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I’ve been reading a lot on digitalspy forums about people getting HD channels usiing PC satellite cards..anyone here have any experience of them..and could point me in the right direction. Dish tv india satellite name I already have a spare 80cm dish mounted which I used for Euro channels a while ago..so what’s next to be done???

I’m keen to see where I can look for the necessary PC cards, I have a pretty chunky PC, P4, 2.65ghz, 1GB RDram and ati-9700pro so I’m hoping it will cope..

First you have to get a DVB-s card like SS2(skystar 2) That card and others can be bought Here . Satellite tv vs digital cable Then you have to have some kind of software to recive these channels, a good and popular one is Progdvb. Peace tv satellite information Now that is going to get you started, there is allot of plug-ins for progdvb and you can do just about anything

As well as Euro1080 on Astra 19 degrees East there is HDTV on

Currently the videostream is about 19 Mbps, 1920x1080i resolution.

You certainly won’t be sucessful with HDTV reception with a 500 MHz CPU.

You’ll need at least 512 MB RAM – anything above that doesn’t seem to add much improvement .

Your video card (AGP) needs to be reasonable – an ATI Radeon 8500 or 9xxx with at least 128MB of memory is suggested .

What software you are running can make big differences too.I have found people getting better results with various anti-virus, firewall etc. Astra 19e satellite tv turned off but I fgind no difference on my system whether or not Zonealarm and McAfee are active.

In summary, this is not an exact science as there are too many variables (OS, CPU, Mobo chipset, other s/ware etc.).

Add to that the different DVB-viewing software programs and versions that are available and you can see why nothing is very predictable – also different video codecs can be used (Elecard, Ravisent etc.).

Mine is based on 2 different PCI cards , both running in the same PC.

It is also based on my being an active member of a USA satellite forum where HDTV feeds are common.

If you want to learn more about Broadlogic and Twinhan cards (the two that I use) surf around at Hans’ site – www.dvbapps.com

I trial his latest alpha-versions (requires a donation and/or active contribution to the software – both apply in my case) but the “free” versions still support HDTV.

Very helpful response, thanks Chris. Large satellite dish for sale uk Clears up a few doubts/queries I had. Is direct tv a satellite Looks like if I see a suitable system on the market I’ll be buying sooner than later!

Only hope the tweaking isn’t as bad as my first attempts with Powerstrip and various software players! (But somehow I doubt it)

OK but I’m guessing you also need some kind of dish to plug your DVB-s receiver in to

I’m guessing you guys must have motorised dishes for alignment ? Its all very interesting stuff but as usual with this kind of gear the learning curve is pretty steep for a newb !

Only guessing here, but Echostar have just (apparently) discontinued their top of the range satellite receiver. Free download satellite direct tv pc software I reckon that the replacement could be a Hi Def version, which may be out in Europe when Astra 1 Hi Def starts in January. Satellite direct tv channel guide But I may be wrong….

For Euro1080 you could get away perfectly well with a much smaller dish. Peace tv free to air satellite frequency I would go for a 90 cms offset – not too expensive, within planning regulations and fine for at least a dozen different satellites that are within the arc.

I currently have a Sky digital STB and a Skystar 2 DVB pci card. Satellite dish price cape town I either connect the dish to my PC or the set top box. Satellite tv for pc 2007 elite edition free (Astra 28.2 East)

I was considering getting SKY+ installed which I assume will come with a new dish and quad LNB, thus freeing up my existing dish and LNB

1) Can I re-align my current sky digital dish to 19.2 degrees east and feed it to the skysat 2 card to get Euro1080, or will I need a bigger dish ?

3) Should I run my projector at 1920 x 1080i and forget about scaling ?

Well after a bit of mucking about (and help from forum on ProgDVB pages) I got my P4 2.0Ghz machine (GeForce MX 400 128 Mb graphics, Audigy 2 sound, 750 or so of RAM) and a Pinnacle PC SAT CI card running on ProgDVB (though a slighter older version – the latest does not work). Satellite tv set top box I had to use the Twinhan device (and the older single card version NOT the latest driver).

So watched the programme loop on Euro1080 last night – had to mute the sound as it became choppy. Best way to watch tv without cable or dish But impressed by the pictures – very nice indeed. Macedonian satellite tv in australia Now to save up for a plasma and a forthcoming HDTV compliant set top box when they arrive…

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