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Note: This post is not my best writing. Cleaning lady jokes But it is informational and straightforward. Thank you note for cleaning lady Enjoy.

D and I recently spent the entire month of April in Santiago, Chile (sigh..seems like so long ago already, and we really miss it). The cleaning lady hates me We chose to stay for a month mainly because the living costs were much more affordable for a longer stay (I’ll explain more below), and also to have a more in depth experience of the culture. Cartoon girl cleaning I know you guys are all dying to know how much it costs to live for a month in Chile’s capital city, so here is a rough idea.

This guide summarizes all the costs for 2 people to live pretty comfortably in Santiago, Chile. How to find a cleaning lady Nothing is left out of here. Cleaning lady images free We did not actively restrain our spending, though we did try to be budget conscious. Crazy cleaning lady We ate out just about every single meal, used the metro extensively, and took one small weekend trip to a nearby city. Cleaning lady gif We did not take any big, more costly trips such as to Patagonia or Easter Island.

We stayed in an airBnB rental only a couple of blocks from Plaza de Armas. Tip for cleaning lady I can’t recommend getting a vacation rental enough. Pink lady cleaning service It allows you the privacy of your own your space, while giving you the sense of a home. French cleaning lady costume Many will also have a kitchen where you can cook meals, and thus save on eating out.

Our rental in this working class neighborhood was on the cheaper end . How much do cleaning services charge There were some problems with it, like the shower hot water only lasting a few minutes and no hot water at all in the kitchen (yeah, I know…#firstworldproblems). Do you tip a maid service But the location couldn’t be any better (I also highly recommend staying in Santiago Centro for a short term visit), and it had set of gorgeous French doors opening out to a small patio overlooking the city.

Anyway, we got a good price on it mainly because it had a monthly discount. Another word for barmaid Without the deal, the rental was US$50/night, which should have been $1500/mo. Cleaning lady in family guy But because the host offered a discount for staying for a longer period of time, our rental cost was only US $750 for one month, including a maid that came every Wednesday to clean up*. Tipping cleaning lady christmas For reference, other comparable rentals in the area were around $1000. How much do i tip my cleaning lady And even going up to $1500+ in the Providencia neighborhood.

$750 for one month comes out to be about $25 per day, for both of us. The cleaning lady Compare this with about $40/night for a private room in a hostel.

Tip: If you’re booking through airBnB, make sure to look around a bit because a lot of renters will have a weekly or monthly price. Flylady cleaning checklist But a lot also don’t offer any discounts.

*AirBnB requires that the host provide cleaning service for any stay over 7 days. Another word for cleaning lady Dining Out

Apart from living, food always accounts for the largest expense while traveling, because well, you’ve gotta eat. How much does a maid cost in singapore And one of the most enjoyable things about travel is experiencing the local cuisine. Cleaning lady salary We kept lunch pretty budget after discovering the little food stalls at the market (I talked about the dishes and prices here). How much do you tip cleaning lady There, we were able to have lunch for both of us for around US$10, including a jugo natural (or fresh juice).

We did have a few splurge meals in the more upscale neighborhoods, where a meal would cost between $30 – $40 for both of us. Flylady sink cleaning Mainly, those were in the pricier Bellavista or Providencia areas, where there are more international food choices. Cleaning lady ads examples Anytime you vary from the local Chilean cuisine, the price goes up significantly.

US$12 for a truly atrocious single-serve pizza? That hurts even more.

We kept dinner pretty inexpensive most days. The cleaning lady company If we had a big lunch, we would just share one dish for dinner or grab empanadas from the corner store ($3 for both of us). Cleaning lady cost We also cooked dinner a few times (see the groceries category below). Cleaning lady crossword clue But honestly, after we realized that we weren’t spending all that money on food, we weren’t as motivated to cook anymore.

We also treated ourselves to little daily splurges, like coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream, and cakes. Pink ladies cleaning las vegas As you can see, we did not really hold back in this department.

In general, here is what you can expect (on average, in $USD prices):

• Local food from fast food, stalls, and hole-in-the-wall type eateries: $5/person

daily treats: 1) coffee and hot chocolate from Cafe Haiti // 2) torta tres leches from the local Peruvian restaurant // 3) cheese empanadas from Emporio Zunino // 4) gelato from Bravissimo

We did use the kitchen several times to cook, although not as much as we thought we would. What does your cleaning lady do And most of our groceries money went to fruits, as the local market had a lot of incredibly fresh fruits for sell. Cleaning lady 2 We made sure to eat something healthy by making a fruit salad everyday (D especially liked the pineapples, which are about $1.80 each).

