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I’ve been asked a few times what changes we are making as a family to afford my taking a step away from the workforce to be home more. Do you tip the cleaning lady After all, we will soon be living off of less than half of our annual income. How to clean like a cleaning lady We are very fortunate in that my husband’s salary is now enough for us to live off of without mine; that hasn’t always been the case. Cleaning lady cartoon images That being said, there are still changes we need(ed) to make in order to adjust to a new lifestyle.

How much to tip housekeeper at christmas Don’t get me wrong, we’ve never lived lavishly by any means. Lady cleaning inside of car Being millenials, we’re strapped with a whole lot of debt, mostly from Sallie Mae, who just so happens to be my arch nemesis and owns my soul until 2032. Cartoon cleaning lady So, while these decisions are never one-size-fits-all and our situation may be vastly different than yours, today I’m sharing the changes we’ve made to make one income work for us.

Plan in Advance. We made the decision for me to leave my company way before the loss of any income occurred which gave time to research, strategize, and save. How much do you tip housekeeping at a hotel The decision to live off of one-income should never be taken lightly.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt. How much to tip cleaning service at christmas Thankfully, we didn’t have a ton of this – mostly just a couple of big purchases we made before making this decision (new mattress/bed and kitchen appliances). Cleaning lady advertisement Be sure to pay off the debt before eliminating the income.

Cut the Cable. Sadie the cleaning lady mp3 We invested in a Roku with Netflix and Hulu and kept a very basic, non-HD cable package only because our provider gave us a great deal. Tipping cleaning lady We already have an Amazon Prime membership so we can stream through there, too. How to prepare for cleaning lady We also kept WiFi, of course. How much does a cleaning lady make per hour This was a $100/month net savings.

Refinance the House. Should you tip your cleaning lady This may not be an option for everyone but it was the make-or-break in our situation; everything hinged on this working out. Tip for cleaning lady at christmas We bought our house at the end of 2011 when the housing market was the lowest it ever got and so our house was a steal. How much should a cleaning lady charge per hour Since then, the value of our home has increased significantly. Other words for cleaning lady We capitalized on the appreciation by refinancing our home with a cash-out option. Do i tip the cleaning lady We used the cash to…

Pay Off a Car. How much is a cleaning lady per hour In 2014, for the first time in my life, we bought a brand new vehicle – an SUV for me. Mexican cleaning lady names Later that year, Todd got a new car, too. Sadie the cleaning lady lyrics As you can imagine, two new car payments are expensive. How much does a cleaning lady cost We considered downgrading our vehicles to afford the monthly payments on one income but we were still coming up short. Sadie the cleaning lady chords Being able to use the cash from our refinancing to eliminate the monthly payment altogether was a huge blessing. Holiday tip for cleaning lady We decided to pay off my car only and use the rest of pay off a student loan that had an interest rate higher than the loan on my husband’s vehicle. Cleaning lady gift certificate Some families decide to sell one vehicle and share the other but that isn’t a viable option for us.

Gas. Free printable house cleaning checklist for maid Eliminating my 66 mile round-trip commute per day was financial savings in itself of at least $150/month or so. How much do you tip cleaning lady at christmas Be sure to factor gas and resulting maintenance savings as a credit to your budget.

Cleaning Services. Office cleaning lady job description Sadly, we will be retiring our monthly cleaning service which will save us $100/month. How much does it cost to hire a cleaning service This one hurts me the most. How much do you pay cleaning lady It’s a luxury, I know, but one that I love.

Groceries. Lady cleaning house Much to my husband’s chagrin, I’ve always been one to pay for convenience. The mexican maid from family guy That said, spending more for groceries at Publix and Target has never been an issue for me because they’re closer to my house and shopping there really is a pleasure. Cleaning lady ad From now on, though, we will do most of our shopping at Aldi (do you know they have a ton more organic stuff now?) and I’ll start coupon clipping again for other stuff when I can. How much should i tip my cleaning lady at christmas I’ll have to make more trips to Wal-Mart vs. How much to pay a cleaning lady per hour Target, too. Cleaning lady kimberly It’s definitely not as convenient and we won’t have name-brand everything (we actually buy a lot of Publix and Target brand stuff now) but it’s worth it. Cleaning lady costume We anticipate about $125/month savings or more from this. Cleaning lady or housekeeper Groceries is the one bill that you have 100% control over, so this is where you can really get the most bang for your buck.

Eating Out. How much do cleaning ladies make an hour We don’t do this a whole lot (because kids) but we’ll do it even less frequently now. Lady walker cleaning The great news here, though, is that Todd works at the HQ for a restaurant chain and so we eat there for free. Cleaning lady videos So, if we ever get the urge to dine out, we’ll always consider going there first. How do you say cleaning lady in spanish Then we’ll run through the list of places where kids eat free… but Todd hates all of those places so we’ll end up eating at home. Seinfeld cleaning lady That said, it’s a no brainer that eating out as a family of 4 can be costly; this is an easy expense to cut.

