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Thinking about taking a road trip? Be sure to load up on our picks for the best road trip apps. Costco gas prices mesa az Whether you’re out of gas, looking for something to see along the way or want to steer clear of speed traps or traffic, there’s an app to help.

And, of course, remember to stay safe—don’t try to use your phone while you’re driving, no matter how handy the app.

Looking for a bite to eat? A restroom? WiFi? Something to see along the way? There are apps to help with all of these situations.

If you’re traveling on a major highway, iExit (Free on iTunes and Google Play) is a great resource for amenities available at upcoming exits. Cost of gas estimator There’s information on restaurants, gas stations grocery stores, hospitals, hotels and more. Calculate gas cost for travel Once the app finds you on a highway, it will show you the upcoming exits along with icons to represents amenities and how away each exit is. Costco gas prices near me Then for each service, you can see just how far you’ll to travel off your route—much better than those icons on the highway signs. Estimate gas cost If you’re planning a trip, you can select a highway to plan out your stops.

If you’re looking for gas, also open up Gas Buddy (Free on iTunes and Google Play) to compare gas prices. Average gas cost per gallon The prices are crowd sourced, so less-frequented areas may not have up-to-date information. Oil vs gas heating cost calculator You’ll know, though, because you’ll able to see when the prices were posted.

If it’s a bathroom you’re after, we like Sit orSquat (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Fuel distance cost calculator The app hasn’t been updated since 2014, though, so if you’re not finding a toilet in your location, try Flush Toilet Finder (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Fuel cost trip estimator Flush doesn’t have restroom ratings, but may have more up-to-date locations.

No one likes getting stuck in traffic or getting a ticket, so use an app to get alerted before you get stuck. Average cost of gas in united states No one likes getting stuck in traffic or getting a ticket, so use an app to get alerted before you get stuck. Driving gas cost estimator For a free traffic option, our pick is Google Maps (Free on iTunes, preloaded on Android devices). Average cost of fuel 2015 Not only does it show you the quickest route when you start out, it will alert you when a faster route becomes available.

If you typically use a radar detector, you’ll appreciate Waze (Free on iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone Store). Cost of gas for my trip This traffic app uses crowdsourced data to find a faster route for your commute, but the alerts provided by other users include speed traps as well. Fuel price trip calculator With a large user base, this app is as good as real-time traffic reporting gets.

Don’t want to miss any sightseeing gems on your trip? Enter your starting point and your destination and the Roadtrippers app (Free on iTunes and Google Play) will find you interesting places to stop in between. Google fuel cost calculator uk Pick from categories such as amusement parks, adventure sports, historical markers and hiking, and you’ll see places pop up along your driving route. Costco gas price houston You can read up on each attraction and choose to add it to your trip or your “Bucket List.” Adding new places to your trip can be a little buggy with the app, but the search function alone is worth it.

Atlas Obscura may not have an app, but the website will help you find fun and more obscure attractions. Average gas prices month You can search by type of attraction or your location. Gas mileage cost savings calculator For instance, there are a lot of famous attractions near my office, but Atlas Obscura picked out the Graffiti Hall of Fame.

If you don’t like to be locked in to staying in a particular hotel or town as you travel, you can book your room while you’re on the road. History of gas prices in united states Trip Advisor (Free on iTunes and Google Play) lets you search for hotels by city or zip code. Compute gas cost for trip Or you can find hotels that are closest to your current location. Cost of gas per trip The app pulls up the highest ranking hotels first, lets you check rates and tells you how many miles away they are or shows them on a map relative to your location.

If you’re in or near a large city, Hotel Tonight (Free on iTunes and Google Play) provides last minute travel deals (sometimes up to 70% off) for hotel rooms, literally, tonight. Gas price history by state It can be the perfect app for finding a hotel that evening when you’re out on the road—and around one of the locations that the app supports.

After a long day of driving on the open road, it’s too easy to pull off the highway at the first sighting of a familiar fast food sign. Gas fireplace insert installation video But you’re missing out on all the great small places with authentic and healthy regional food. Average cost of gas per month 2013 That’s where Yelp comes in (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Gas cost trip estimator Not only does it show you fresh local eateries, it also lists microbreweries, organic coffee shops and farmers markets.

