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I’m curious about this. How much should i pay my cleaning lady per hour I recently hired a cleaning service for a “deep clean,” and they charged me $160. Old cleaning lady It’s pricier than most but the quality of the work is way better than most as well. Tell it to the cleaning lady on monday I feel like I have a new apartment, and they organized my stuff too.

But I asked the worker how much she gets, and apparently she gets paid $30 for the whole service. Lady cleaning fish still moving And she did all the work!

Tim, she worked for four hours.

Molly maid cleaning checklist And earned $30! I paid her company $160.

That’s insane. Vintage cleaning lady I thought it was a small operation. Fat cleaning lady And I thought I was getting the cleaner directly.

It’s not an issue of price for me. How to interview a cleaning lady I’ll pay the $160. How much to tip a cleaning lady at christmas But I’m sort of pissed that so little of my money is going to the person who did all the work.

Yeah – I’m with Renita. How much should i tip my cleaning lady Read nickel & dimed by Barbara Erenreich. Black cleaning lady Really puts into perspective how evil corporations really are (to generalize). Cleaning lady app They balance their books on the backs of those who can least afford it to make astonishing profits and over pay greedy CEOs.

But the point is that I’m dropping fucking $160 on a service, and I’m not happy that it’s going to the people who bought cleaning supplies and have a phone number set up instead of the people who did my work. Sadie the cleaning lady ukulele chords If $100 went to her and $60 to her boss, I’d be a little more comfortable.

But $30! That’s less than $8 per hour. Crazy lady vacuum cleaner man And she did an amazing job.

No, I didn’t get her number. List for cleaning lady But I plan on hiring her again and getting her number next time.

Of course, if she wanted to go off on her own she probably would have done so by now. Do you tip home cleaning service She’s probably following the rule her boss set for her.

In Chicago, it probably averages about $10 per hour. How much should i pay a cleaning lady You can place a “gig” on craigslist asking for a house cleaner, and you’ll probably get 40 responses within the first two hours. My cleaning lady I once hurt my back while moving, and I still had a bunch of stuff to load onto the moving truck (I was driving myself), so I called one of those day labor places (I think it was Labor Ready). Cleaning maid cartoon They sent two people to load my furniture and boxes onto the truck and they charged me $16 per person per hour. How much should you tip your cleaning lady for christmas They were paying the people $7 per hour. How to hire a cleaning lady They loaded up my truck in two hours flat. How to prepare for a cleaning lady I gave them some beers (they had been drinking before they showed up, actually) and a big tip.

I think a lot of people are afraid of being robbed, or they’re worried about bonding and insurance, so they just choose to go with a service rather than finding a freelance contractor.

A lot of these day or temporary laborers are illegal. How much to tip cleaning lady nyc Now, companys are more likely to hire thru a temp agency to get their illegals so when ICE breaks down the door, they can point at the Temp agency.

Its always better to get a cleaning person who works for herself. Hotel cleaning lady crossword clue Because like you discovered, these companies pay their employees barely more than nothing. How much does a maid cost in canada You can usually find someone working for herself on craigslist.

You’re definitely not looking at the big picture here. Another word for maid I own a cleaning company. How much does a maid cost in dubai I pay my cleaners $10 an hour. Cleaning lady cartoon pictures I also lay for payroll, unemployment, taxes, advertising, cleaning supplies, insurance, workmans comp. Cleaning lady pictures clip art So much more goes into a business then what people realize. Cleaning lady meme She would make much more money if she cleaned independently but you would be at risk and so would she. Cleaning lady 4 Some people aren’t interested in taking that risk, which is why everyone doesn’t start a business.

It does not seem fair but you have to remember advertising is one of the most expensive parts of the service. Tip cleaning lady etiquette without the advertising the cleaning person would not have the job. Flylady cleaning supplies I know it does not seem fair but the brains behind the company, advertising and set up etc is the bulk of the price. Do you tip the cleaning lady In an ideal world you would find someone who worked for their self and was high quality and better price and kept all the profit. How to clean like a cleaning lady Maybe your person will branch out on their own in the future.

