Homemade shampoo with rye flour_ natural pro-v for thick, shiny, healthy hair!

In our day and age shampoo is a necessity. How to wash black shirts without fading Everyone has it, and everyone uses it frequently. How do you wash airbrushed t shirts Most commercial shampoos are made of a number of ingredients, almost all of them being chemicals, and almost none of them being natural. Washing clothes in cold water vs warm Shampoo is actually a detergent, rather than a soap.

How to clean clothes without detergent If you read the ingredients, you won’t find soap in there at all. What temperature to wash white clothes on Many of the ingredients are questionable as far as our health goes, including potential carcinogens and developmental and reproductive toxicity such as glycol, diethanolamine DEA and cocamide DEA, methylparabens, propylparabens and formaldehyde. How to wash clothes in a washing machine Shampoos contain many thickeners, artificial fragrances and colors, and known skin irritants such as sodium laureth sulphate and alcohol. What water to wash white clothes in If you can’t pronounce the words on the ingredient list, chances are you shouldn’t be pouring it on your scalp at regular intervals.

The good news is that there ARE alternatives. Should you wash clothes in warm or cold water Many of you have probably heard about washing your hair with baking soda. How to wash tie dye shirts This works in that it cleans the oil out of your hair, but it is also a strong base on the pH scale, and can dry out your hair if you use it long enough. How to dry clean cotton clothes at home Some people also complain that it changes your hair color. How to clean your clothes without a washing machine I used baking soda for 2 and a half years. How to clean a washing machine with baking soda I liked using a 1-ingredient product that I was familiar with, but eventually I started noticing it was drying out my hair, and I started using conditioner to help with that.

Then I came across an article from another green blogger. How to wash dark clothes Sonya from Kanelstrand shared her experience using rye flour. How to clean fabric sofa with baking soda This article has inspired me to write this post. Black clothes washer In fact, it has brought me to great levels of excitement and I can’t help but tell everyone I see…

Yes! 3 heaping tbsp. What temperature to wash clothes with stains of organic, finely ground rye flour mixed with water so that it resembles a runny paste. Can you wash your clothes with dish soap Rub it evenly onto your scalp and let it sit a few minutes while you finish your shower. How to clean white clothes that have turned pink Then rinse off very well with warm water.

Yes! Check out my pictures! It leaves my hair squeaky clean, and adds a shine and softness incomparable to baking soda, or anything else. How to clean cloth car seats with baking soda No greasy roots, no dry ends. Can i wash white shirts with colors No stripped hair.

Rye flour is loaded with vitamins, proteins and minerals. White clothes wash in what water You remember all those Pantene ads on TV where they talk about the Pro-V they add to their shampoo? Well, the pantothenic acid they add in synthetic form is actually present in rye flour, in its natural form. How to wash dress shirts in washing machine You can actually buy synthetic pantothenic acid vitamins to add to your hair to increase the strength, shine and overall health. Wash your clothes While those versions are man-made these occur naturally in rye flour, helping restructure dry and damaged hair, boost shine and improve manageability. How to clean leather couches with baking soda Click here for more information on how pantothenic acid benefits hair.

Rye flour also contains all the vitamin Bs, vitamin E, and phytonutrients such as lignans, phenolic acids, phytic acid, plant sterols and saponins which are also used to help with hair re-growth and even skin regeneration.

Rye flour is naturally perfectly pH balanced. Wash white clothes hot or cold This is a huge reason why you should use it over baking soda. How to wash colored clothes first time Rye flour tests 5.5 on the pH scale which is the same as our hair, and so will not dry it out or strip it of its natural oils.

I use certified organic dark rye flour that is finely ground. How to wash clothes in top load washing machine (ie. How to wash black clothes in washing machine you can’t see bits of husk in it). What happens when you wash clothes in cold water I have a flour mill so will likely try grinding my own soon…

Those with Celiac disease should not use it since rye flour contains gluten.

As with the baking soda method, you may experience a period of time when your scalp and hair adjust to the change. How to wash multi colored clothes If you have been shampooing every day with a regular commercial shampoo you may notice a few weeks where your hair gets greasier faster, but you may not experience it at all.

Yes you can. How to wash shirts by hand Or you can use apple cider vinegar (with a ratio of 1 cup water to 1 tbsp. How do i clean my washing machine vinegar) as a rinse. Black spots on clothes from washing machine Pour it on your hair, let it sit a moment, then rinse well. How to wash hunting clothes scent free Once your hair dries, it no longer smells like vinegar. Best way to hand wash clothes Apple Cider Vinegar works as a detangler.

• After washing with rye flour, rinse VERY WELL to make sure there is no flour left in your hair. How to dry clean clothes at home in hindi It will itch… I have done it.

• Make sure the flour you use is finely ground and doesn’t contain bits of husk or you’ll be brushing that out of your hair forever.

For more information on washing your hair with rye flour read:

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