Pre-School. Molly maid house cleaning tips My 4 year-old was in preschool 5 days/week and is now going 3 days/week. Do i tip my cleaning lady This change saves us about $150 per month. How much do cleaning ladies make However, even with the savings, her preschool was the one thing Todd told me would have to get cut completely because paying for it would have made things too tight for us. Flylady cleaning zones So, I found a way to make sure it was covered which was…

Find a Side Hustle. How much does a cleaning lady charge per hour You’re looking at mine. British maids cleaning services adelaide While it was never the intention, the partnerships I’ve made with this blog have already provided the extra we needed to pay A’s 2017 preschool tuition and I’m so thankful for that. Old cleaning lady picture In the fall, she’ll be old enough to go to GA Pre-K (which is free). Famous cleaning lady Todd’s income will pay for all of the necessities and any blog income I make going forward will help fund the “extras” like dance classes for the girls and vacations and whatnot… and, maybe even a cleaning lady if I hit the big time! Other moms I know plan events, do online surveys, work as Virtual Assistants, do photography, run Etsy shops, provide in-home daycare, and even clean houses on the side. The cleaning lady simpsonville sc In addition to blogging, I plan to pick up consulting jobs and part-time contract work here and there; I’m not counting on it as income, though, since it won’t be guaranteed.

Practice. Cleaning lady stories Start trying to live off of one income before eliminating the second. Hotel cleaning lady Treat the second income solely as savings and use it to pay off any outstanding debt. How much do you pay a cleaning lady per hour See how your new lifestyle works for awhile before taking the plunge.

We’ll, of course, have to temper our day-to-day spending but that’s a given. Cleaning lady holiday tip So, tell me – how do you make living off of one income work for your family? Share your tips below!

This is awesome – I am on this same path and feel good knowing Ive taken many of the steps that have worked for you (we are on target to save almost 400 a month!)

To save going forward I learned how to can (not actually that hard!), we got a food saver so we can freeze stuff, we will spend about one weeks worth of grocery money on garden starters and grow a ton of food, I use an app called checkout 51 that will give me (small) rebates when I upload my grocery bill (I’m sure there are lots of other apps like that), and I buy everything on my Amazon card so I get the points which add up and I can use when I shop on Amazon.

This is really great Shannon!! You’re hubby is lucky to have a women with a good head on your shoulders ;)Though I’m not looking to quit my career any time soon I will have to take all these tips into consideration. Cleaning lady synonym Less is sometimes more ??

Great tips Shannon! We are also very fortunate that my husband is able to support our family of 4, but it took some time getting used to. Animated cleaning lady We made a lot of changes to adapt to our new lifestyle, but choosing to stay at home was overall the best choice I’ve made.

These are great tips. What does a cleaning lady do I think a huge one is debt. Tip cleaning lady home The amount of debt that most people have and they think is totally normal is mind blowing to me. Average cleaning lady cost We also refinanced last year to pay off all my husband’s student loans from dental school (those were quite hefty, lol). How much do you tip a cleaning lady I agree that it’s not for everyone but it definitely made sense for us!

Look for influencer networks (check out the “Memberships” menu on my sidebar (on desktop; scroll to the bottom if you’re on mobile) and join some of those. Cleaning lady images You can also email companies you want to work with and ask to collaborate. How much does a maid cost Many of my partnerships come from the companies finding my blog and contacting me. Sadie the cleaning lady original There are lots of great resources on Pinterest to help with monetizing your blog. Girl cleaning clipart Good luck!

Exactly! So many of these are things we did/doing. Average cleaning lady rates Specifically the cut cable and pay off car. British maid cleaning adelaide We did the same once I left work. Cleaning lady jokes You’ve got this! Love hearing your updates on how you are feeling about it all. Thank you note for cleaning lady It is a transition for sure.

Great tips! I have been a SAHM for over 4 years now and it definitely took some planning in the beginning. The cleaning lady hates me You also have to make adjustments along the way because you cannot plan for everything. Cartoon girl cleaning My biggest tip is once you make a budget, stick to it.

These are all great tips. How to find a cleaning lady I just recently started training myself to save a little for when I go on maternity leave. Cleaning lady images free I started implementing the cash envelope system and only allowing myself to touch the cash inside my envelopes for that month. Crazy cleaning lady If I run out, well, too bad! It’s hard not being able to swipe with the credit and debit cards but I already see a significant difference in savings.

You are definitely on the right about all of these. Cleaning lady gif My husband and I decided when we found out we were pregnant with our second child that it would be better cost wise for me to stay home, so we cut out and cut down on just about everything on your list (including paying off a car). Tip for cleaning lady Eight Months in and it gets easier and easier everyday. Pink lady cleaning service Unfortunately sneaky things happen that you aren’t expecting (Taxes, car trouble etc) so I am now trying my hand at living healthier and more natural for my family by using DoTerra oils. French cleaning lady costume By doing this I am able to continue to stay home with my daughter, attend school functions for my son and help contribute to a family vacation this summer and still earn extra money! GO US!! Thank you for this post ??

All of these are great tips and doable. How much do cleaning services charge It helped so much when my car was paid off last year, but the groceries are still so expensive. Do you tip a maid service Any little cut backs help!! I’m the cleaning lady in this house haha.

I’m Shannon, a wife to my best friend, Todd, and mom of two sweet girls. Another word for barmaid I work some of the time, stay home some of the time, and mom all of the time. Cleaning lady in family guy Here, you’ll find posts about motherhood, affordable fashion, health & beauty products, my favorite finds for kids, and everything in between. Tipping cleaning lady christmas From corporate life to mommy life, I’m your go-to girl. How much do i tip my cleaning lady Labels not required.

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