I’m really glad I found this thread. Cleaning lady cartoon images I am actually in the process of starting my own cleaning service company in chicago. How much to tip housekeeper at christmas I run 2 other successful businesses in Chicago and running a cleaning service would run along my current business model of my home repair business. Lady cleaning inside of car To start off I will tell you that all of my workers make a wage higher than my competitors. Cartoon cleaning lady I won’t really get into why I believe that’s important, but keep that in your head as your reading this.

Now to pay a worker $30 dollars for 4 hours of work is ridiculous yes, but it is happening right beneath all of our noses. How much do you tip housekeeping at a hotel I’m pretty sure minimum wage is $8.35 now anyway. How much to tip cleaning service at christmas She must of meant after taxes she cleared $30. Cleaning lady advertisement Which would mean that she was being paid $10-11 per hour, since Uncle Sam is going to take 20-25% of her check.

Slightly off the subject, think about what a McDonald’s worker is making. Sadie the cleaning lady mp3 That nice smiling drive through attendant that you may not even make eye contact with at times. Tipping cleaning lady They are making $8.35 per hour as McDonalds only pays whatever that state’s minimum wage is. How to prepare for cleaning lady So that McDonald’s worker in 4 hours is only clearing $25.05…. How much does a cleaning lady make per hour Think about that. Should you tip your cleaning lady Would you rather clean a person’s house for $30 or sling 100 burgers in 4 hours of your time? It’s pretty obvious to me that being a house cleaner would be a much better option of work if I was in that position.

Regardless my idea was to split the money straight up with the workers. Tip for cleaning lady at christmas If I charged $25 he/she would get $12.50. How much should a cleaning lady charge per hour You have to keep in mind that I as the business owner would be responsible for getting a website ($3000), insurance ($1500), advertising ($4000-1000), transportation (?), cleaning supplies ($500-1000), customer management software ($1500), city license ($325), bonding ($100), business phone per year ($1200), file for state corporation ($350). Other words for cleaning lady Not to mention if a customer doesn’t pay their bill it comes out my pocket, I still have to pay the worker, which is only fair.

Then I have to pay 30% of my profits to the IRS each quarter.

I have prematurely came to the assumption that I wasn’t going to start this business mainly because to run this business successfully and be profitable would be to only hire workers at minimum wage, splitting the profits with the worker would not be enough money to run this business for yet least 4 years until I had enough volume to do the splitting profits idea.

However, I did some interviews with some potential house cleaners and I asked them, “How much are you looking to make?” The overwhelming response was $9-10 per hour. Do i tip the cleaning lady Then I asked other questions indirectly basically beating around the bush ‘ Why would would you work for so cheap?’ In all 8 interviews it became evident that they had children and the husband was the primary bread winner and they were looking to fill in their time while kids were at school to help pay a bill or two, or another intervewee told me her english was not good enough to work in customer service and didn’t know how to work a computer.

So in the original example of a worker clearing $30 while a worker was being paid $160. How much is a cleaning lady per hour Her W-2 check for that specific job was probably $45. Mexican cleaning lady names Then the employer has to pay the other half of the social security, Medicaid, unemployment insurance which would be about $15 more. Sadie the cleaning lady lyrics So before getting into operating costs the employer has already paid $60. How much does a cleaning lady cost Leaving $100. Sadie the cleaning lady chords Of that $100 how much would you guess went to the above mentioned costs (insurance, bonding, phone, etc). Holiday tip for cleaning lady I would say 40% of that would be realistic. Cleaning lady gift certificate So in turn at the end of the day the company would of made $60 pre-taxed. Free printable house cleaning checklist for maid Then the employer has to pay his taxes which would be a whopping $42 free and clear.

…..$42. How much do you tip cleaning lady at christmas That is what that company made at the end of he year. Office cleaning lady job description What did the employee make…$30. How much does it cost to hire a cleaning service So if you look at the situation and intelligently think about what it takes to run a business you would see that this situation is very fair and ‘corporate greed’ or reading ‘nickel and dimed’ isn’t going to do you any good. How much do you pay cleaning lady What would do good would be to understand how difficult and financially draining it is to run a legitimate successful business and still be profitable.

So, in turn I pose the question to my fellow yelpers, the price of a house cleaner is determined by the CUSTOMERS. Lady cleaning house Since I would assume it is a highly competitive business and the cheapest company with the best ratings will win EVERYTIME with a typical Yelper- ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY MORE? It feels good to say yes and believe that you would but realistically we are all looking for a deal and that deal comes at the expense of the worker.

