycle and the whites cycle are nice to have, however, they take forever. How to wash coloured clothes in washing machine WHen it’s programmed on that cycle, it says for instance, 1:09 for whites, meaning 1 hour and 9 minutes. How to hand wash clothes with liquid detergent Well, I thought that meant from start to finish. Should i wash new baby clothes before use No, it means just for the wash cycle, not including rinse, spin, and drain. Can you wash all your clothes in cold water They all add time, so for one load of whites, it will take about 2 hours. What do you wash your baby clothes in Which I find insane, when you try to do a couple loads on a Saturday. When should you wash baby clothes before birth Lately, I have found that the water doesn’t all drain out, and sometimes soap is still left in the basin. When can you wash baby clothes in regular detergent After 2 hours of the washer running for one load, I then have to go back and put it on either rinse and spin, or drain and spin to get the excess out. How to wash clothes with gasoline spilled on them It’s rather aggravating especially when you have your arms full with another load ready to put in. How to clean stains off white shirts It seemed to just happen before on the short wash cycle (which is a normal cycle like 30 min long), but now it happens on all cycles most of the time, but not all. Dark clothes washed in what temperature I am amazed when I actually do a load that I don’t have to put back through to rinse or drain; it makes my day. I wash my clothes in the river I find it strange to put a load in for an excess of an hour when I don’t have soiled clothes. How wash white clothes with bleach It’s seems ridiculous to waste that kind of energy. Should i wash baby clothes before use These appliances are energy efficient labeled, and so far, seem to be doing well in that category, but who knows what my bill will be when every load has to be rinsed again and again. How to clean baby clothes poop I don’t know if this is a glitch with GE or front loaders, but it is irritating.

I bought this machine in April 2009. How to wash woolen clothes at home I would not spin out heavy clothes (jeans & towels), you can’t put large loads in and it does not get your clothes clean. How to wash black clothes in a washing machine It runs 2 to 3 hours when washing jeans & towels because it can’t balance itself to spin the water completely out. What temperature water should i wash white clothes in They are still just shy of dripping wet after a 2 to 3 hour cycle. How to clean washing machine with vinegar and baking soda G.E. What temperature to wash baby clothes Service replaced every part in it then brought me another 2010 model and it does the same thing. How to clean washing machine with vinegar front loader It is the most beautiful, expensive piece of junk I ever owned. How to wash irish linen tablecloth Even when washing regular colored (light weight) clothes, I have to wash them on the extra long cycle to even begin to get the clothes clean. I wash my clothes and they still smell It will not get out ring around the collar no matter how much pre-wash solution you use, even with bleach on the white shirts. How to clean a white shirt with color What I am saving on water, I am spending in electricity to run this thing extra long to get semi clean clothes. How to wash baby clothes for the first time When it can’t balance itself the timer continues to add time to compensate, thus it runs 2 to 3 hours for all heavy clothes then I have to re-run it through the 10 minute, DRAIN & SPIN cycle. When to wash clothes in hot water Now I know why they added this cycle. How to clean workout clothes I can only do one load of laundry per evening on days I have to work if I want them done before bed time. How to clean white clothes stained A front load is supposed to save time because you are supposed to be able to put larger loads in this as opposed to a top load washer. How to clean white shirts with bleach Not true with this machine, as a matter of fact, I have to put smaller loads than my previous top loader ant they still never get really clean. How to wash clothes in washing machine 7 steps I never had problems getting ring around the collar out with my top loader and it is impossible with this machine. How to clean microfiber couch with baking soda Don’t buy it you will be very, very disappointed and G.E. Color run washing clothes won’t do anything about it as they say, this is the way it was designed to run. How to get white clothes whiter with bleach EXPENSIVE JUNK is what I describe this washer to be.

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