The fruit is very inexpensive (like US$1 for a kilo). How much does a cleaning lady charge But be prepared to buy 1 kilo at a time. Do you tip a house cleaning service Fruits are sold by the kilo, and a lot of the vendors at the markets won’t let you buy any quantity less.

In total, we spent US $80 on groceries. Spanish cleaning lady names Had we spent a little more here, the dining out expenses could have been significantly less. Sadie the cleaning lady youtube But no regrets at all. How much should a cleaning lady cost Transportation

Most of our transportation costs went to using the metro, which cost $620CLP each way each per person (or US$1.10).

the Santiago metro is South America’s most extensive metro system!

A large chunk of this also went to the taxi rides to and from the airport. How much do cleaning services charge per hour Upon landing at the Santiago airport (tired and confused), we foolishly went with one of the many men offering taxi rides, at, of course, inflated prices. Another word for maiden The price from the airport to our rental was $30,000CLP (US$53). The cleaning lady greenville sc When it was time to go back to the airport on our last day, we arranged for a private cab to take us to the airport for only $20,000CLP (US$34).

Tip: You can book your airline transfer before even setting foot in Chile. How much should i pay my cleaning lady That will save some money and guarantee that you get where you’re going safely. Hotel cleaning lady called We used the private car service TransVIP.

The biggest expense in this category was a mini three-day trip to Valparaiso. Cleaning lady halloween costume Again, we stayed in an airBnB rental costing us $142US for the 2 nights.

• Local SIM cards: US$50, which ended up being a waste of money. Tipping cleaning service hotel We bought 2 nano-SIMs for our new iPhone’s, only to find out that the technology was too new for Chile and the SIMs were not compatible with our phones.

the Concha y Toro winery tour was one of best activities we participated in!

In total, we spent US$404 in this category. Old lady cleaning Hmm… I would say that if we were really aiming for budget travel, then this area had the most room for improvement. How much does a cleaning lady cost per hour How we track our spendings:

We use the awesome app Trail Wallet (created by travel bloggers Never Ending Voyage). How much to tip cleaning lady at christmas It’s seriously amazing. Cleaning lady adelaide You can set categories, daily budgets, and make specific notes for each expense. Cleaning lady cartoon The app will convert the currencies for you, and even update with the current exchange rate. How much does a maid cost per week It’s an extremely effective (and easy!) way of keeping track of your expenses and analyzing your budget. How much do you tip the cleaning lady at christmas If you’re a traveler and are not currently using any budget tracking program, seriously go check it out! In conclusion

For an entire month in Santiago, Chile, we spent US$2,283 (or CLP$1.26M), which roughly equals US$76/day for 2 people. If we were really traveling cheap and dirty, I think we could have cooked more and saved more on the dining out costs. How much do you give cleaning lady for christmas We also spent a bit on shopping and the useless SIM cards. But all in all, I think we did pretty good considering that we weren’t actively restricting our spending.

If that sounds high, to put it into perspective a little: we come from Southern California, where it is not unusual for rent alone to be near the $2k mark. Flylady cleaning products By traveling, we were able to experience a new country, stuff our faces, eat ice cream and cake almost everyday, and take a short trip… all for the price of a one-month rent in our old lives.

If we were to go back to Chile and stay long-term, we would love to stay in the Providencia neighborhood. How to be a cleaning lady The cost of rent will be higher, but it’s an area we both really loved. How much do cleaning ladies charge an hour It was away from the noise, crowds, and cigarette smoke of Santiago Centro, and had the most inspiring food options (which, unfortunately also comes with a higher price tag… but we love food! And options!). How much should i tip my cleaning lady christmas For an introduction to Santiago and/or a short stay, I would recommend Santiago Centro, as it truly provides the best experience of Chilean culture and history.

I hope this guide was helpful for those of you planning a trip to Santiago. Cleaning lady gets house If you have any questions at all, free feel to ask below!

Anna is a former civil engineer who traded her hard hat and stability for a backpack and indefinite adventures when she met a boy with big dreams. How much should you tip your cleaning lady Street food lover, constant hunter of desserts, carnivore, yet an animal lover, and willing to try most things but refuses to eat bunny. Cleaning lady forced Can be found squealing at anything furry and taking way too many pictures.

Thanks Corinne!! I really hope you do come down to Santiago for an extended stay one day. Cleaning maid costume It’s a charming and friendly city. How to fire a cleaning lady I really fell in love with it, and I could see myself living there long term too!

I’m an ordinary girl who quit her job in order to travel the world when she met a boy with big dreams. Pictures of cleaning lady Unfortunately, two years into the journey, I found myself alone and wondering where the heck I go from here. Cleaning lady taxes Even though circumstances are different now, my goal is still the same: finding happiness and eating a lot of good food in the process!. Cleaning lady costume ideas [start here!]

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