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How many miles are you all getting on one full tank of gas when driving city, highway, and/or mixed? I haven’t really measured my highway mileage lately (I will do that this summer when I drive from St. Cost of gas driving calculator Louis to Fla.). Estimate fuel cost for road trip But, since the spike in gas prices, I started resetting my odometer at every fill up, and just measuring city (actually more mixed) driving. Cost of natural gas in chicago The reason I’m asking is to see if my ’98 is in the right ball park.

In my signature it says 165000, but I’m now closer to 167,000. Estimated gas cost to travel Anyway, If I go from full tank to warning light (which I don’t do that often), I get about 275-280 on one tank. Cost of mileage reimbursement 2014 The 280 would be closer to driving it bone dry and walking to the next gas station with a can . Cost of mileage reimbursement 2015 I am also compulsive and stay on top of all of my oil changes and other maintenance items.

The only changes I have made are adding 18 inch rims with 235-40R-18 tires (BF goodrich all seasons). How much will gas cost on my trip canada If people are getting better miles with just regular stock rims, I may have to switch back (as much as it pains me). Average petrol cost per mile uk I just hope I’m not too far out of the ball park.

I hope this is clear. How to work out fuel cost per km I’m not looking for mpg, just simple miles from full tank to as low as you dare take it.

360 mixed. Round trip gas cost calculator Strangely was 330 before the last transmission fluid change. Average gas price in us 2015 330-360….wow!! It seems I’m in the general ballpark, so I don’t feel too bad. Costco gas station tucson Yesterday, I filled up at 250 miles with a little more than a quarter of a tank left. Calculate fuel cost for trip europe I figure that would set me in the ball park of 300 miles (city/highway driving)… Best price gas fireplace inserts give or take 10 miles. Gas prices in united states 2015 When I did my calculations I came up with 22-23 mpg. Gas prices in europe 2012 I guess I’ll leave the 18’s on then

I just did a tune-up in the wifes 96 so I have yet to see the gains but it was getting pretty bad mpg’s-like just over 200. Average gas price in usa today My 95 is in need of a tune-up as well but Im trying to hold off for the SWAP . Gallon of gas cost 2014 But the cool thing is mine was still getting better mpg’s than the wifes. Average price of gas in new mexico I beleive its because of the catback. Rheem gas water heaters troubleshooting The absolute best I got in my 95 was when we went to Tulsa about 2 years ago. Gasbuddy trip cost calculator It was hyway mpg’s of course-465. Gas central heating running cost calculator And that was with 212k!

I’ve done 500 before but only traveling to Florida from WV. How much will gas cost trip Speeding the entire way, A/C on half the trip. Costco gas station hours melrose park Loaded down so much it felt more like a boat than an automobile.

Strictly highway with one of those gas tanks we could hit 600 with room to spare.

I’ve done 500 before but only traveling to Florida from WV. How much gas cost per month Speeding the entire way, A/C on half the trip. Average cost of gas per year for one person Loaded down so much it felt more like a boat than an automobile.

Strictly highway with one of those gas tanks we could hit 600 with room to spare. How much does gas cost in canada i’m trying for 500 this weekend

CT to NC(avoiding Jersey via the PA route), I am hoping to make it to mid VA before I stop for gas

no AC, i’ll be crankin the heat as I have a pinhole leak in the radiator(new one should arrive in NC same time I do) and want to keep as much heat out of the system as possible

thats with all the clothes donated by co-workers and the PC’s that were not bbq’d, supposedly they have a tv and a monitor for me too… Average gas bill per month in winter not sure where they will fit, I can barely see out the back windows now

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