If you’re in a major city, Zagat (Free on iTunes and Google Play) will help you find a unique and highly rated eatery. Gas prices washington state 2014 It allows you to search by destination and you can sort restaurants by cuisine, price, features and more. Cost of operating a gas fireplace No matter what your taste and budget, you’re sure to find some great eats.

If you’ve found the perfect place but need a reservation, OpenTable (Free on iTunes and Google Play) is the place to go. Cost of gas for trip calculator Using their website or the OpenTable app, you can search for local restaurants with—get it?—open tables when you’re planning on stopping for a meal. Car fuel cost calculator uk If you know where you want to eat, you can search for a specific restaurant—but you can also browse by location, cuisine type, price, and schedule.

When arriving in a strange town, finding parking is going to be your first task. Gas prices in new mexico and arizona The ParkMe app (Free on iTunes and Google Play) will show you available garage and street parking either immediately around you or anywhere you search on their map, along with the cost for each one. How to calculate fuel cost per km You can filter your search by either garage or street parking, as well as cheapest or closest spaces. Calculate gas trip cost Still can’t decide? Tap the ParkMe button at the bottom of the screen and the app will recommend the cheapest option in the area. Calculate cost of gas on trip In addition, the app will tell you how many spaces are left in the garage or on a particular metered street, so you can judge if you can make it there in time to take advantage of their availability.

Once you’re parked, there is a handy in-app timer you can set to warn you when you have to move your car (great for metered street parking.) And in case you can never remember where you parked, you can also mark the location of your spot in the app before you walk away.

It’s not a real road trip unless your vehicle breaks down and you’re left stranded by the side of the road in Nowhere, USA, without air conditioning. Average gas price per kwh uk When this calamity strikes, RepairPal (Free on iTunes and Google Play) can come to the rescue. Fuel cost calculator uk cars You input the make and model of your vehicle and what you think is wrong with it, and this app gives you a list of mechanics and estimates the cost of the repair, breaking it down into parts and labor, and even offer common misdiagnoses. Calculate gas cost per trip (If you don’t know what’s wrong, you can specify that you need a diagnosis.)

You can also use the app’s one-touch roadside assistance, which will connect you to a call center that will make sure you get a tow, gas, tire change, battery charge or lockout assistance.

If you just need a tow, a flat tire changed or you run out of gas, check out (Free on iTunes and Google Play). Cost of running a gas fireplace You get an up-front flat-rate price for the service, which you pay only when the service is completed.

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I was also going to post about Waze – I don’t know why anyone would ever recommend Google Maps over Waze… nor do I know how I managed to live so long *without* Waze. Calculate gas cost for my trip I learned about it a few months ago, now I use it anytime I’m driving more than a few miles. How much will my gas bill be each month There’ve been a few times it’s directed me to do things that made me think it was going crazy and sending me who knows where… every time, after doing what it told me to do, it became clear just how amazing a job it can do at redirecting you past as much traffic as possible by sending you down alternate routes and back.

Well they would recommend the source data (Google Keyhole) over its crappy subsidiary which seems to be aimed at the one demographic that doesn’t drive, tweens with its unprofessional cartoonish interface.

I have an Amazon Fire phone. Gas prices in new mexico today I cannot use apps from Google OR iTunes on it – only apps in the Amazon App Store. Calculate gas cost for a trip I realize the Fire phone has a small segment of the current smartphone market But PLEASE provide at least Some content for it.

Many of the apps listed above – Google Maps, Waze, Gas Buddy, OpenTable – are available on Amazon. Gas cost calculator commute If something above interests you, it’s worth checking on Amazon to see if you can get it for your Fire phone.

Thanks so much. Cost of gas per state Waze is in the AppStore at Amazon and installed with no problems. Gas prices san diego costco My prior comment was prompted because the AppStore is Never mentioned as a source for the apps I see in the articles here; it Should be when an app is available there as well.

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