Solution- obviously the easy solution is to say “I’m going to do research and pay MORE for my house cleaner knowing that the employees have benefits and a decent wage. The mexican maid from family guy Well realistically that’s not going to happen.

Or you could try to hire someone off of craigslist….(scary) and let a perfect stranger into the most intimate of your personal possessions and be around your kids with absolutely no recourse if anything was stolen, broken, or a crime was commited. Cleaning lady ad (Except call the police by which case would mean it would be too late).

I would like to see some kind of non profit organization emerge that actually evaluates small businesses on how they run their business, how well the employees are paid, and how much profit the company is making. How much should i tip my cleaning lady at christmas Almost giving them a score from A to F. How much to pay a cleaning lady per hour This way if the company I hired had a company with an’ethic/morality’ rating of an A and they were 30-40% higher than the competitors I would feel good about myself at the end of the day and know that I wasn’t partaking in immoral or unethical business practices as a consumer.

…..But let’s get real. Cleaning lady kimberly You’re not going to pay an extra $50-$60 for someone to clean your house…after all you could just do it yourself….

I found my cleaning person on yelp and pay her directly. Cleaning lady costume I may pay slightly more or less than a service, I’m not sure, but I am proud to say I pay a living wage directly to the person who does the work. Cleaning lady or housekeeper I would DEFINITELY pay more for a service I knew paid a living wage if I was unable to work directly with a service provider. How much do cleaning ladies make an hour It’s like buying fair trade coffee, etc. Lady walker cleaning A LOT of people are willing to do it and I imagine most of the people who posted on here concerned about the issue are in that group.

Wow. Cleaning lady videos Both of you really don’t have a clue what it costs to run a business, and I mean that as polite as possible. How do you say cleaning lady in spanish Right now to advertise on yelp, which I have done in the past is $350 per month which is $4200 per year. Seinfeld cleaning lady That is just one social website……HMMM is there a light bulb going on yet…..Do you think yelp is a non profit doing all these reviews for charity? Did you ever ask yourself how facebook, yelp, citysearch, make money? $4000 is nothing for advertising costs.

Also Kara B you find pride in hiring a cleaning person directly which is great. Molly maid house cleaning tips If there is a cleaning woman, and she is the only person in her company and she runs her books, advertising, insurance and everything herself that is great. Do i tip my cleaning lady But the reality is she will not be able to have a flexible schedule you will have to wait 3 or 4 weeks to get an appointment (if she is any good). How much do cleaning ladies make If you have a problem how will you get it resolved? If there is no boss or manager you are dealing directly with the owner, the worst you can do is give her a bad review after the damage has been done.

But the bigger issue here is that you take pride in hiring a one person company, so by that logic you are at fault everytime you go to McDonald’s, Target, or any business for that matter that has employees.

And a website for $3000 is on the extreme low end. Flylady cleaning zones My web designer for example charges $149 per month and he was the best price around. How much does a cleaning lady charge per hour Having a website is only a very small portion of it, but having SEO or search engine optimization so that your website pops up in the top five of google search results is the costly part since Google constantly changes their algorithms and staying on top takes a lot of work.

You can both take the easy way out by dismissing the real costs of running a business, but if you speak with anyone that runs or has run a successful business it would be very evident that you were wrong.

The best part is that you choose to place blame on the small business owner that is just following the rules of our Government and is trying to compete in markets where the customer drives the price.

“So that McDonald’s worker in 4 hours is only clearing $25.05…. British maids cleaning services adelaide Think about that. Old cleaning lady picture Would you rather clean a person’s house for $30 or sling 100 burgers in 4 hours of your time? It’s pretty obvious to me that being a house cleaner would be a much better option of work if I was in that position. Famous cleaning lady “

confused me… The cleaning lady simpsonville sc Do you mean you’d rather break your back cleaning a house for the same price you could stand around flipping burgers? I would kill myself if I had to flip burgers every day, but I would REALLY hope to be paid a lot more for the less mind-numbing job of house-cleaning. Cleaning lady stories Factor in dealing with people’s expectations over their clean house (do they think you’re stealing? Did you scrub the back of the fridge?) compared to the burgers (always the same; they’re making minimum wage anyway so who cares?) I BEST be making well above that of a McDonald’s worker!

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